How to make your Glock fully automatic

The German company SIGG, who developed the double-pistols I recently blogged about, are well known for their FSSG drop-in full-auto selector switches for Glock pistols.

This small selector switch replaced a Glock’s rear slide plate. It allows the selection of full-auto or semi-auto fire and is compatible with any Glock. The rate of fire can reach 1200 rpm depending on the ammunition being used.

How much fun would would a 10mm Auto chambered Glock 20 be on full auto ? Watch to video below to find out … is currently auction off one of these switches for about $280 (202 Euro).

[ Many thanks to JA$ for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Robert

    It’s ridiculous

  • Alaskan


    love the guys expression at the end.

  • Michael Pham

    If by fun you mean painful, it would appear.

    What I remember is that 10mm was originally designed for FBI use, but dropped in favor of .40S&W because it had too much recoil and its pluses as a cartridge (high energy, flat trajectory) did not serve to much of a practical advantage.

    Also, the elephant in the room is the legality of all this. Definitely something to do some research about. I wonder how gun laws are in Germany- I always just assumed that Europe as a whole, with exception to Switzerland were quite strict about gun ownership and what a civilian was allowed to possess.

  • Eric

    If only this were available in the states for less than $$$$

  • Rabbity

    now only if I could own it

  • Alex

    Okay, that is why you would want a longer, heavier slide with recoil compensating vents. If you’re in law enforcement and are willing to go through the hassle of getting one of these, why not spend the extra dough for a more suitable gun? Oh, and if they came in 3 round burst, that’d be a smart choice as well.

    I’d still love to shoot one.

  • Mike N

    I hope if someone ever shoots at me, they use one of these.

  • charles222

    It depends, really-England’s about the only country to outright ban gun ownership. Finland, for example, requires you to have a specific reason for wanting to own guns, but the options given pretty much cover everything-hobby, competition shooting, hunting, some others.

  • Dan

    Just a heads up, It is not possible for a US civilian to legally own one of these.

    • james

      you are incorrect with what u claim, if you get a class3 ta stamp you can own it but the stamp cost $200 per firearm

      • Ffl holder

        The $200 tax stamp for NFA weapons applies only to preban automatic weapons. This is restricted to military/law enforcement only.

  • Mr Maigo

    15 rounds fired into the air, good job video kid

    • do the research

      this is not correct a title 2 manufacturer would have to install it but as long as you pass the atf background check and willing to wait and give them $200 you can own it

      • Jon

        That is not correct. Unless manufactured before 1986 and registered this cannot be installed on a civilian weapon. Even with a stamp it cannot. Your right a title 2 manufacturer can install this but it stays with him or goes to LE or military directly. And by LE I mean the department not just an individual officer. Just so your aware there is about $8,000 in licensing to become a class ll manufacture and about $3,000 a year there after to maintain, just FYI for those who think they get that classification to obtain weapons like these.

  • Theodoric

    Mainland Europe (don’t get me started on the UK) generally doesn’t place many restrictions on the type of firearm one can own (no silly stuff like huge length barrels or magazine capacity) just as long as it is incapable of fully automatic fire, with some exceptions. However, the things you’re allowed to do with them are rather restricted; concealed carry permits for ordinary civilians are unthinkable. Also one generally needs to be a licensed hunter/farmer, collector or have been part of a shooting organization or club for some time AND have a license to even be allowed to own a firearm, so legal ownership is much more restricted.

    Trust me, stuff like assault weapon bans or the aforementioned huge barrel length requirements are silly even in most parts of Europe.

  • MarcW

    @Michael Pham
    The switch is unrestricted in Germany, but installing it is the construction of a fully automatic weapon that requires a special permit nobody not working for a weapons manufacturer will get.
    Firearms laws in Europe are very diverse. In Germany every law-abiding civilian can get nearly everything except e.g. fully automatics and steel core ammo, but it can take quite a bit of time, money and paper work to get your first permit. Concealed carrying is a big exception. In the Czech Republic on the other hand concealed carry permits are shall-issue whereas in the UK there is a total ban on handguns and the types firearms that are legal to posess are very limited.

  • Malik

    M. Pham:

    In Germany, along with some other European countries that follow their model, there is a three-tiered permit system for owning guns that, as I understand it, is reasonably fair and responsive.

    The lowest tier is a hunter’s license. This allows the permit holder to own any number of rifles and shotguns in any caliber but does not allow the owner to possess any ammunition feeding devices (magazines, clips, etc) that hold more than two shots. The primary intention is for double rifles and shotguns, although bolt-actions and semiautomatics are legal if the magazine is pinned to only feed two shots. The permit holder is also allowed to own up to two pistols, which are intended to be used to administer the coup de grâce to a wounded animal.

    The middle tier is a sport shooter’s license. This allows the permit holder to own any number of rifles and shotguns as well as handguns in any caliber, with the magazine capacity limits increased to ten shots. To obtain a sport shooter’s permit, the shooter must be a member of a gun club and participate in competitive shooting at least 3-4 times per year. The law is somewhat more nuanced than this that’s roughly the spirit of it.

