New Pakistan G3S rifle

Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) had a new compact variant of the G3 called the G3S.

Image taken from a CNN video.

I have not seen the specifications for this weapon. From what I can see, it features a redesigned fore-end, picatinny mounted under-barrel grenade launcher and a very short barrel.

POF produces G3 and other H&K weapons under license.

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  • Yves Bonnet

    Too short barrel…
    If you want a very short barrel and 7.62 caliber, it´s better an Ak.

  • Is that really a G3? Looks suspiciously like a gas tube above the barrel.

    Note that the magazine appears to be double-width – I wonder if it’s a genuine quad-stack?

    • Tony, I wondered about that magazine, I thought it was probably two box magazines attached to each other .. but that does not make sense

  • Other Steve

    Ha! I always giggle when I see the mp5 collapsible stock on a g3/91. They are ONLY put on there by people who have never shot that gun with that stock. Looks cool? yes. Comfortable? HELL NO.

    I have one on an mp5 but prefer the A2 in terms on actual use. It’s a million times worse on a 308

  • Clodboy

    Reminds me of the FR Ordnance MC51, the ultra-short G3 that was supposedly trialed for a short time by SAS and SBS units, but ultimately rejected because of its excessive recoil.

  • MibZ

    I thought two box magazines attached together as well, but I don’t see any mounting clamps or tape or even gaps between “them” for that matter, so I would suppose it is a quad-stack.

  • G

    Tony Williams:

    The tube on top of the rifle is a cocking tube:
    The bolt head carrier has a recoil spring tube, on top, which goes into the cocking tube:

  • R.A.W.

    Tony, that’s exactly what the cocking tube on a G3 looks like when you remove the handguards. I believe the apparent width of the magazine is an optical illusion cause by shadow on the back of the display case and reflections on the glass. Look at the bottom for a better idea of the actual footprint of the magazine.

  • to Other Steve:
    but this config does happen quite often. G3 is not short nor light, employing a collapsable stock thats already there can reduce those problems.

  • Rohan
  • bullzebub

    tony: its the cocking tube 🙂

  • The magazine doesn’t look quad to me. I think there’s a plexiglass plate mounted to the wall on which the gun is resting. The edge of that plate makes it (falsely) look like a wider magazine. Looking at the floor plate of the mag, it looks like standard G3 mag to me.

  • WJS

    I don’t think a stacked magazine, this shot was taken through a glass display and those additional lines from the reflections, together with the shadows, created the illusion of a thick fat magazine.

    7.62 NATO round with a short barrel? Good luck getting good shots out of this.

    @Tony: It’s not a gas tube. All G3s, CETME, etc have that tube above the barrel to hold the bolt carrier extension. The charging handle and recoil spring are housed in there too. The roller delayed blowback mechanism needs to overcome the kinetic energy of the powerful 7.62 NATO round and hence, the bolt carrier will requires a hefty weight in order to provide a greater mechanical disadvantage against the bolt head rollers that are “squeezing” it out with the energy from the fired cartridge. Keeping the charging handle and recoil spring on top also allowed HK, Sig and CETME to deploy these rifles with foldable stocks.

    For a lighter round like the MP5’s 9mm, the same roller delayed blowback mechanism doesn’t require as much mass because it needs to overcome less force, so the bolt carrier of the MP5 isn’t so beefy as to require a tube that runs along the length of the barrel to hold a BCG extension.

  • vadvaro

    i’m tempted to call shenanigans on this. i live in pakistan near one of the major cantonment areas (where the military has been garrisoned since the time of the british raj). i have never seen anything like this. There are continuous patrols by military personnel in our area and i occasionally see troops returning from field exercises and every one of the the front-line (and at-rest) troops has carried a G3. some have the newer plastic furniture and some of them have lovingly maintained wooden furniture but every one of them is a full size battle rifle. never seen an ak. the stationary security-cordon troops sometimes have mp5’s. a few (presumably officers) have beretta 92fs’s, but that’s the entire range of personal firearms i’ve seen so far. this might be the bastard child of some wannabe “designer” attached to the military; likely being used for propaganda purposes. will keep a lookout for any changes. and yes, it does look like 2 box magazines clipped together (but there’s no offset or clearance between the 2 so how would you expect to be able to switch from one to the other?). anybody here seen what the field troops are using during deployments?

  • @ Tony Williams – hi Tony, don’t know if I have misinterpreted what you said about the gas tube being on top of the barrel, but isn’t that the standard configeration for the G3 (and MP5 and HK33/53)?

    On the double stack magazine – I dunno, the photo is a little blurry, could just be a duplex magazine arrangement or another magazine in one of those fast loader accessories stuck on the side?

    @ Other Steve – but isn’t this just a normal G3A4/G3KA4 colapsible stock (which was also used on the HK33 & HK53)?

    IMHO – to be honest I don’t see all that much that is new in what the Pakistanies have done here, this exact configeration could be easily made up with third part accessories. The ‘re-designed’ front end just appears to be a normal G3A4 with the plastic foreend remved an a rail system bolted onto the barrel.

    This just seems to be a way of refurbishing the stock of old G3A3s that they have and giving them a new lease of life. 🙂

  • Tierlieb

    @Tony Williams & Steve

    Re: Mag: If you look closer, you can guess that this is just a transparent plastic plate in front of the mag. Probably an acrylic glass holder that keeps the gun on the wall.

