Safariland A-TACS Shotgun Stocks

Safariland is manufacturing SPEEDFEED I and SPEEDFEED III shotgun stocks in A-TACS camo for Mossberg and Remington shotguns.

They are available for the Remington 870, Remington 1100, Remington 1187 and Mossberg 500/590. The MSRP is $149.95.

Steve Johnson

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  • GD

    What is the little “cubby hole” in the stock for?

  • GD

    Nevermind… checked the company’s website and figured it out, sorry for the spam, I had never seen that before.

  • kurgen99

    Almost makes me want to sell my black Speedfeed stock.

  • Pietro

    I know that this is just an advertising pic, but…
    I can imagine that enforcing the law in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, SOMETIMES could be useful to dress in URBAN camo. In even more rare occasions, FOLIAGE could be useful… but DESERT… c’mon…
    This is for “Fashion Cops”. Maybe some hunters could appreciate it. Of course soldiers deploed in desertic countries would find this VERY useful.
    Still, if I had the chance to see these accessories used by cops of my country (Italy, by the way), and then payied with my taxes, I would be upset.
    I think everybody agrees that LE should NOT approach even the most tense situation in the same way that ARMY does. Exceptional “tactical” operations are borderline, but still the situation is legally, morally and practically different.
    I also think that, unfortunately for LE, what makes them heroic is carrying an uniform. And that uniform is NOT camo, cause camouflage involves a particoular course of action that is more about fighting, or hunting, than enforcing the Law.
    Sometimes being a target is part of the job (even if plain clothes cops are useful and necessary).
    So, a desert stock for shotguns is just a curiosity. Right?

    • Pietro, I agree 🙂 I don’t know why the cop would want to blend in.

    • mike

      Pietro I agree as I have already replied to Pedro’s post: ….why are more and more law enforcement officers looking as though they are federalized military? Is there some sort of transition from local law enforcement to a militarization of departments for a particular reason?

  • MrSatyre

    Do police guys typically wear camo? Not sure what type that’s supposed to be.

  • Lance

    Looks cool wish it be cheaper though.

  • Forgive me for being uninformed, but is that a single shell in the butt or is it a small magazine of shells(2-3)?
    If it were backup loads, that’d be mighty fine and handy, but if it were just a single, sometimes you need more’n one breaching round.

  • Some Guy

    So… is it just a spare shell, or like, does it, Idk, do something else?

  • Mechman

    I like how even the official photo, with the guy wearing the full camo body armor and facemask, has him standing next to a green cinderblock building. Really blends in so well there!

  • zincorium

    Um, larger portions of the united states are desert or dry plains. Especially in the southwest, with it’s greater problems with heavily armed drug cartels.

    So desert makes more sense for this, overall. You can’t design camouflage to work in every environment. We, um, tried that.

  • Pedro

    This camo uniform and equipment looks suspiciously like LE “fashion” rather than tactically useful.

    Sort of defeated by the big white “POLICE” patch on the front.

    I am a little uncomfortable seeing cops looking more like soldiers than police officers.

    • mike

      I agree with you Pedro…..why are more and more law enforcement officers looking as though they are federalized military? Is there some sort of transition from local law enforcement to a militarization of departments for some reason?

  • cy

    Why camouflage at all? Research has shown that a light colored shirt/top, and dark colored pants are more respected as a LEO and are mor noticeable than the opposite(dark/over/light). Just waer the uniform that commands respect and admiration instead of pretending to be a Soldier(i am a veteran) or a storm trooper. Polished wood/blued metal and classic Police officer uniforms are recognized everywhere. Don’t try to be what you are’nt. I have more respect for a man who carries a well cared for, shiny, functional weapon than I do for a Wannabe. Just a long way of saying, I want a composite stock that is NOT camouflage. Brown or black will do nicely.

  • Alaskan

    I’d rather see my tax dollars be spent in other ways for cops.

    First things first..your uniform should say POLICE..and no..not blended camo Police..

  • Some Guy

    Ehh, maybe this is just what he could afford/has.

    If it’s ex-military, it wouldn’t be unlikely that his own body armor would be tan.

  • Raymond

    I am still a strong supporter of MultiCam for its usefulness in multiple environments while still maintaining a high degree of effectiveness. That being said, there is no reason to wear any type of camouflage when you’re gonna have the word “POLICE” in enormous white letters across your chest

  • Andreas

    Because when you’re in the city storming a drug dealer’s house, you *really* need to your face, your body, *and* your gun to look like a watercolor painting.

    Really, you do. Trust me.

  • charles222

    the law enforcement division of the Forest Service looks and plays like the army from time to time; remember seeing a picture of some of them a few years back with M16A2s, IBAs, and BDUs with boonie hats.

  • Some Guy

    I’m not sure that the camo really an issue. If he’s ex-military, maybe that’s just his own stuff that he bought; in an urban environment, camouflage doesn’t really mean anything anyways. Most people wear black or blue.

    Maybe that was just cheap.

    Maybe, it’s just a guy posing with the gear that they gave him.

    My question though, is, does that thing in the stock hold more than one round, or do anything else?

  • Sian

    @Mr. AB and Some Guy

    It stores 2 spares per side, pretty well perfect for special purpose rounds, provided you’ve practiced your speedload drills.

    IMHO I still prefer the Blackhawk Specops. The recoil absorption is pretty well amazing. Put spares on a sidesaddle instead.

  • jdun1911

    The problem with Knoxx stock (Blackhawk) is that it slow your cycling down. Most people might not notice it but if you shot a lot and time yourself it will become apparent.

  • shawn

    Pietro, your comment written on March 19, 2011 comes off as disrespectful. Now I do not know your background, if you have any military or law enforcement knowledge which it sounds like you do not, but let me say this. Weapons and tactics along with advancements in weapon technology and equipment such as camo and other gear are made and worn for a reason. I have done numerous things in law enforcement and for you to say those things shows just how ignorant you are to military/LE operations.

  • Sbk

    Pietro,the guy is wearing Atacs camo,which is BTW camo designed for the urban environment.The camo is exceptional for the blending in concrete environments and more than likely developed for law enforcement and certain military applications.As the gentlemen stated below me,it sounds like you have no experience.