    Finally, there is a collector’s license, which allows the permit holder to own (but not shoot!) rifles, shotguns, pistols, and other weapons with no limits on magazine capacity. A special stamp on the permit can be obtained to allow the holder to own fully automatic weapons as well. This license is somewhat difficult to obtain, though by no means impossible – for example, a valid criteria for issuing a collector’s license might be “historical interest in WWII-period firearms”, which would allow you to own M2 Carbines or PPSh-41s if you have the machine gun stamp. The collector’s license is administered by the local police and you must inform them of purchases before you actually buy so that they can verify that the gun you wish to purchase fits in with your license’s criteria. That same license probably couldn’t be used to obtain an AR-15 since that is not a WWII-period weapon, for example. If you also wish to *shoot* your collecting guns, you also need to have a sport shooter’s permit, although a hunter’s permit may be acceptable if you are using one of your collector’s guns for hunting that is well suited to the task (e.g. not a submachine gun).

    There’s more to it than just that but that’s how it is. Compared to England and other super restrictive states, it’s a pretty fair system.

    • sirlovealot

      Sorry, but your post is very misleading concerning German gun laws.

      * Nobody “follows” Germany’s model. Every country has their own gun laws and Germany didn’t invent the hunter/sports shooter/collector model of gun ownership.
      * There are no tiers of gun ownership.
      * The hunter’s license requires a hefty (money- and time-wise) investment – both upfront and long term.
      * Getting guns as a sports shooter requires shooting at least 18 times in the preceding 12 months and even more (including championships) if you have more than 2 pistols/revolvers and 3 semi-automatic rifles.
      * A collector can shoot his guns without being a hunter or sports shooter.

      Don’t post if you don’t know.

  • 032125

    Useless and dangerous on a 10mm. It might have merit on a 9mm.

  • mupp

    “Also, the elephant in the room is the legality of all this. Definitely something to do some research about. I wonder how gun laws are in Germany- I always just assumed that Europe as a whole, with exception to Switzerland were quite strict about gun ownership and what a civilian was allowed to possess.”

    You’re thinking of the UK, a lot of European countries have laxer laws then they do and you can have handguns, rifles, whatever.

  • Aurelien

    10mm in automatic is stupid but cool. In the other end, a Glock 25 in .380 ACP modified this way would be quite a nice PDW i think : short range, low recoil, fast shooting.

  • Some Texan

    I know a NFA dealer that had an 18 for a while, mostly for collecting/future trading purposes. Without a shoulder stock shooting regular 9mm loads it went into AA Gunner mode pretty rapidly one handed and not highly controllable with both hands.

  • subase

    Dangerous. Reminds me of that story of that little kid that shot himself in a head when a firing an automatic uzi in a gunshow.

    The rate of fire on an automatic glock is useless, should be half that.

  • Tierlieb

    You can be pretty sure that if you buy this item on eGun from within Germany you’ll have a nice but somewhat surprising visit by some rather interesting people. That’s what happened the last few times a selector like this was sold: eGun seems to have been forced to hand over the contact data of the buyers to the police.

    While gun ownership is possible in Germany (and legally cumbersome, and expensive, and a good motivator to wanting to move to the US outside of California), full-autos are really, really, really rare (you would need to be one of the few collectors with a permit, and those are usually given out for historical weapons only – so it cannot be compared to a level-3 license in the US).

    There were people who tried to say the were just owning it (legal), but not installing it. Sadly, this does not work because there is an implied intend on doing so.

  • Legally Armed

    While European gun laws are extremely strict compared to US gun laws, they do have some anomalies where they’re less strict than we are. Full auto in a lot of countries is one of these areas.

  • chirol

    That would be illegal in Germany with exceptions for mil and LE. Gun laws are draconian there.

  • Huey148

    gonna be the fly in the punchbowl on this one…he got maybe the first round on target and then never regained control of the muzzle..wherever those rounds landed it was well beyond his target..

  • Mark K.

    It is legal in germany because it is not an essential weapon part. Essential parts are: barrel, bolt and cartridge chamber (if not already part of the barrel).

  • This device looks like the design in “The Glock Exotic Weapons System”, which is basically a blueprint for a Glock auto sear.

    I wonder if they paid the royalties.

  • Don

    this goes from moronic to genius with the addition of a buttstock, extended mag, and carbine barrel.


  • abc123

    How unbelievable unnecessary

  • The Other John C

    While I cant imagine anyone in the US will ever actually get ahold of one of these, I think it would be quite nice with one of those glock carbine conversions for a 9mm.

    • Jerry

      I don’t own a Glock or this piece but I know a couple people that bought one from Not hard to get from what they tell me. Just not my cup of tea.

  • Nick

    “Just a heads up, It is not possible for a US civilian to legally own one of these.”

    It IS possible for an *individual* (there’s a difference between ‘civilian’ and ‘individual,’ by the way. I wish people would realize this; it would curb the number of people who think that being in the [insert military branch here] means they can go to the local gun store and pick up a G36 or the like) to legally purchase such a device, as long as he/she has the appropriate SOT.

    Just sayin’…

  • Tierlieb

    @Mark K
    Yes, while technically legal in itself, the second you own a gun that it fits, you’re in trouble. This is not the first time this happens. Read for previous cases.

    Same with suppressors: You can own them if you do not have a gun, you can own one and a gun if the suppressor is not threaded for guns – or you need a permit for it. Which is, again, really hard to get. Otherwise there is an implied intend to use it.

    Besides that, it is nice to see the estimates about German gun laws ranging from “draconian” (chirol) to “it’s a pretty fair system” (malik). Personally, I like several things about it, but of course, it is unnecessarily complex, contradictorily and pointless at great lengths (people usually cringe when I explain why I run an AK in .223Rem and not 5.45×39 or 7.62×39). But it could be a lot worse, ask the Brits.