    @Tony Williams
    Yes, that is a gas tube or whatever the American term is for that thing with the kind of action. You usually don’t see it on a G3 because the larger foregrip covers it, though, but was taken off for the launcher. On the other side of the top tube you’d see the charging handle protruding.

    I agree. 16″ or ore works well for 7.62×51. Everything less would seem like a waste to build. It is probably easier on the logistics, though, if everything is kept in the same caliber.

  • Torstein

    Mag looks to be regular width to me. It’s a 7.62 rifle, after all.
    Haven’t had TONS of experience with the collapsible stock variants, but the one I’ve shot was rock solid.

  • Martin (M)

    Steve and Tony, you’re getting fooled by an optical illusion there caused by light reflection off the rib in the mag, and some reflection coming off the glass. It’s a regular G3 magazine.

  • I’m sorry, but that looks like a crappily-made airsoft.

  • Ilgar Ö.Değirmenci

    ahmm i only see one magazine, maybe illusion?? 🙂

  • awesomeRobot

    Can we refer to these guys as something other than POF to avoid confusion? I find it laughable that they would copy the name of Patriot Ordnance from Arizona. As far as I know, (the original) POF has been around a lot longer. Pakistan Ordnance maybe?

  • Patrick Bateman

    It’s not a gas tube above the barrel, it’s a cocking tube.

  • SKSlover

    that’s one ugly peice of metal (and probably more plastic than there should be).

  • Lance

    I guess even with a new design from the Turks many are stickeng to the Original G-3.

  • Komrad

    the mag looks like it’s two mags and not a quad stack
    the box extends past the magwell on the far side

    interesting, but a slightly longer barrel would be better

  • Zach

    This is a perfect example that simply because you “can” do something, doesn’t mean that you should do something.

    Tony, this is a G3, that tube over the barrel is standard as a tube for the cocking handle. It looks like a gas tube on other weapons, but it’s just for the cocking handle.

  • Thank you all for the information, gentlemen. I’ve only occasionally handled a G3 and then didn’t strip it, so I didn’t realise it had what seemed to be a gas tube over the barrel. I couldn’t understand what that was doing on a retarded blowback gun!

  • ap

    Hey, Other Steve… Check out the “Hellenic Army” vid under Related Posts up there. That’s running the collapsible at it’s finest. I have a PTR-91 I outfitted with a genuine HK collapsible and it is quite shootable if you do it right. It’s not A2 or even M4 comfy but it sure makes for a versatile setup when you’re lugging that heavy a rig around.

  • vadvaro

    @awesome robot
    pakistan ordnance factories have been around since 1951. when did pof-usa get started?

    how about if we call them pof-pak and pof-usa?

  • Frost

    Note the aimpoint 3x magnifier, its in the wrong direction.
    Pakistan, i am disapont

    As a Norwegian, i love the G3.

  • Funny thing, I wrote about South African 40-mm Milkor UBGL about two years ago (as well as about Milkor contract with Pakistan), when I first saw it at the DSEi 2009: (unfortunately in Polish, but Google translator should help). Interesting underbarrel grenade launcher I think. The rest of the “new” G3S is rather boring, same old same old.


  • Tom


    I am assuming you are America, and so am sure you do not realise but Pak could easily be taken as a derogatry due to its similarity to the term Paki. Just using PK (The UN code for Pakistan) would seem like a better idea.

  • awesomeRobot: POF (USA) used to get its HK-clone parts from POF (Pakistan). POF (USA) changed their name to avoid confusion when they came out with their line of AR-10/AR-15 pattern rifles. They didn’t want folks to think that the latter were being made in Pakistan.

    • Luke Nito

      Sir it is a licensed copy not a clone there is a huge difference between the two….

      • Since when was POF (USA) licensed to produce HK rifles? My clone comment was directed towards them, not POF (Pakistan).

  • IA

    Its a G3 for 5.56mm rounds

  • The new model of the 7,62-mm short carbine POF G3S (or G3A3-S) was shown in Turkey, at the IDEF 2011 Show. The barrel length is 300 mm (not a 12 in or 305 mm).

  • Saad

    I think that it is the best and state of the art rifle which has short barrel along with 7.62mm round.So it is light weight and highly effective rifle having extremely penetration capability on very long distances.

  • چھوٹا ڈریگن ®

    To my American friends.

    * POF was established in 1951 by a Pakistani weapons scientist Dr. Abdul Hafiz who worked at Austrian Steyr Mannlicher as a Chief Weapons scientist and radiation weapon technologist. He also helped kick start Turkey’s MKEK weapons firm which now produces many rifles and JNG-90 BORA Sniper rifle.

    * All of POF products namely G-3A1/A2/A3/P3/P4/M/S – MP-5A1/2, SMG-PKA1/A2, PK-8, MG-3A1/2, PSR-90 and its upgraded M variant, Type-56 (Upgraded tactical AK-74) plus Sarsilmaz SAR-B6 and a few other products are either fully licensed or indigenous designs.

    * POF is now exporting its POF-5 9mm pistol (MP5 design) to the US civilian market which has been received well by the users.Hopefully there is more to come from Pakistan.

    * Pakistan is South Asia’s biggest weapons exporter.