TimberSmith SKS Thumbhole Stock

TimberSmith (A Tapco brand) are now selling a laminated thumbhole SKS stock. The stock counts as two 922r compliant parts.

I really like the look of this stock. With an MSRP of $215, I am really tempted to buy one.

Steve Johnson

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  • Brian

    Remember the movie “Planet of the Apes”? Remember the M1 carbines with thumbhole stocks the gorilla soldiers used? This SKS stock would have fit right in. Not that it’s a bad thing. Just pointing out the similarities.

  • hacedeca
  • hacedeca


    But the gorilla submachine gun had one: http://i28.tinypic.com/s5uyph.jpg

  • No love for left-handers…

  • Todd

    I would bite on this if I could find a well preserved SKS for a VERY reasonable price. I am not a big fan of militaria but the SKS has proven itself to be a capable and affordable rifle that doesn’t have all the boogey-man features of the AK. The hunt continues….

  • Todd

    @ Suburban Survivalist

    The photo clearly says that right and left hand models are available.

  • Wuulf

    @ Todd

    Define Reasonable? In my nick of the woods, SKS’es go for about $300 to $400. Mostly for the very reason you want one. semi auto, doesn’t look evil. They’re actually kinda hard to find around here for sale.

    And for the love of JMB do not talk about the glory days when you could buy one for less than $100.

    On topic. I like it, but why not do some kind of ambidextrous thumb hole? The Lefties need loving too.

  • Andrew

    Looks interesting, may just have to nab one for mine.

    And on the righty/lefty note…. As Todd pointed out, right above the main (blue background) picture, above the wood and camo laminate pictures it says that both right and left handed models are available.

  • snmp


    Timbersmith make left hand version, but no ambi version


    May be you want more the ambi stock Thumbhole of Norinco M


  • Rusgunnut1

    I like the sks for what it is. This makes it worse for me. A polymer stock which isn’t stylized but features a pistol grip would be more up my street.

  • Lance R. Peak

    @ Wuulf

    The lefties apparently need reading lessons as well.

  • Todd,
    Ah, couldn’t see the small text in the photo from the machine I was on and didn’t click on it to enlarge, see it now. Very nice, but too much for a stock that a brother and I could use, but no one else in the family. Ambidextrous would be preferable, and there is no mention of that in the photo.

  • Сергей

    SKS Monte Carlo Stock – Right Handed Model, Black Laminate.
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  • Lane

    I think its a cool looking stock. I shot a sks one time and didn’t like how the stock fit me. This thing looks you would wrap your arm and hand in it. I’ll bet it would act like an extension of your arm, increase accuracy.
    cool stock.

  • Allen Richards

    Has anyone bought the monte carlo timbersmith stock & cut the groove out for the blade bayonet?