Umarex USA Regent R100 .45 ACP 1911

Umarex USA will soon be importing their first centerfire pistol, the Regent .45 ACP 1911. This pistol, manufactured by the Turkish firm Trabzon Gun Industry, was previously imported by IAC. Umarex have told me that they have been working closely with Trabzon to ensure more strict quality standards. Unlike the previous Regent 1911s imported by IAC, the Umarex Regent all feature Hogue grips.

From the press release …

The steel investment cast frame gives the Regent the weight of the original M1911, while the 7-­-round steel detachable magazine allows for quick reloading. The wide spur hammer, arched mainspring housing, and low cut ejection port are all designed to give maximum performance and accuracy. From the standard feature Hogue® grips to the stainless steel hammer forged barrel, the Regent is truly an outstanding value for the quality.

The MSRP for the blued version of $499. A stainless version will be introduced later this year with a retail price of $599.

Steve Johnson

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  • gunslinger

    500 bucks introductory? intereting. i wonder if it would be a “good” starter 1911? i’ve been looking to get into the 1911 market, but dropping 800+ on a starter pistol seems a bit outrageous. If this is somewhat decent… it may allow more to enter the market?

    but i’d still be wary of quality, not having seen the gun first hand

  • Martin (M)

    Soooo, it’s an overpriced imported 1911, BUT WITH HOGUE GRIPS!!!!!!

    This is a $299 gun, tops.

  • Bora Atkin

    “Trabzon Gun Industry” produces handguns for the Turkish military forces too, most of their products are of good quality, they also have good quality control procedures -which were deemed good enough for the Turkish military-. Just my .02.

    • jake Householder

      I recently bought this weapon took it out and had only one issue with it the follower on the factory mag would not lock open the slide however a little tuning and it worked magnificently and before I tried I called Umarex they are. Already sending me a new factory mag so now I will have two mags at 30 yards one handed I was able to hold a 5″ group great gun great customer service I definitely got way more than I paid for at a mere $470 and it has fed and extracted all 150 rds I have put through it 4 different brands I will take this over an over priced kimber any day

      • gunslinger

        Punctuation, what is it?

  • Vitor

    I like the smooth looks.

  • Ladyfox

    Not bad looking, especially compared to the RIA 1911’s out there, and the price is pretty decent as well. However, that said I’d rather get a RIA 1911 especially since you can get them in both 9mm and .45 ACP with the added bonus of them being made here in the U.S. rather than being an import.


      LADYFOX said, “Not bad looking, especially compared to the RIA 1911′s out there, and the price is pretty decent as well. However, that said I’d rather get a RIA 1911 especially since you can get them in both 9mm and .45 ACP with the added bonus of them being made here in the U.S. rather than being an import.”

      But I believe that……………….
      RIA is an import made in the Philippines, not made in the USA. Although Rock Island Armory might sound like an American company, it isn’t. And Springfield 1911’s are also made in the Philippines. Aside from Colt, my understanding is that there are only a few US companies making 1911’s, primarily semi-custom pieces. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

  • Lance

    Looks nice not too excited over the Turkish made part (I got stiffed crap made from other Middle Eastern countries like Egypt.) But looks nice wish they use better sights than the tiny old style sights though.

  • jdun1911

    That is a nice looking 1911. Street price is probably less than $400.

  • Bill

    “This is a $299 gun, tops.” – where do you get a reference bar for a 1911 @ 299? The least expensive I see is an Interstate Regent for about $380 and RIA around 400+.

    Here is a link:

    RIA or Rock Island Armory 1911s are made in the Philippines.

  • Kurt

    RIA 1911s are made by Armscor in the Philippines.

  • Chris


    I believe the RIA’s are made in the Philippines.

  • bigbear

    the ria is imported but are a good ento 1911

  • Ladyfox

    Bill, Kurt, Chris,

    Huh. For some reason I thought they were being made here. Still, the finish of RIA being ugly aside I think they’re the better buy over these. Besides, anything with the word Umarex really does not instill confidence since they’re responsible for the IMHO, terrible squeek rattle and roll, Colt AR .22LR getting here. *shudder*

  • Cymond

    It’s attractive, but I’d go for a RIA 1911 for the same cost. At least RIA is an established brand. They’re aren’t pretty but you know what you’re getting.

    and investment cast? does RIA do that, too?

