Find Makarov Trailer

A Canadian group recreated scenes from the computer game Modern Warfare 2 using actors and special effects to create a short film/trailer called Find Makarov. It is shot in the ‘first person’ and is very impressive. I would be the first in line at the cinema if this was made into a full-length movie.

A scene from the Modern Warfare 2 training course recreated in Find Makarov .

[ Many thanks to Paulo for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • John Connor

    So is this going to be a shot for shot remake of the game? seems like that’d be kind of boring to all the people who played it, and I’m guessing those who didn’t probably don’t care to watch a movie about it.

  • Matt G

    Very cool.

  • Anon

    It was entertaining until they jumped from the forward door of the aircraft.

  • Ian

    In the end of this video he comments “the americans are already here, I don’t wanna get caught in a crossfire” I remember seeing some of my friends playing this game, and how Washington was in flames… well finally we have some Abrams and F-35’s going across Moscow 🙂 The back story of Modern Warfare is interesting, but yet inconceivable to really happen in todays world.

  • gunslinger

    Looks nice. Although i’m interested in the technical aspects of making the film. def high quality