  • Michael Pham: The 10mm Norma cartridge was on the market for years before the FBI started to look at it. It was originally designed for the Dornaus & Dixon Bren Ten pistol, with the design and specifications of pistol and cartridge approved by Jeff Cooper. Dornaus & Dixon folded, and for a while, the only production firearm being chambered for the cartridge was the single-shot T/C Contender. Colt revived the cartridge when they introduced the Delta Elite pistol. When the FBI Firearms Training Unit was looking for a replacement cartridge for the .38 Special and 9x19mm, SA John Hall introduced his personal Delta Elite in the testing. It was clear that the original Norma loads were much too hot and quite erratic. This is when the idea for mid-range 10mm loadings was introduced. Once the mid-range 10mm load was accepted, the FBI then moved to purchase pistols chambered for it. This led to a race between several manufacturers, including Glock, to design and introduce 10mm pistols. The FBI ultimately adopted the S&W Model 1076.

    The .40 S&W was created to mimic the ballistics of the FBI’s mid-range 10mm load. However, when the Model 1076 was withdrawn from service due to mechanical issues, the Bureau did not replace the 10mm pistols with a .40 S&W. Instead, they started to issue the 9mm SIG-Sauer P226. There was also a list of acceptable models in 9mm and .45 ACP that agents could carry if they purchased their own. It took several years for the FTU to approve a .40 S&W load, and then to approve any personally-owned .40 pistols. It was another few years before the FBI adopted .40 S&W pistols for general issue: the Glock 22 and Glock 23.

  • Mountainbear

    Well, for example pump-action shotguns are outlawed in Austria. Also it would modify the gun into automatic, so I would think it’s definitely not legal in Austria. I doubt the use of this is legal in Germany either. The result of using it is an automatic weapon and those are banned.

  • Dan

    Mike N,
    Agree whole heartily!! LOL

    I have shot almost every Glock full auto using a similar SCP. 40S&W ok, 45ACP not bad, 9mm very close to controllable as long as you use a long slide. All tests were used with out the attached stock that is available. Ya, it’s fun and exciting but expensive. Not practical for anything except throwing lead down range; or in the kids video, in the air.

  • El Duderino

    Better hope the target has a heart attack, is a large red barn, or that very first shot was dead on.

    Align sights, PRESS, repeat. I shot my fair share of FA small arms in the USMC, went to an advanced machinegunner’s course, seen plenty of range results. Full auto is great against vehicles, low flying aircraft, cover, and for recon by fire. Trying to shoot one person in the open? Not so much. The only platform I ever saw that could put rounds on target like a laser was an M1A1 Abrams tank, but it has 70 tons to soak up the recoil of a 7.62x51mm — kind of like a man shooting a full-auto BB gun.

    I remember shooting M16A2s at the pistol range on pistol targets @ 25 yards. On three round burst, you aimed at the kidney, if you had good control the second round would hit near the shoulder and the third would get sent off into space. Seven yards was about as far back as you could go and still put all three in the torso.

  • Caseless

    El Duderino, thanks for sharing your FA experience.

    It now makes sense to me why some modern designs like the HK G36 has a 2-round burst limiter instead of 3 round.

  • Peter BE

    A LEO friend let me shoot a sample on a glock 19. The device was well made and the gun was “almost” controllable. You could keep most of a 33 magazine in the torso of a man sized target at 10 meters after a couple of getting used to bursts. There exists also a cheaper version without a selector switch which only delivers full auto fire. All in all great fun but not useful for much except maybe for assassination :-S

  • BillyBob

    You can shoot a full auto glock without turning it into an AA gun, no stock needed:

    Its all in how you hold it, and practice 🙂

  • kurgen99

    Beretta did this for a while, and the pistol had a little chain on the front to TRY and control it.
    I think you’d be guaranteed not to hit anything outside on 5 or 7 yards.

  • Lance

    Nice too bad no new Class 3s are allowed to us shooters. Turn a Glock 17 into a Glock 18. Can they make a switch for a Beretta 92 to make a Beretta 93?

  • Komrad

    pump shotguns are illegal in Australia, not Austria

    things like these have been around for a while, they aren’t that complicated either
    but they do require machining small parts and such so that someone can’t just assemble one in their garage using some power tools
    so Glocks aren’t considered easily convertible and thus machine-guns because there is too much work involved
    a machinist could probably make one fairly easily with the right steels and a mill

    as for practicality, I see almost none
    1200rpm is too fast even for real submachine guns with shoulder stocks and carbine length barrels
    maybe with some stronger springs and a heavier slide it could work in 9mm
    otherwise the rounds per minute is way too high
    if they could get it down to 600 or less, then I could see some practicality

  • snmp

    the web site of the compagny =>

  • bob

    What about that with one of the HERA carbine kits?

  • Lew

    In Sweden submachinegunning has traditionally been seen as a sport with the government sponsoring clubs with subsidised weapons and ammo (back in the days when the m/45b was one of our major military weapons). It’s a bit of a dying sport but I have friends who still do it.