  • Woodroez

    Smooth and simple. I love the look; it seems like you never see black on black quite like this on the old 1911. In a world where you’d hard pressed to find a gun that doesn’t have a paragraph about the damned manual stamped on it somewhere, I welcome this.

  • Martin (M)

    Hey Bill, I think most 1911s are overpriced. I love 1911s, but it’s the pricing that so often irks me. Especially when I see such a vanilla model like this. I mean, aside from the HOGUE GRIPS®!, this gun is bone stock. No extra checking, no big beaver tail, no nice sights, no trick magwell, no ambi-safety, no cutout hammer or trigger. This one is as plain a 1911 as I’ve seen in a good while.

    For that, I’d pay $299.

  • jdun1911

    Just remember that a standard 1911 is all metal with the exception of the grip. It takes more work and more machining to built a metal firearm. If anything plastic guns are more priced upward than low cost 1911.

  • semiami

    Trabzon gun industry used to be a workshop than it was converted to a privately own small size handgun company. They do NOT produce firearm for Turkish military. A few individual military officer may buy handguns for private use off duty purpose thats all.
    When Turkish Military and Law enforcement look for small arms they turn to one company: Sarsilmaz. Sarsilmaz (SAR ARMS) is one of the best kept secrets in the world! Their state of the art small arms plant rivals manufacturing facility around the world. The quality that goes into each SAR ARMS firearm is un-rivaled. You can pay for a more famous name, but it will be hard to find a better product. Did you know that Turkey has the second largest Army in NATO? They carry SAR ARMS. SAR ARMS shotguns are simple proven designs made with high quality modern manufacturing techniques and materials. The SAR K2 Pistol – K2 Semi Auto Pistols have been around for a long time. The K2 takes many of the modern designs and puts them in one pistol to come up with one of the best high capacity semi auto pistols in the world. Built by Sarsilmaz for the Turkish Military, the K2 is truly an amazing gun to shoot. The grip is comfortable, it points well and felt recoil is amazing low for the caliber being used. Get your hands on a K2 and you will put your other Semi Auto pistols in your safe. Features: cocked and locked carry system, ergonomically designed grip, steel frame and slide, adjustable sights, accessory rail, extended beaver tail, elongated trigger guard with serrations, fore and aft frame serrations, removable dove tailed front sight, upper and lower barrel lock up, and auto firing pin block. Available in: 9MM, 40SW, 45ACP, 10MM.check out

  • Martin (M)

    The high amount of machining actually reinforces my point, since this 1911 is made in Turkey, where labor costs are lower. It’s essentially take a piece of steel, place it in the jig, and remove metal. I’m curious to see how many hours of labor it took to make a 1911 back in the day. I know a Garand took 45, but I’m still searching for other statistics.

    Yes, jdun1911, polymer guns lack all that machining, but they are produced in nations with high labor and business costs, so there’s the trade off.

  • Randy

    I got one of the IAC Regents new at a gun show over a year ago. It was marked 399, same as the RI’s but looks better. After I helped him talk a couple into a pair of Bersa thunders, he knocked it down to 299. Mine has the plastic “wood like” grips, works with old issue mags, has 500 or so of various ammo through it without a hiccup. Works as good as anyone else’s I have seen, and better than some.

  • Mitch

    I had an uncle who could shoot a plain jane right out of the box 1911, any brand, so well the other shooters would just drop trow, bend over, spread ’em wide and get it over with! Sometimes, a pefect design such as the 1911 needs no enhancement. His secret? He did a LOT of shooting.

  • Cody

    I was looking at the 1911 and have felt of it in stores and the balance it has is awesome. Also the three safty features it has on it is a plus, would be almost impossible to fire it without meaning to, so not as big of a threat if children are in the house, not saying that everything shouldnt be done to pertect it but that i would feel safer. If anyone knows of a gun with some of the same features that also fires a 45acp but u feel is better and cheaper please let me know. The one i found was for $450

  • John

    I bought one today, at my local gun dealer for $445, after doing some research. Every review I found is very positive. The only negatives came from people who have never held or fired one. I like the idea that it is pretty much a stock M1911A1, not a pre-1924 M1911. I plan to modify it to my own specific design, so starting with the base model is a plus. If it came with fancy grips, trigger and hammer, I would have been paying for something I would have to replace anyway.

    As far as being made in Turkey, that is fine with me. I like the idea that I am supporting a moderate, secular Middle eastern country.

