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  • Martin (M)

    It looks as though, from 10 paces, if you aimed at the knees you’d be able to put some holes in your target. Otherwise you’ll be killing a lot of ducks. That thing has some wicked muzzle climb. I wonder why they didn’t show us the paper targets when he was done?

  • ZomBkiller

    Keep both eyes open!

  • Bandito762

    Not sure what the use is in this. TMP anyone?

  • Bandito762, I have handled a TMP (but not shot it) and shot a CAA Glock Carbine Kit (with Glock installed). They are awesome. Much better accuracy than a pistol and easier to control.

  • hardmack

    I think maybe his stance played a large part… There is no reason why any of these carbine conversions with external comps should jump that much unless the user isnt doing their part.

    I have shot a few g18’s and switched 34’s with the carbine stocks that mount to the bottom of the pistol grip and they do not experience nearly the muzzle climb this video demonstrates.

  • Simon_The_Brit

    I think this is yet another fun gun, the targets weren’t shown because of the lack of holes 😉

    I must be getting old, these full auto fun guns just don’t have the attraction they once did.

  • Brandon

    With that installed on a semi-auto glock, is it classified as a pistol or SBR?

  • Nadnerbus

    That thing looks nifty, but I’d rather shoot it on semi auto and actually hit what I’m aiming at. If they can add a reduction in the RoF into that setup then they might be on to something.

  • I’ve fired a Glock 18 on auto, with and without an accessory shoulder stock. Without the stock it was hilarious – effective range to group on a body perhaps one metre. With the stock it was ten times better, but the stock was twice as big as the gun, so what’s the point?

    I’ve also fired the little B&T MP9 on auto (in 9mm and 6.5mm CBJ), and that was surprisingly controllable.

    There are several firms marketing these add-on carbine kits for pistols, and they look cool until you start to think about the circumstances in which you might want to use one as opposed to anything else. Frankly, I can’t think of any. It’s one of those solutions which is looking for a problem.

  • Joe Hooker

    Couldn’t they make it into a legal (i.e. non-SBR) rifle by just including a drop-in barrel of the right length? I’ve seen 1911 kits with shoulder stocks that work that way. It’d save you a lot of paperwork and a $200 transfer tax.

  • Don

    This is getting closer to something that would make sense in a full auto glock. We have the buttstock and front grip, but it needs some more weight in the front of the barrel and a compensator.

  • Alexis

    I wonder why would I choose a carbin Glock if i can have a MP9 or something similar…maybe the fact that you can have a versatile weapon ?

  • I think these look fantastic. In Canada we are limited to 5 round mags in rifles, but up to 10 in pistol mags. So this is a bit of a loophole. Plus the versatility factor.

  • Masada

    These pistol conversion kits are pathetic. What’s next, a slide-fire makarov?

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  • Big Tit Hooker

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