    Regarding gun ownership it’s a bit of a bureaucratic hassle but once you’ve got a license (especially a collectors license) it’s more or less rock n’ roll (ARs, M1As, subguns, pistols, flintlocks, you name it). Even if you’re a hunter the choice of weapon is pretty free (as long as it’s not based on a military action post 1942 for some odd reason) with Mini-14, mausers and semi-auto shotguns being a pretty common sight (even if mauser bolt-actions are the most common rifles). The biggest gripe I’ve heard from a Swedish gunowner is my old army buddy G complaining about american export-permits (getting Pmags and cheap ammo for his M1 carbine is a real hassle).

  • Reg T

    For all of you gun-store commandos and “experts with automatic weapons” who think a Glock with a full-auto conversion is uncontrollable, please view this video. Feel free to publish your retractions any time thereafter.

    Notice he manages more than three rounds on target from more than seven yards.

    Is full-auto pistol fire desirable? Probably not, under most circumstances. Is it controllable? Abso-frickin’-lutely.

  • This is to Dan. Who said “Just a heads up, It is not possible for a US civilian to legally own one of these’. that is simply not true. In my part of the country all we do is fill out some paperwork and wait. of course you must pay for the full-auto gun or parts or the silencer, and also pay the government there price and you now have a full auto glock that you can take to the range.

  • glitchcircuit

    thanks to El Duderino for clarifying concisely the utility of full-auto; my own list is just destroy cover and concealment & recon by fire

  • DrDeputy

    I have shot a G18C (and carried it on duty for a time). I was not at all impressed with the ability to control it and that’s with a fair amount of practice. Three things would make it more viable: a 3 shot burst option, a reduced rate of fire and or a detachable, foldable foregrip that attaches to the rails. Without at least one of those options (my order of preference is burst, foregrip and lastly reduced ROF), the weapon is more of a ‘gee whiz’ firearm than it is a useful addition to any arsenal. I really don’t see the utility of adding a carbine barrel or a shoulder stock because carrying an MP5 makes much more sense if you want a shoulder fired weapon. Even if you added those things, you still have not solved the burst option nor the rate of fire. Bottom line, the G18 is just not practical as it is, nor would any other Glock pistol so converted.

  • Dang!

    Too sweet!


  • DLH0

    To thegrunt: The machinegun ban of 1986 makes it impossible for this item to be legally transfered to anyone other than dealers as a “sample”. It came out after the law changed about manufacturing new NFA select fire weapons. Only select fire guns, FCGs, and auto sears that were legally registered at that point in time could legally be transfered in the future. On the web sites that do offer these for sale it is clearly stated, “for government agencies and law enforcement only”. If you know of a source for these as a legally transfered item to the public, please expound.

  • As for the legality of US ownership, the Gun Owners Protection Act of 1986 banned the unrestricted transfer of machineguns made in the US after its enactment. (The Gun Control Act of 1968 had already banned the unrestricted transfer of machineguns imported after its enactment.) Unless you are a Class 1 Importer, Class 2 Manufacturer, or Class 3 Dealer, you can pretty much forget about having one of these. Even then, you would need an official letter from a law enforcement or military agency requesting a demonstration of the weapon. If you ever drop your Special Occupational Taxpayer status, it would no longer be legal to keep it.

  • Alex


    It doesn’t matter what part of the country you’re in, so long as you’re in the US the BATF has ultimate jurisdiction. Federally, you cannot register a newly created machine gun, which is what this would be, since 1986. You can only buy ones that were registered prior to that year. Everything else, silencers, short barreled weapons, and destructive devices can be manufactured legally for civilian ownership, but not machine guns.

    The only exception to creating one is if you are a licensed manufacturer making one to order for a government agency (and you have to have their request in writing to even start that process).

    If you know anyone who has made an automatic weapon outside of that loophole (post 86), they’ve committed a federal felony. Even possession of this device would be a felony, since it shows intent to create a machinegun illegally.

  • Headknocker

    I’ve been told that these FSSG Glock Full Auto Sears were “Legal” in Germany as long as they weren’t put in a gun..
    I’ve seen them for sale in Shotgun News & always figured that the add was the “Feds”..
    I’ve seen them in person at the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot being used to spray the range down with, 33rds full auto in a 9mm doesn’t last but a few seconds.. Also saw a 100 round Beta Drum on the same guys Glock..
    I believe that a Class III FFL could legally own one of the selectors but as far as I know don’t think it can be transfered.. I could be wrong??
    You’d have to contact the BATFE & see & then your on their radar..
    Stay Safe & Legal..

  • Shooter
  • Milo

    thegrunt, you’re dead wrong, sorry. There is no way (in the US) a civilian or even a Class 3 FFL can legally own this without a demo letter from a law enforcement agency.

    • jay glass

      wow one person who knows what there talkng about !!! But stupid people will say what ever thay think

  • kurgen99

    @ Reg T

    That video looks like its about 7 yards to me.

  • mmathers

    Without a buttstock stock or a foregrip at least, most shooters would probably be as much of a danger to themselves as they are to whatever they were aiming at to begin with.

    I’d hate to end up like that kid who shot himself with a full auto micro UZI (obviously too much recoil for the shooter).


  • Jerry

    Yes it IS legal to own one in the USA. You just pay a $200 tax and fill out a buttload of paperwork. Once the background check is done, it is legally yours.

