Winchester Varmint .22 LR Segmenting Bullet

Winchester has added the Varmint HE 3/1 Segmenting expansion bullet to its line of .22 LR ammunition. This mean looking 37 grain hollowpoint bullet splits into four pieces upon impact. Three forward segments split off to the side, inflicting damage, and a rear core penetrates.

The round has a velocity of 1435 fps.

This round will compete with the CCI Segmented Hollow Point round, which has a lighter and higher velocity bullet that splits into three pieces on impact. Winchester’s bullet should have better penetration because bullet is heavier and the core of the does not split up.

Steve Johnson

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  • shankbone

    I don’t know if more penetration is needed. I shot two rabbits last night and the bullets exited on both animals. Granted, both shots were high and through the shoulders at the base of the neck, but a fair amount of bone was damaged on each animal.

    I was shooting standard velocity Federal HP.

  • OK, as the resident Brit who doesn’t mind asking stupid questions about stuff he doesn’t understand…Can I ask what the view of the law is about such a bullet?

    To me – an ignorant amateur – this bullet looks like a ‘dum-dum’ bullet, and I was under the impression that such things were frowned upon.

    (I hope dum-dum isn’t a British term? I mean an anti-personnel expanding bullet.)

    • Milgeek, some states regulate lead vs. non-lead ammunition, I can’t recall reading about other restrictions. More efficient bullets are banned in war, not when used against animals. Nobody likes wounding animals.

    • BILL N

      “Dum-Dum” is universal. It comes from the Dum-Dum Arsenal (actual name) in India where expanding bullets were first developed. They are legal in the People’s Soviet Republic of Kalifornia (nee California, USA) where I, unfortunately, still live and where many weapons are banned, so they can’t be too much different from a shotshell, which also sends several pieces of lead into the target. As an aside, in the animated\live film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”, when Eddie Valiant fires at the bad guys and the bullets take a right turn instead of a left and thus miss, Valiant refers to them as “dumb-dumbs”. I was the only one in the audience of Kalifornia dumb-dumbs who got the joke.

  • MrSatyre


  • Komrad

    pest control, unless you want to pick lead out of your rabbit

  • Hmm. I’m turning into the grumpy old bastard I think.
    Guessing I’m the only one who actually eats what he shoots with a 22, and digging around a carcass of a rabbit or squirrel looking for extra bits of metal isn’t a whole lot of fun.
    Granted, if I’m whacking a nuiscance critter, the extra fragments would definitly help with making a quick kill.

    Mumble mumble… off my lawn… I need a nap.

  • Sean

    Didn’t Triton sell the same thing a few years back?

  • zincorium


    Expanding anti-animal rounds are naturally going to look very similar to expanding anti-personnel rounds. We’re animals, after all.

    The controversy over dum-dum bullets has always been silly and political. When you shoot something, you should want every possible factor to be in favor of it dying. Otherwise, you have no business shooting it.

    Hunters are definitely going to use expanding bullets unless the animal is so large that the penetration of those rounds wouldn’t be sufficient to hit vitals.

  • Jim

    There aren’t any frangibility laws on US books as far as I know. Restrictions on dumdum bullets come from the Hague convention.

    Shankbone- this isn’t going to give more penetration vs a round nose or hollow point 22, it’s going to give more penetration vs the CCI segmented hollow point.

  • Erik

    @Milgeek, this isn’t warfare, this is hunting. Hollow points, expanding bullets, “dum-dums”, etc. are all fair for hunting and personal defence. The Convention that bans those (Hague IIRC?) is really idiotic. Is it more humane to wound an enemy soldier and allow them to die over the course of hours than to use an efficient bullet that doesn’t prolong the suffering?

  • coyote

    What will it cost a box?
    Probably be good for prairie dogs up to small coyotes.
    Also be a interesting choice for survival.

  • Camarath

    Anti-personnel expanding bullets are prohibited for military use by signatories of the Hague Convention.

    This round is not likely to be used as a military weapon. If it were to be, it would depend on if the rear section acts like a normal hollow point after fragmentation; if it does this round would be prohibited on that basis, if it doesn’t then this round would be considered to fragment rather than expand as such it would not be prohibited, other rounds which fragment (such as the 5.56x45mm) are not considered to violate the Hague prohibition. There is an additional requirement (Geneva I believe) that fragments must be visible by x-ray but as these fragments are metal they would be.

  • Zach

    Erik, no, it isn’t more humane, because, given proper medical attention, a person shot with a non-expanding bullet is more likely to survive.

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  • Sean

    Zach, not really. FMJ rifle ammo still kills most things it hits. Not too many things walk away from .30 cal. Medical attention or not.

  • Troyc

    I bought two boxes at 7$ a box of 50. I like the speed, they are relativley flat compaered to a cci mini mag, i shot a jack last night at 35 yds i would guess, good, clean kill, im guess the damage to a coyote or red fox would fatal. Given the exit cavity.

  • Sam Suggs

    realy in a varmit round I want to eat meat not little bits of lead and copper