Sabre Defence sold to Manroy USA

Manroy USA has purchased Sabre Defence after winning a bidding war with Colt USA. The Tennessean reports

Alabama-based Manroy USA bid $4.95 million for the company’s assets, more than double what it offered last month in a bank-sponsored sale that was later invalidated by Sabre’s bankruptcy filing. Connecticut-based Colt Defense, a leading military supplier, was the only other bidder to attend the auction in a 22nd-floor conference room overlooking the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville.

From an opening bid of $2.4 million, Colt and Manroy bid back and forth in the minimum-allowed $25,000 increments for about two hours, the mood alternating between tense and good-humored. With bidding at about $4.5 million, Colt Defense General Counsel Jeff Grody said he and Chief Operating Officer Mike Magouirk would take a break “and let Manroy come to its senses.”

According to a source, the owner of Manroy is the same person from whom Sabre Defence’s former owner Guy Savage bought Ramo Defense from. It is a very small world.

I wonder what this means for Sabre’s consumer line of piston-operated AR-15 rifles. I am guessing that Manroy and Colt wanted the company for its military contracts, not its civilian product line.

Sabre Defence M5 carbine

[ Many thanks to John for emailing me the infomation. ]

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  • Nanban Jim

    Was that quick? That seemed quick to me.

  • Is Sabre the company that was planning on importing/building the Tavor TAR? If so, do you think Manroy is going to continue with those plans?

  • Avery

    Crispin: no, that was Charles Daly. Sabre produced the licensed version of the Steyr AUGA3 in the United States. I’m wondering if the license was part of the assets being sold and if this Manroy will continue producing AUGs for the American market.

  • In relationship to the gun industry being a small community, an industry insider at the SHOT Show many years ago joked that he could substitute the exhibitors listing as his resume.

  • charles222

    As to the quickness-iirc, Steyr bailed on Sabre for building the US version of the AUG months ago. This might’ve been floating around as an industry rumor for quite awhile before we heard about it.

  • Taking over the Sabre Defence facility would allow Manroy PLC to leverage its experience with the FN MAG and M2HB families for the British MOD to compete for US DOD contracts related to the M240 and M2HB.

  • Steel K

    How can I look up the value of company’s contracts with DOD and MOD?

  • So what happens with the 6.5 grendel license?

  • Steve B

    I also wonder about the 6.5 Grendel license and the relationship with Alexander Arms? I have been very happy with Sabres use of 410 stainless steel barrels which is rare as most companys use 416 stainless.

  • Justin

    Manroy does not currently have any intent to continue the civilian line of guns. I previously worked for this company. As they have all the equipment that Sabre owned they have none of the expertise or experience that Steve Salres brought to the table after his work as a government engineer on the Mk-19 Semi automatic grenade launcher.