    • Not true…unless you have a class 3 federal firearms can NOT own a fully automatic weapon…can NOT! the $200.00 Federal Tax stamp is to buy an SBR (short barreled rifle) or any kind of Assault rifle..example: AR-15, AK-47, Scar, or ACR and you can only get them in single shot versions…This is FACT! own a Fully automatic Weapon in the united states of have to apply for a class 3 firearms license, which cost $500.00, meet with the BATFE, they will discuss things with will wait 4 to 5 YEARS! before they even get back with you. Wether your approved or not…then you have to pay a $400.00 federal tax stamp on every single weapon you purchase that if full auto, and your subject for inspection at your home, work, or business anytime of day or night, if they see one thing that they dont like..your license gets revoked, and you lose all your weapons..go to the They clearly say all of this…Thanks Have a good day

      • joe

        You are stupid and uninformed do your research before you open your mouth. it is legal to own full auto firearms in the united states and it is the exact same paperwork as getting an SBR, and an SBS. class three licenses (not tax stamps) are for FFLs so they can buy and sell these weapons without having to do all the paperwork every time the guns change hands. the tax stamps are $200 per gun, one time, until that gun changes owners (which is form 4 paperwork) in which they have to go through the same paperwork. It is also not the 60S you can get all this paperwork done in 3-6 months with very little headaches. the only things that are different from this is owning any other weapons( knife gun, pen gun, breafcase gun, and more), and Destructive devices( Morters, cannons, grenades, larger than 50 call rifles) Sawed off shotguns fall in one of these two catagories forgot which and dont feel like checking. because it really doesnt matter im pretty shure you only have to pay $5-$15 for these tax stamps but u go through pretty much the exact same paperwork as the others. so next time you open your mouth instead of spouting uninformed drivil that your heard from someone as uninformed as yourself and makes you look like a moron do your research because all your doing is informing people on the wrong info. BTW i own multiple FA, SBS, and SBR firearms as well as several suppressors so i know more than u:P now on a second note just because u can get the backround check dosnt mean u can afford the guns a reagular $1,500 M4 lookalike (which is the exact same gun) easily becomes $15,000 ( kinda hard to believe when the only difference is an extra 20 cent piece of metal in there) of when full auto. the reason is there are only so many of these guns floating around and they demand premium prices.

  • SM

    You’d be surprised how accurate you can be with one. Not everyone, but I was able to keep my bursts to 4-6 shots and keep them on a metal plate at about 10 yards. I had to play it back on video slowly to count the pings, out of a 33 rd mag I missed 2 rounds on my 5 stings of fire. Doesn’t matter anyway since you can only rent them from class 3 dealers (with them there of course)

  • Lance

    @ Jerry

    It has to be made before 1986 too.

  • pable

    It is legal to own this in the us as long as you dont own a glock but the second you keep it in the same house as a glock it is considered intent to build a fully automatic weapon. Now you can avoid this buy disassembling the full auto portion by taking the pin out. Once you do this since it is not technically complete it is legal, but the second you assemble it while owning a glock its illegal. Now if you get your local leo to deputize you, then you may purchase one with official letterhead and a signature from the chief of the police department. Now this approach would only work if you have been in the military or have a lot of experience handling a firearm and have something to offer the department like weapon safety classes. Hope that clears some of this up!

    • Jerry

      You have that wrong my friend. It is very illegal to own this device as the BATFE says this thing is a machine gun itself. You can’t own one of these even if you don’t own a Glock. Samething for the Lightning Link.
      You can’t own one of those either as it is a machine gun by itself. You can’t have it even if you don’t own an AR-15. You can see that Glock device all over Youtube if you type in Glock full auto. I don’t see the BATFE busting down many doors on those guys. They don’t have that many agents to follow everyone. I would just never have a use for one.

  • Steve

    I have a Glock 32 that appears to be firing two round bursts on its own. From a full mag I have approx. 1 round that fires with a single pull on the trigger. I have a 3.5 trigger pull and adjusted trigger reset, but the rest is basically stock, other than new springs. My first thought, having such a light trigger, reloads on the higher end but within reason,that maybe the recoil was causing me to pull the trigger without knowing it. I have tried a couple different bullets, 115 gr and 124 gr. I have a couple friends that put an additional hundred rounds though it with the same results- concentrating on the trigger reset. I’m fairly savvy on using the trigger reset point on my follow up shots. It is possible that it is me but I’d be very surprised if this gun isn’t doing this on its own. It is actually a lot of fun but it throws your concentration of significantly, not sure if your going to get one or two. I have made these adjustment to my G29 and G22 with great results but I’ve never experienced anything like this. I would appreciate any constructive thoughts and concerns

  • Dan

    about your glock 32 that is having issues with a 2 round burst…. please contact me as I have more questions on how to fix your problem. I think over the phone we can fix the issue. Contact Lone Wolf Distributors at 208-437-0612 and ask for the “Armorer” or “Dan”. I believe it is an engagement issue between the kick up on the trigger bar and your firing pin.

  • J

    People forget in America we don’t have the right to bear arms to hunt or personal defense. We have the right to bear arms to over through an unjust government. Which means there should be no limitations when they have UAVs with bunker bombs. Any criminal here can get a fully automatic weapon and they don’t care about the law, but law-abiding citizens get shafted … some laws were born to be ignored. That being said this 10mm would be very nice with the proper ammo. The 10mm PPU 180gr defense ammo has the kick-back something similar to a paintball gun vs the 155gr Hornady ammo which hurts my wrist over time(from personal experience) i<3 my G29 (the baby 10)

  • Duncan

    Thank you Ronald Reagan for signing a law that does not allow the civilian public to own this attachment .

