Why Tactical Guys Should Like The Beretta A400

I am a tactical gun guy. I am not interested in spending a cold, wet morning in a duck blind, and I have little interest in competition shotgun shooting, although I like shooting clays and I respect the skills of those who are very good at it.

Why, then, am I very interested in something like the Beretta A400? Because the technology from these competition and hunting weapons will trickle down into tactical shotguns – I guarantee it.

Overview of Beretta A400's Tactical Applications

One thing I failed to mention in the video is the brown/”bronze” anodizing on the A400 Xplor Action that’s intended to look classy with a wood stock – it also happens to be as durable as Type III hardcoat, and took almost a year to develop. Does that sound interesting to a tactical gun guy? Well, it does to me…

Oh, and a big thank you to the beautiful Beretta models Bianca and Antonella for helping with the video! I should have told them to keep their fingers off the triggers – did not notice until the video was done – my fault, not theirs.

Andrew Tuohy

Andrew Tuohy was a Navy Corpsman with the 5th Marine Regiment. He makes a living by producing written and visual content within the firearm industry, and he also teaches carbine courses. He prefers elegant weapons for a more civilized age, and regularly posts at Vuurwapen Blog.


  • Brian

    I would think that if you are a gun model then you should know to keep the finger off the trigger. If you send me the number for the blond, I can offer some personal safety instruction. 🙂

  • SpudGun

    Yes, you should have told them to keep their fingers off the…Great Googa-mooga! Look at dem fine honeys!

    Sorry dude, was so distracted by the smokin’ chickadees, that your commentary was totally lost on me. I think you said something about barrels or recoil or something, but honestly, I can’t remember.

    Next time Beretta come out with a pair of attractive models, make sure they’re not being held by a pair of attractive models.

  • Other Steve

    You guys think you could post your stories in order they are released and not order drafted? Nearly missed this one because it wasn’t there the first read through.

  • Cam

    Not to say gun safety isn’t important, Brian, but they’re booth babes carrying floor models of a gun. I very much doubt that they’re loaded.

  • Lysander

    Umm those models looked bored, and they would not urinate on us if we were on fire.

    I am just saying.

    • Lysander, I did not get that impression. Maybe you have not been to many trade shows. In my experience bored models don’t smile, make eye contact or even bother getting off their seat.

  • G
  • Joe

    If you are looking at the girls’ FINGERS, you have problems!

  • Shoot! I’ve been to the Beretta stand but seems I’ve missed these girls 🙁

    Anyway, what do you use to record sound? You might consider getting a better mic for a crowded shows like this, it’s sometimes hard to hear the speech well.

  • gunslinger

    finally able to catch up on some of the vids…

    i’m sorry, but those “models” don’t look thrilled to be in there. maybe they are tired or whatnot, but still. their job is to be pretty with the guns. yeah, it’s objectifying women and all, but we all know what “sells”. not saying one way or another.

    but the point i find is that if they are there to bring in potential customers, they should be doing a better job. trust me, i’d day “the girl next door” who can handle a gun vs some supermodel who doesn’t know the difference between a mag and a clip. really they made me shy away from ever wanting any beretta shotgun.

    granted their tech is neat, and i hope it proliferates, i am just not excited from what beretta is showing

  • andrew

    Gunslinger, they were Beretta clothing models, not gun models. I dragged them over to hold firearms. I should have done a better job of telling them what to do, but honestly I was starstruck. Sorry.

  • andrew

    G, the Tx4 is a development of the A391, as I was told by the director of marketing for Beretta USA.