[BIG NEWS] The Firearm Blog is in Europe at IWA

I am excited to announce that for the first time The Firearm Blog will be attending IWA, Europe’s biggest gun expo, in Germany this weekend.

I am back home holding the fort and keeping the blog running but The Firearm Blog has sent Andrew and a support team to Europe in order to bring you the best coverage of IWA the Internet has ever seen!

If you too are attending IWA, The Firearm Blog would love to meet you & buy you a meal while in Nuremberg. (more…)

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • The Other John C

    Great – I have briefly heard about the IWA before, but never gotten any real info on it. I am looking forward to your coverage of it.

  • ComradeCole

    This is pretty cool. Wish I got to go to Germany for a gun expo, German food and German beer….aw to dream, to dream.

  • I’ll be there!
    I’m really looking forward to this.

    At least my journey from Czech Rep. is not so long as TFB’s 🙂

  • Greetings from Texas,
    You was robbed Steve! You need to hold out to go yourself next time.

  • “If you too are attending IWA, The Firearm Blog would love to meet you & buy you a meal while in Nuremberg. ”


    (It would be expensive.)

    I will be there from Friday to Monday, IWA is THE “Shot Show” for the rest of the world.

    In the mornings the TFB will find me and my crew in the press room with big shot of coffee.

  • Van the Handcannon Man

    A free meal you say? I sure wouldn’t mind that.
    I’m going to IWA with my class. You guys got my mail if you want to spend money on a class of gunsmith students or want to talk to us.

  • dont know what else to say steve, other than congrats!

  • Other Steve

    So… A bunch of cool euro guns that will never show up here. Sounds awesome.

    At least maybe we’ll get some decent pictures of the new CZ stuff, and I doubt HK has anything new, but maybe.

  • Python

    At first glance I thought that it will be chance to personally thank You for great job You doing here, I really regret that You will not attending !

    Anyway, If I will meet someone form TFB – I will hug him/her for You :o)

    Ss, See You on Friday in Nurnberg !


  • jeff from CA

    Cool, what does IWA stand for? I couldn’t find in 5 minutes on their German or English website.

  • Komrad

    I just remembered Steve teamed up with gunsforsale.com
    so the blog hasn’t changed and become a corporate cesspool, YAY!
    not that I thought it would

    but this is cool, it’ll be like SHOT all over again

    • Komrad, it has been business as usual for me, when they said I had editorial control, they meant it.

  • Mike M.

    If you see any new high-end target pistols, please post them. One thing about IWA is that they get manufacturers that cater to the Olympic disciplines, which get little play here in the US.

  • How big is the IWA as compared to the SHOT show?

    • Heath, SHOT had 1,600 exhibitors this year while IWA has 1,153. Not a huge difference. Next year SHOT will be smaller because [they think] there are to many exhibitors.

  • jeff from CA: I can’t find it neither but I would SUPPOSE it stands for “Internationale Waffenausstellung” – international arms fair.

    But sure, if you guys from the TFB want to meet up, I’m up for it, just say time and place! 🙂

  • OK, where and when will be the meal? I am in Nurnberg now 😉

  • Czechnology is about right, it stands for: Internationale Waffen-Ausstellung.
    Strictly translated, that would be: International exposition of Weapons.

    I probably won’t make it in time, got other stuff going on.

    I compensate by taking my MR308 to a hunting trip in the Alps this weekend.

  • My friend Yoav, from Zahal.org is there. Go by Hall 6, Stand 6-133 and say hi!

    Send me an email and I’ll make sure he gets it!

  • Matt

    In Nuremburg (and Europe) for the first time, let me know if there is any kind of get together going on!

  • Van the Handcannon Man

    I was there and they bought me a bottle Cola 😀