Caracal H Hammer Pistol

At IDEX ’11 Caracal unveiled a prototype for their first hammer operated pistol. Their current pistols are all striker operated.

I know little about this gun, other than it has a Scandium frame and is probably chambered in 9x19mm like their other pistols.

Steve Johnson

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  • Rusty Shackleford

    Looks nice! I bet it rests really low in ones hand.

    Also, the Scandium frame probably makes it really light weight.

  • Todd

    I am really looking forward to seeing Wilhelm Bubits’ latest creation.

  • Slim934

    …..i’d like very much to get my mits on a standard Caracal pistol before seeing them make things with hammers.

  • SpudGun

    At first, I was like ‘what the hell?’ and then realised there is a black square on the table behind the front of the slide distorting the lines.

    An attractive pistol with more then a few nods to the Sphinx and CZ 75, I particularly like the sweep of the grip and the checkering. Though not too sure about the mahogany colored slide.

  • Other Steve

    I bet it rest fine as far as placement in your hand. It’s supposed to be a low bore gun, by using the CZ/Tangfolio slide inside of frame.

    A modern CZ with a scandium frame? WANT!

    Will someone find out who the importer in the states will be? Want Want Want.

    This wouldn’t replace an M&P or HK P30 for me, but it would be a serious contender for any CZ or the Steyr M9A1 series.

  • Jesse

    Are the Caracal pistols the ones designed by the same guy that designed the Steyr M9-A1 pistols or am I getting things confused?

  • Francis X

    I’d be willing to bet this pistol has the lowest bore axis of any hammer fired pistol in existence. Anyone know otherwise?

  • SpudGun, I don’t think that’s a black square. Some of the Caracal pistols feature a “quick-aim” (or similar name) on their pistols where the rear sight is in front of the the ejection port and is pretty long. I was pretty amazed at IWA when I saw it for the first time but it really might speed up the aiming a bit.

  • subase

    Yep same guy that was the principal designer of the Steyr M9-A1 had an idea for another pistol but seeing as the M9 by Steyr is not very popular they were probably not too receptive.

    So as you do he went to UAE and designed the Caracal. Which from the looks of it is the ‘true’ Glock designs successor. It uses less parts than even the Glock and the designer planned to make it just as reliable. (the designer originally worked for Glock)

    Glad they found it so easy to incorporate a hammer firing mechanism in the pistol. And already out of the bat they are using the most advanced metals for the frame.

    It should be available for sure this year. Not a good time to be selling a pistol made in the middle east but the design looks like a winner.

  • SpudGun

    Thanks Czechnology, I didn’t realize, but as soon as you mentioned it, I noticed that the Caracal didn’t have traditional rear sights. Sort of like a ‘gutter sight’ as seen on the ASP S&W 39 .

  • onefortyfive

    Just got 2 of the regular Curacals in the shop, if they don’t sell this weekend at the gun show we will take one out and put it through the paces.

  • Looking forward to it. These are really good guns. There is no square distorting the front portion of the slide, it’s Caracal’s new quick aiming sight !

  • Khan.RuleZ

    i am desperately waiting for this Big Cat ….