Steve Johnson

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  • MarkM

    At least 15 employees in the windows –

    Hey, get back to work! You;re not getting 25c an hour to lolligag around and watch some entertainer take your picture! You have a quota to meet on this twelve hour shift, get to it!

    Ahh, the good ol’ days. Sure miss them, don’t we?

  • Martin (M)

    What a beautiful building. It was a testament to a strong company and the quality of their product. Now everything is just boring metal buildings.

  • cy

    3rd florr, left side of photo there is a curtain billowing OUT of the window. Must be the lawyers offices, all that hot air. Second floor, left side appears to be someone being tossed out the window, Engineer perhaps?

  • coyote

    Now if we could just take a time machine and go back and buy their guns. Imagine what the S&W collectors would pay!