Caracal CSR Sniper Rifle

The UAE’s only gun manufacturer, Caracal International, have developed their first rifle. The Caracal Sniper Rifle (CSR) is a bolt action chambered in either .308 Win. or .300 Win. Mag.

The magazine holds 10 rounds. It features a fully adjustable stock, quad picatinny rails and what looks to be an AR-15 compatible pistol grip (I may be wrong about the grip).

CSR Basic model has a 23.6″ (600mm) barrel, while the CSR Compact model has a 20″ (510mm ) barrel.

Calling a 20 inches “Compact” is a bit of a stretch in my opinion. That aside, this looks like a solid first rifle for Caracal. I look forward to their future semi-automatics.

[Hat Tip: Fog Horn ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Gerald

    If it is anything like their pistols, this will be one to dream about. It also does not seem to violate any import restrictions that I am aware of, being a bolt action…

  • redactor

    And yet it mounts a Harris bipod… (Rolls eyes…)

  • jdun1911

    What’s wrong with Harris bipod? It has a proven record.

  • Nima

    has anyone ever shot the caracal pistol? So far I have just seen the one video clip of it on the net.

    • Nima, this year they have begun to be imported into the US, but I do not know if they have gone on sale.

  • charles222

    Looks very well-made. The Arabs used to make beautiful swords way back when; nice successor, here.

  • jdun1911

    The caracal pistol is on sale in the USA IIRC. The price range is around the same as Glock or S&W M&P. Which basically priced them out of the market. Unless the customer wants it most people will go for Glock or M&P.

  • michael

    anyone know the price point?

    • michael, it has only just been unveiled. I doubt they are shipping it yet and when they do it will be a while before it hit the civilian market.

  • Bryan S

    Compact .308 is a Keltec RFB… not this thing.

  • Lance

    I see a foreign alternative and cheaper alternative to the .300 win mag M-2010.

  • Komrad

    looks well put together and expensive
    doesn’t look like it has a muzzle brake but the end looks like a thread protector for flash/sound suppressors
    the .308 probably wouldn’t need the muzzle brake, but .300 win might do better with one
    only thing that seems off is the bolt handle, it looks a bit long

  • Other Steve

    Who is the importer for the pistol?

  • charles222

    I see a foreign alternative and cheaper alternative to the .300 win mag M-2010.

    The US Military will never be widely issued a weapon not produced in the US.