New Turkish Assault Rifle

Turkish firm KALEKALIP has designed a nifty looking new battle rifle for the Turkish Army that will be manufactured by MKEK. The rifle is chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO and uses a gas piston and rotating bolt action. The barrel is 16″ in length. The total length is 36″ and it weighs 9 lbs.

[Hat Tip: John at WAFF and Hürriyet]

[ Many thanks to Ilgar for emailing me the link. ]

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  • Ian

    Gas pistol, hmm…. is that a piston? 😉 Looks interesting

  • hardmack

    Just a hk 417 with some fancy handguards no?

    Is this not the company that also shares HK tooling for export manufacturing?

  • Mete

    There is a high possibility of that being a representational photo and not the final design, but the specification are right.

  • KTB

    Almost seems like they went for the feel of the Magpul AFG, the curvature and angle is almost dead on, but doesn’t it seem a bit too close to the body of where the rifleman would be?

  • Mete

    For some odd reason Kale and MKEK are keeping the design of the new assault rifle secret but they have already released the photos of the Light Machine Gun during IDEF 2009:

    Anyway IDEF 2011 will start 2 month later, everything will become much clear after that.

  • Viper5552

    give me a reasonable price point ($1700 or less methinks) and i would consider grabbing one if it was imported.

  • Higgs

    It looks a hell of a lot like a HK417 receiver.

  • Samopal

    Assault rifle? Where? I just see a battle rifle. 🙂

  • snmp

    MKEK build with licence HK G3, HK G33, HKMP5, MG3 (MG42) …. in plus they have HK416 & HK417

    The Rifle sound like not far of the Beretta ARX-160

  • It looks like a HK417 just with another forearm.

    The MKEK manufactures the HK416 under licence, so the 417 is a natural extension of their line.

  • Brad

    Why is it that modern 7.62 rifles are so heavy? Modern rifles have the benefit of modern materials and design, yet for example this Turkish beast only has a 16 inch barrel and weighs 9 pounds.

    The M-14 rifle, the dinosaur of 7.62 rifles, only weighs 8.6 pounds and has a 22 inch barrel and a three inch long flash suppressor!

  • Andy

    Just remove the plastics, you will see a KNIGHTS ARMAMENT rifle as 7.62. First copied one was HK 416 as 5.56 .

  • paco paco

    yes, please.

  • Jim S

    That weird, probably unnecessary transition from the magwell to the handguard tells my mind to put it in the “ugly as sin” category. Everything else seems legit though (except the 16″ barrel for a 7.62).

  • Zach

    Interesting that this new rifle is in .308. Any idea what its intended purpose is? Kinda heavy and expensive to shoot for any widespread distribution (yes, I realize all western rifles were .308 or larger through the mid 1960’s).

  • Matixon

    Is “Temsili Gorsel” it’s official name? If yes, what does that exactly mean?

  • The improvement over the G3 is marginal – mostly the rails.

  • M, Norway

    It’s more than likely that the rifle is heavely based on the Turkish HK416 version, the mekek-1(can’t remember what the Turkish spelling looks like)

  • Jim

    it looks like a stylized AR-10..

  • Buck

    I’d hit it.

  • Frank

    It looks like it uses the same magazines as the 417

  • The magazine certainly looks like a HK417. I wouldn’t rule out that they are dressing it up in new furniture in order to pass it off as an indigenous design. This was the sticking point when MKE tried to pass off the HK416 as their own design.

  • Lance

    Looks like the took the G-3 action and added new outside shell and furniture around it. Will it beat the veteran G-3 in Turk service??? Well see about that.

  • zincorium

    The curved area between the magwell and the handguard looks interesting. I wonder if it’s somehow functionally necessary or if they’re just going for a built in angled grip along the lines of magpuls AFG

  • mang

    Wouldn’t that be something, if the Turkish hit it out of the park with a world-class service rifle? Interested to learn more about what kind of piston mechanism.

  • Vitor

    I’m realy inclined to believe the inside is pure HK417, given how the MKEK already produces the turkish version of the HK416.

  • Mete, thanks for the info. If you hear anything else about the new Turkish guns, please let me know.

  • Bora Atkin

    Temsili görsel means roughly, artists impression. 🙂

    Turkish soldiers are equipped mostly with the HK33 in the last few years. The Gendarmerie soldiers I’ve seen mostly carried old G3’s though. The better equipped a unit, like elite infantry units, the more HK33’s with G3’s thrown in, a lot of them with optics, in a DMR role.

  • Ilgar Ö. Değirmenci

    @matixon – representational photo
    @zach – soldiers dont like 5.56 rifles on service – they want more stopping power & range than 5.56 mm .Mountain fighting …

    most likely that handguard like thing on picatinny’s will be detachable

  • charles222

    7.62mm will function perfectly well out of a 16-inch barrel, which also has the benefit of not being close to the arm length of an average man.

  • Lance

    @ Bora Atkin

    The Turks recently adopted the HK 416 for standerd issue units. The new gun is for Turkish Spec Ops to mabie replace the older G-3 in service with Spc Ops only.

  • Should this more properly be called a “Battle-Rifle” since it is chambered for the full-sized 7.62X51 NATO?

  • Ilgar Ö. Değirmenci


    No, production stopped after few thousand rifles – hk416 is spec ops’ rifle now replacing m4 carbines/m16a2-a4 ‘s – this MPT will be service rifle

  • Lance

    @ Ilgar Ö. Değirmenci

    It says on the Turkish Army Wikipedia web sight

    That the This weapon is for spce pos and the main rilfe is the G3 and G3A3 and G33. M-4s and 416s are for spec ops give you half credit.

  • Matt Damon

    President looks comfortable with the new battle rifle.