    • truth

      forget the govermen . All they want to do it restrict gun onership so they can roll out the NWO agenda. and have a police state. Like nazi germany. so you can’t defend your self

      • Todd Munch

        Maybe time for the sheep to become the wolf then perhaps?

  • Duncan

    Addendum .
    Sarcasm Intended .

    He was also sometimes called Red Ronnie … he was not a true friend of the Constitution … he just talked a good talk and was a hero because the economy was good .

  • kesha

    how do i get a switch

  • val

    theres only one fully automatic glock its GLOCK18 and ANYONE who modifies any weapon to fully auto is felony only people who can have it is LE MILITARY OR ANYONE WITH CLASS 3 LICENCE and if you live in california or any democratic state you are out of luck .

    • Just saiyan

      Aren’t all of the states Democratic?

      • Charles

        Actually no… If I remember correctly the pledge is “…to the republic for witch it stands…” Not to the democrocy.

      • Warden

        Someone was saying if you carefully file part of the casing discharge mechanism you can convert these glocks to full auto, I am not a gun wizzard but have bought a few select weapons when the communist in chief won the election, he has been anti gun his entire ( short ) political career….

    • Ben D.

      Vermont is as liberal as a US state can get… and the only gun law we have on the books (aside from school and court restrictions) is no silencers…

  • The Glock 18 was never transferrable to anyone outside of a government agency, the military, or a SOT with demo letter due to the Gun Control Act of 1968, which restricted the transfer of imported machine guns. Conversions of other Glocks is restricted by the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986, which restricts the transfer of newly manufactured machine guns, including transfers.

    Outside of the machine gun issue, FOPA86 really did help gun owners. On paper, a gun owner could now pass safely through a jurisdiction where his firearm was illegal, as long as the firearm was legal in the owner’s own resident and in the final destination. (Some places like Chicago and New York City openly violate this law.) Ammunition could now be shipped via the mail. Buyers of ammo no longer had to fill out paperwork for each purchase, and ammo dealers were no longer required to keep records of purchases. Direct purchases of long arms were now allowed by a resident in one state from dealers in contiguous states. In other words, Joe in South Carolina could go to Georgia for deer hunting, buy a rifle off of a GA dealer’s shelf, and take it with him. There was no longer the hassle of having his favorite dealer in SC send a copy of his FFL to the dealer in GA, and having the rifle shipped to the SC dealer before Joe could take possession of it. It restricted the BATF’s ability to conduct repeative inspections of dealers for purposes of harassment, and forbade them to create a registry of gun owners and their firearms.

    • Chris Sasnchez

      Finally a reply by someone that knows the 68 and 86 laws.

  • Bob

    Nice shot placement….some geese flock somewhere is terrified…..

  • GlockDude


    There is a german gunsmith scamming people by selling the switch kit, and thats the _exact_ picture he was using. People ordered but never got anything.

    So 2 bad things about getting these switches, Its illegal if installed, and secondly, pretty good chance that somebody is trying to scam you out of your money.

  • You know…everyone could just get their class 3 federal firearms license, pay about 6k and you could have your own Glock 18 you wouldnt have to illegally convert it…just buy an 18..and you can do that…so all you retards who dont know what your talking about..dont even reply if your gonna tell me otherwise…ive got my C3 license and I own my own store. Thanks -ST

    • glockenhimer

      your fucking retarded it would be legal to own a g18 with a c3 but glock wont sell it to you they will only sell glock 18s to millitary and trained swat teams

      • selassie

        both of you are retarded. i dont know where you pussies live but here in virginia, you can own any fucking gun you want except an auto shotgun…all you need is to pay 200$ to the ATF and get approval from the sheriff’s office….and they approve anyone who’s not a felon or fn retarded like you two amateurs.

    • tony

      well i purchased one in texas frecently and i didnt have to purchase it for near 6k but thats ok the only hassle is getting a sherriff to get off there fat ass and sign the form and waiting for months to go pick it up other than that its well worth the wait if your great state alows such firearms GGOO TEXAS

    • Scubaseans

      I shall now throw the red challenge bullshit towel. You can own your own store, but YOU cannot get a Glock 18 for your shop!! You can get one on Police department letter head to test and once the police are done the store can keep it, but it can NEVER be transferred. So,… tell me, how is it that you came to own a glock 18??? didn’t think so

  • jonas

    stupid, why bother. in the video all the rounds fire high with f-auto.

  • ALEX


    • eric

      No you cannot. If it was not registered by 1986, machine guns are not available to civilians. This switch is considered a machine gun in and of itself. CT also prohibits select fire firearms.

  • Chris Sanchez

    This is of course illegal. The only people allowed to have such a device are the criminals and ……..well the criminals if you discount the patriots.

    • Chris Sasnchez

      NOT illegal.

      Class 3 with a SOT can manufacture.

    • Charles

      Full auto is not illegal and you do not need an FFL or class 3 FFL. Just fill out BATFE 4 form, get local sheriff to sign and send in your $200 machine gun tax and your legal. If you qualify to own a hand gun you can legally own a machine gun with the exception of a few states like anti freedon California.

      • Mike Gaskins

        While machine guns in general can be had using the process you describe, it doesn’t apply to anything made after 1986. As such, this selector switch cannot be obtained using the method you mention since it wasn’t being built at that time.