    • Phillip

      I bought one 3 months ago, after tax it was $506, I put about 500 rounds through it, and then it jammed with every shot. The recoil spring bent. I bought a new 16lb spring made for a colt 1911 for less than $8, stuck it in and have not had a problem yet…. I have put well over 1200 round through it with the new spring.

    • Phillip

      I bought one 3 months ago, after tax it was $506, I put about 500 rounds through it, and then it jammed with every shot. The recoil spring bent. I bought a new 16lb spring made for a colt 1911 for less than $8, put it in and have not had a problem yet…. I have put well over 1200 round through it with the new spring.

  • Charles

    Hey John,
    You said that you were going to modify yours anyway, I am going to go buy one at some point this week, but if you dont mind me asking: Where are you going to get your sights from and what kind of sights are you going to put on yours?

  • These are now being sold at CDNN Sports for 349.99 plus 14.99 shipping and no credit card fee. That are very well finished firearms. The Turks make good stuff. Beretta has firearms made there. CDNN also sells a Beretta 92 look alike, made in Turkey, that’s has nothing but excellent reviews regarding fit and finish. Beretta makes Stoeger Cougars in Turkey. They are terrific pistols. I’ve never heard a negative thing about them niether in gun shops or online.
    Also, as semiami has said above in his post, Sarsilmaz makes outstanding firearms. Don’t let the price of their guns fool you. You’ll get every nickles worth and them some. Their basic, no frills shotguns including 18 inch defensive, can be had from Budsgunshop or Cheaper than Dirt for just over 200.00. They are imported by EAA importers, the same people who import EAA/Tangfolio pistols. These folks don’t sell junk.
    Sarsilmaz shotguns have USSG in front of the name, sometimes.
    Turks alos make shotguns for Weatherby and Escort Imports. The Tristar brand is also Turkish. They make lots of very fine guns with inovative desings and options such as ajustable stocks that can be tilted and recoil adjustments for heavier or lighter loads.
    I may buy a few inexpensive Sarsilmaz shotties before our dollar is downgraded more and we have rippin’ inflation.
    Guns will be almost as expensive as gold. Same with ammo. If you think it got pricey when Obama was elected, just wait and see what will happen when the dollar is downgraded more!!

    Links for: Umarex/Turkish 1911 $349.99:

    Turkish made Beretta 92 $299.99 lookalike:

    Sarsilmaz under the Shotguns, EAA brand at $202.00 to 235.00 delivered as of 8-7-2011:
    Scroll down the page and look for EAA SAR PA .

    Also check Cheaper than Dirt under Shotguns, 12 ga., Pump

  • Guys,
    here is a Youtube video of the 12 gauge Sarsilmaz, also marketed under the Tristar brand, if I”m not mistaken.
    Anyhow the video shows the guns excellent features.
    Here’s the Tristar website:
    Excuse me for taking the focus away from 1911s. But this gives an idea of some Turkish products.

  • 1sheepdog

    I purchased a Regent after doing research on the manufacture and the processes they make. First this gun is much better than you think. It compares to models twice its price, easily.

    First the company deserves a ton of credit. They reached out to the industries best gun makers and gunsmiths asking for input. Input that they listened to. Second they try for perfection and have a outstanding Q.A. program. They even went as far as to purchase a machine that cost over half a million dollars just to make the barrels.

    The casting is controlled with a process that makes sure the grains are all aligned for the highest strength. The slides are CNC machined and most all are tight out of the box. I say most as I have not seen one yet that had play but I can’t say 100% so I’m sticking with most.

    Most companies that make guns don’t try to achieve these standards. The finish is as good as the leader of 1911 because they put every frame through a second clean up if you will. Anyone who gets this gun will have a weapon that can be placed in the top 4 or 5 models!

  • Darrin T

    I purchase the R100 six months ago and love it. Fit and finish are excellent. I have found the gun to be very accurate up to 30 yds in my testing. 500 plus rounds and zero problems. Picked mine up for $299.99.

    • Bob H

      If you don’t can you tell me where you picked up your R100 1911 for $299?

  • boomer

    This may be a necessary tangent. Just purchased a SAR K2 14+1, after very reluctantly selling my old but mint 7+1. What a beauty for the price and best shooting 45 OTB I’ve ever shot. It IS all steel and not only pretty (I got the 2 tone SS slide/Blue-blk. frame) it has fabulous DA and SA trigger, full adjustable rear sight and accurate as any 45 in price range and some costing much more. I am tickled. Price for the Blue/black model is about what you’re considering here for this inferior piece–waaay inferior not way cheaper though.