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  • Embedding has been disabled … a momma packing heat, good for her!

  • SpudGun

    Wow, as I don’t have a family (yet) this is something I’ve never had to think about. It is a bit of a strange situation imagining a new mother with a baby in one hand and a gun in the other.

    I suppose the next step would be to go full ‘Shogun Assassin’ and get the baby carriage decked out with a plethora of hidden weaponry.

  • chenslee
  • Mimi


    It depends. If he means to use the baby as soft body armor, he’s sort of doing it right, though there are many more effective options. 😉

  • Seamus

    that woman must live in a very bad neighborhood to carry a gun around with her infant

  • Ivan

    This is a real woman!

  • Michael

    Carrying a gun and having children/babies is a serious issue.
    Moving Strollers and babies in an out of cars, more likely for clothes to move and gun be seen.
    Kids moving your clothes or mentioning that you have a gun.
    And dropping them off at schools, going to playgrounds/parks that don’t permit concealed weapons