        Given that the supply of easily obtaining full-auto guns is a number that will never increase, they tend to fetch a premium price. A transferable pre-86 full auto AR15 sear fetches about $8000. The same physical part made after that date transferable only to law enforcement costs about $300.

      • Josh

        If this were 1985 you would be correct. After the FOPA 86 and the Hughes Amendment this is no longer the case. If it was manufactured and added to the registry prior to 1986, then it is legal and can be transferred to civilians. If not, the ATF would NOT approve your form 4. There is however a lawsuit pending that may exploit a loophole where a TRUST can register a new MG since a trust is not a “person” and the Hughes amendment specifically forbids “persons” from owning MG. Look it up, there is a thread somewhere on arfcom about the ongoing struggle in the courts vis a vi the trust loophole. I believe TFB has reported on this as well.

  • tomb

    It can be done.

  • wright

    did anyone ever figure out if this was real? I was thinking of the possibilities of this with the .50 GI conversion. made me happy.

  • clifton hall

    I need that switch how can i get 1

    • I think the ATF and or the FBI has all the info that you need, and would be glad to assist you in anyway.

      Thank You

    • Bert in Glendale

      Move to South America!

  • I am just trying to understand how this makes the gun full auto? I am guessing that protrusion somehow hits the trigger bar but I just don’t know. Maybe someone who understands it can enlighten me.

    • doug

      i dont get it eather how do u make it automatic somone make fucking sense

      • Akula

        The gun itself is technically already capable of full automatic fire however the part is a selector switch this is similar to other guns such as the m14 and FAL which are both battle rifles and are typically restricted to semi-auto fire but are capable of full automatic and were designed this way. All automatic pistols are capable of full-Automatic fire they are just designed to only allow semi-auto as a limiter for practical reasons. the primary advantage of the Glock 18 is it’s size but in almost every other way it is inferior to a MP5 or other 9MM submachine gun.

    • MaxWylde

      Basically, with any similar semi-automatic pistol or rifle that isn’t a revolver, you have a catch somewhere that either catches the bolt, or keeps the hammer from falling on the pin. In the case of the Glock pistols like the G 18, adding that selector merely allows you to move that catch out of the way so it doesn’t stop the hammer.

    • ron

      akula your dumb, the Glock is a striker fired pistol and all this does is stop the disconector from engaging on the striker. this gun has no relation to a m 14 or any other rifle.
      1. full auto is a big time $ cost
      2. makes lots of noise
      3. Will not MAKE YOU A TV OR MOVIE STAR
      4. from some one who has fired alot of full auto
      1200 rpm is dam hard to aim, you can however point and pour or spray and pray, the comment about this being some how related to a mp5 at 700 rpm with a stock and a way to hold on to well your dumb
      5. if you do this well the ATF will set up shop on ya and take all your stuff if you do this. the only legal ones are le samples and thoes owned by the Gov.
      6. if you want somthing full auto pay for and get the tax stamp
      7. the most fun i have ever had was a thompson and OMG IT WAS FUN but $1,000.00 ammo bill well
      lets say its gone.

  • jim shorts

    how much is the conversion for the 9mm glock to be fully auto?????

    • Phil White

      I doubt these can be imported first off. The Glock 18 which is a factory select fire cost a few thousand bucks along with a tax stamp from uncle sam plus loads of paperwork.

      • Trevor

        A brand new Glock 18 is only $507 from Glock.

        • Phil White


          No doubt but finding one here in the US the price will be much higher on the retail end. You also have to deal with the BATFE paperwork and tax stamp.

      • Scubaseans

        First,….. a Full Auto Glock pistol will ALWAYS be ILLEGAL for a U.S. Citizen to own regardless of you any of you think. The BATF Machine gun act of 1968 made the importation of machine guns into the USA illegal and the BATF machine gun act of 1986 made “NEW” machine guns illegal. SO GUESS WHAT? YOU WILL NEVER OWN ONE AS A CITIZEN!! the Glock has been around 25 years, from Austria…..not 45 years. It is imported, therefore it is illegal and always will be. Learn the law folks. A Class 2 or 3 dealer can order one on LAW ENFORCEMENT LETTER HEAD for testing and evaluation purposes for a police department at the request of the department. If ANYONE tells you they have one legally, they are flat out LYING.

        • Jwhite

          To Scubaseans: Idk if you live in Russia where there is no second amendment, but here we can purchase firearms and not be hung for treason. Everyone who is anyone should know that Class 3 firearms are available to the general public as long as you get a Sheriffs,DA, or your local county’s chief of police to give a signature, fill out a for NFA for 4 and send in 200 dollars…which gives you a tax stamp. Don’t listen to BS liars like this guy. As long as you can legally buy a pistol, you can legally buy ANY fully automatic weapon on the market. Every state…except California, New York, and Chicago has laws regarding ATF firearms. Be sure to read your specific state and local laws about this. Don’t believe me? look it up…

          • iksnilol

            But no MGs made after 1968 are transferable.

  • Glocklover 23

    As much as I love glocks I hate this fssg full auto se
    selector since most thugs here in puerto rico
    love using it to do drive by`s this is clearly
    Not for self defense no full auto is unless
    you`re in combat my cousin and friend
    were recently gunned down in a massacre
    that happened a day ago in gurabo
    puerto rico my former college class mat
    was shot and killed on her way to her law firm
    By a thug shooting a glock full auto at his rivals.a

  • Hello, I check your new stuff daily. Your story-telling style
    is awesome, keep doing what you’re doing!

