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  • zincorium

    I hope that bayonet is only unsheathed for the picture.

    Random stabbings are not a good idea.

  • They were to be seen on the tv news, I was pretty amazed when I saw them – I didn’t know they were in use there.

  • Matt Groom

    Two words: Calf wound.

  • Tim

    No magazine and bayonet fixed. More dangerous that way 🙂

    • Tim, maybe he ran out of ammo 😉

      • Malek مالك خليفي Khelifi

        i’m tunisian
        not allowed to have his gun loaded

    • Alex-mac

      Probably not allowed to have his gun loaded for safety reasons. In which case the bayonet is a good idea.

  • Good luck walking without stabbing yourself . . .

  • Zach

    I’d be a little worried having a swinging blade that close to my legs.

  • Marco

    I really don’t know if the soldier put the bayonet only due the revolution… infact, when i was in Tunisia few days after Christmas 2010, I was amazed to see a policeman with the bayonet on the AUG that patrolled a square… and it was a week BEFORE the revolution. incredible… o, perhaps, i only saw a Tunisian “Rambo”…

  • BUG

    The STEYR’s have been in service with the Tunisians since at least the Mid 80’s as I was there in late 1987 (on my first honeymoon!) and saw them widely carried at Tunis Airport arriving and departing the country……….there was a periodic Military putsch going on at the time……….



  • Avery

    I think more likely deployed in a crowd-control fashion. Less-likely to have a politically-embarrassing accidental discharge.

  • Lurker

    Has anyone noticed that AUG has a non-standard front grip? It definitely has a different shape than the standard Steyr front grip.

  • mr_lorenco

    i saw them in the TV-news,i think that the bayonets are more for “psychological reasons “than for “real use”,any opinion ?

  • Peter BE

    Tunisians are knife culture people. The bayonet has its merits in crowd control…

  • Martin (M)

    They likely aren’t issuing them ammunition. Outnumbered soldiers/police are prone to panic in the face of angry mobs. Panic+bullets starts a chain reaction of bloody violence that’s hard to stop. Bayonets, on the other hand, are pretty scary when you are facing them, so they make a decent compromise. They convey, “I’m not here to kill, but you had better take me seriously”.

    On another note, I always thought it was funny to fix bayonets on a bullpup rifle since it only gives you an extra couple of inches of reach. LOL

  • Lance

    I like the US supplied LBE gear and BDUs mixed with a Soviet era helmet.

    • Malek مالك خليفي Khelifi

      it is a
      SPECTRA helmet

  • Maverick Moore

    People don’t dick around when they see the knife. They know they can get hurt with out the soldier firing his weapon. Effective method of deterrence

  • snmp


    The Helmet is French F1

  • Lance

    Well it may be french but looks like a Russian design.

  • ctr

    How big is this guy? 5 foot 2? The rifle looks almost as big as he is.