MasterPiece Arms .380 Premium Protector

New from MasterPiece Arms is the .380 Premium Protector. The two-toned pistol features a blued frame with an aluminum grip. The grips are fully machined aluminum with a bead blasted finish that is protected by a clear anodize coating. I really like the look.

Like MasterPiece Arms’ other Protector pistols, the Premium Protector has a 5+1 capacity. The MSRP is $345.

Steve Johnson

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  • Piers

    What exactly is the advantage of this gun having on less round than all the other micro .380’s?

  • The Autauga lives again!

  • ap

    I only see the .32 in the aluminum grips.

  • Adam A

    This looks like the smallest of the mouseguns yet. Any word on dimensions?

  • I know I’m way out of the loop, but this is a Seecamp clone, right? Did Seecamp go under or are they just licensing out the design?

  • Woodroez

    The Protectors and Protector Premiums are chambered for both .380 acp and .32 acp.

    As far as I know, MPA did not license anything from Seecamp. Don’t know that they would have the legal need to do so either…it is not a precise clone. The grips are different if you look at them side by side and it’s certainly not like Seecamp can claim ownership of standard blowblack operation.

    Damn shame about the 5+1 capacity in the standard magazine for .380, but they also sell 12 shot magazines with grip extensions, so there’s that. I sold an LCP because I just plain didn’t like the thing, but now that it’s gun I’m considering getting another .380. Right now this gun and the Micro Desert Eagle are the front runners…I like metal in my guns.

  • Fred Johnson

    That is a really nice little mousegun!

    The 5 shot mag capacity is rather weird. Considering the finger extension on the mag in the photo, they might as well made it a 6 shot. Just like all of its competitors.

    Concerning the 12 round mags, they would be entertaining at the range. Or maybe for use as extra ammo in another pocket. I have the 10 shot mags for my little North American Arms Guardian .32ACP and those mags are near useless for concealed carry. They are kinda neat just to have though.

  • R Groves

    I just bought one of these and ran a couple clips through it. For a mouse gun it’s pretty accurate. I shot a 6″ group at 15′. That may not sound like much of a feat but with a gun this tiny I’m happy with it. I already own a Seecamp LWS 32 I have carried for years and was looking for a 380.

    As to what this offers over the competition, it’s all about one thing – size. The only smaller smaller on the market at this time is the Seecamp and I looked all over the gun show and found none. In fact, I only found one of these and I hovered over it until I could get the salesman over and buy it. I got a decent deal at $260.

    The MPA is only a tiny bit larger than the Seecamp. Even at that it barely passed my “hide” test. I carry mine in my back pocket and anything more would be too much. Even upping the clip to a capacity of 6 would be pushing it.

    Like all mouse guns, this thing is a handfull. I can shoot the several clips through the 32 LWS but two was my limit on the MPA. Let me say it again. This gun is a handfull! If you’re looking for something to plink with, look elsewhere. You’re not going to want to shoot this much unless you’re defending yourself. I’m going to check into the 12 round clip. That would be great for breaking the gun in and testing different ammo.

    Fit and finish on the gun is very good. The action is smooth but stiff. The trigger pull is way plenty and the travel is more than I care for but that does impart some degree of addtional safety for a pocket rocket. All in all I’m very pleased with my purchase. Considering I went looking for a Seecamp and expected to pay north of $800 I’m really pleased with the price. If you’re looking for a micro 380 I think you should give this one consideration.

  • Steve P

    I just wanted to post my experience with my new MPA 380 stainless pistol after reading so many others lately when researching the gun.

    I picked up my new stainless MPA 380 yesterday. I immediately put about 70 rounds through it before even cleaning it. First of all, the little gun was exactly what I was expecting….very small but built very well! I’ve heard a lot of negative comments about the mag release but didn’t find it to be an issue and pretty easy to use.
    I was expecting at least a few FTF’s, but instead it perfectly fired off about 70 rounds including new winchester ammo, reloads, and Corbon hollow points.
    I’ve also read comments about how tough it is on your hand. I don’t get that. Granted, it is a tiny .380 and has some kick, but I shot 70 rounds with no problems and no abrasions on my hand.
    I got my MPA 380 for $283 and couldn’t be more pleased with it. I can’t wait to put another 100+ rounds thru it to break it in good.
    I would recommend this little pistol to anyone wanting an affordable, small, well-built .380 pistol.

    I also found it to be very accurate from 20 feet!
    The trigger pull is very smooth and normal for a DAO .380, so I don’t get the comments about that either. If you think the trigger pull is long on the MPA380, try the LCP. That’s the worst trigger pull I’ve ever felt!

    I did find it to be a little difficult to take down for cleaning. You almost need a 3rd hand to help in disassembly. After doing it once though, it will be easier the next time.

  • BillinOK

    Its July 2012, Anyone have a sku# for the “Premium” version of the Protector II???