    • Phil White


      Thanks very much. We’re always glad to hear from readers who enjoy our blog! We try to keep up with new developments in the firearm world.

  • Joseph

    I would like to purchase at least one of these drop in auto sears for the glock, I would buy up to 5 of them if some one can get them for me.

    I am also looking for a real russian ballistic knife, I have pics of the real deal I can email people if they think they have one. I am paying top dollar. for either type of knife.

  • Diz

    Even though every comment on this blog is older than dirt… I could not help but read through the whole thing and come to one conclusion. The American Populous as a whole is built of some moronic folk. I find it hilarious that so many of the replies are arguing aspects of a law that they clearly do not understand, someone claims to have a C3 License, another claims that he purchased a dealer sample by paying his tax stamp. Laughable! I am guessing 70-80% of these replies are from kids with no clue, no glock, and no money! I did find it refreshing that one poster seemed to know his way around the law, his nickname being a clue as to why.

    That being said, intriguing little drop in, I would not mind having one or ten, but then again.. I do not need to spend 10yr in prison!

  • Joseph

    does anybody have a link to a sight that is still open that sell the drop in auto sears for glocks, I own no glocks but i want to study and improve on them. i am looking for the one with the lever in the back and the two red dots. if some one can point me in the right direction It would really help, i just missed an old web sight by a few days.
    thanks, and if all pans out there will be a reward sent for setting me up.

    • j the guy from Lebanon … I personally vouche for this guy

  • NutsToThisIdea

    From simply watching the videos converting a Glock handgun to fully automatic makes it totally uncontrollable.

    While the first round may be on target the next 29 will go high and over the intended target.

    With practice one should be able to empty a regular Glock of 15 or 18 rounds on target in less than 8 seconds.

    Thank youb But I will stick with accuracy not a noise maker.

    • BryanS

      Actually, with a bit of upper body strength and a good lean, you can control them. Ive seen people shoot them as you described, but have myself kept 50 rounds from going everywhere in a 4 second burst.

      Practical… not very. Controllable, yes. Start low and let it climb. By the time you empty a standard mag, you wont be over the head.

  • Select fire should be legal and the government should keep out of every aspect of peoples lives. Its funny the people who say we cant have them are all protected by them. This country should go back to the way it was when it was worth fighting for. Take California, they want to melt every gun they… Must be they need the metal to make more bongs and pipes they use to smoke their legal pot out there!

    • RagingTaipan .

      But yet gay marriage should not be legalised?

      • James Engles

        Yes, that’s what I got out of that too….. lmao. Me: This is a spoon.
        You: So you hate blacks?

        • RagingTaipan .

          For all the upvotes you fuckers get it makes me wonder how many people actually understand my meaning there.

          You really are as stupid as you seem. Classic.

      • David Sharpe

        Did he say anything about gay marriage or race? He may have edited it.

        • RagingTaipan .

          No, about the government “keeping out of peoples’ lives.”

          • CrassyKnoll

            So government should get into peoples lives long enough to issue a marriage license, then butt out?

            Makes perfect sense…

      • Grits.N.Jowls

        You’ve got your priorities and we gun owners have ours.

    • Mike

      It’s marijuana, get over it, it’s not hurting anyone..

    • Patrick Murphy

      you need to read up on the dick act of 1902.

  • minutemanIII

    The mg ban is a logical fallacy.
    It proves that only lawful citizens are the target.

    The weapon of choice in a gang related drive by shootings is full autos…

    Miller vs US
    ” all “free men” could possess weapons of the type used for militia service.”

    End of story… MG ban is violation of rights entitled to all free men.

    • Todd Munch

      I didn’t see that in the amended bill of rights. Next question : Is militia defined present day as the coast guard or a group of survivalists who train per military standards in defense of their patriotism?

      • a

        lol the coast guard?! I am sure that is what was meant when the constitution was written, only the coast guard should have firearms. lol

      • Michamus

        From what I recall, US Code Title 10 USCS 311 defines the “militia” as any able-bodied man between the age of 17 and 45.

        • Surefire Ronny

          I’m 55 but still believe myself to be militia material and will continue to be until I suck in my last breath!

      • Aud

        “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free
        State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be
        Militia is irrelevant, it states that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” the militia part is simply the reasoning behind it.

      • Steven L

        The Constitution has many provisions that LIMIT the power of the fed. Militia’s are the force behind the rights of the states. Militia’s were designed so that the feds wouldn’t trample on the rights of the states. The right to private ownership of guns ensures that the militias were and will always be armed. Same reason why states are allowed to amend the Constitution without the consent of the feds (Article 5). Not to mention the 10th Amendment which states that any power not contained in the Constitution resides in the states. So, the Constitution, in effect, is a document designed to LIMIT the feds.. Militias has nothing to do with protecting the US and everything to do with protecting liberty…

  • Ivan Zavala

    can u sell me this part 4 my glock 19?

  • JP

    it looks really unsafe

  • Veritas__Aequitas

    These cost about $250,000 and 10 years in prison

  • Lewis Jay

    Fully auto is obviously uncontrollable! I’d rather have an accurate revolver than a spray & Pray.

  • BryanS

    I got a video of myself at home where Nicholas C and myself were playing with a friend’s FA 17. Korean drums dump fast from those things!