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  • The Other John C

    I didn’t know they were that elusive. I saw one for sale back in January.

  • The Other John C

    Wow, I should have bought it when I had the chance. I think it was like $480 or something.

  • Jim

    It’s actually a full size gun for midgets.

  • Bryan S

    SBR rules are so damn silly…

  • Eric S

    I managed to get a .38/.357 one off gunbroker, it’s far heavier and more awkward that you’d imagine. Still haven’t taken it out, but soon.

  • JT

    would mounting a laser to this thing and firing it from the shoulder turn it into a SBR in abstract ATF-Think?

  • Eric S

    It is quite difficult to fire it from the shoulder, despite the desire.

  • zincorium

    Yeah, isn’t the grip a bit too stock-like to pass ATF muster?

    Or is this one of those things like with an AR-15 pistol’s buffer tube?

  • moko

    If it had a laser you wouldnt need to fire it from your shoulder .

  • Oswald Bastable

    You need the big loop to get you whole hand in, to work the diabolical Rossi action!

    There is a good reason they are cheap…

  • Stefan

    Ever watch Firefly or Serenity? main character Zoe used this a lot!

  • still $ 440 usd depend,s on where you shop \ it is classified as pistol not sbr \\\ and yes it willl pass ATF muster unless you live in nyc \ or washsington dc or HI or CA outher then that it,s leagel with out anything more then normal background cheque AND YES IM GETING MINE IN 357 MAG yaaaaaaaaaaaaa hooooooo oh and it,s fired from the hip

  • Heavy Cruiser

    I bought mine in .44 Magnum through the Military PX with a 10% discount from Taurus who owns Rossi, and because it was from the PX, there was no tax, it only cost me $378. Can’t wait to shoot it!

  • Jack

    @ Heavy Cruiser, what PX did you get this at i thought they stopped selling firearms at Px’s

  • I realy enjoyed watching the ranch hand’s grandfather on tv….is there a holster for it like McQeen had?? Thanks I’ll be ordering one soon……WZ

  • johnny

    wish mine had a small lever,,,,hate the big loop lever