Ruger LC9

Announced just before the 2011 SHOT Show, the Ruger LC9 made an appearance at the Media Day at the Range.  The gun apparently was very popular with the media as I shot the last two magazines of ammunition Ruger had at their station.

Ruger LC 9

The LC9 is a subcompact 9mm pistol, modeled after the LCP, Ruger’s .380 ACP pistol.  Slightly larger than the LCP, the LC9 added a number of welcome features such as usable sights, a manual safety and one additional round in the magazine (7+1 vs 6+1).  The sights are even dovetailed, meaning you can add some other sights if you so desired.

I found the LC9 was very comfortable to shoot.  I any handgun that light and small, recoil from even the normally mild 9mm can be rough.  I did not find the recoil to be any worse than a snub nose .38 Special, and slightly easier to shoot than a pocket revolver due to the fit to my hand.

Perhaps 14 rounds is not much of a review, but I saw nothing that raised any flags of concern.  Based on my short interaction with the pistol, it seemed reasonably accurate at about seven yards, and it had no malfunctions.

I look forward to getting a production LC9 and running it through its paces.

Richard Johnson

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  • Piers

    I’m seeing a scant few of these tiny 9’s coming out. Is anyone working on .40 S&W variants? Sure they’d be a bit bigger and heavier, but not by much.

  • David

    I was really eager to pick one up upon local availability but I still have a couple of issues with it: 1. probability of recall; 2. it requires a key for take down. Others take issue with the magazine safety. I’m leaning toward the Taurus 709B Slim now, but I read it doesn’t like +P ammo. I wanted a Glock 26 but the grip on my 19 makes me rotate the gun 45 degrees in my hand to drop a magazine, and I don’t think the 26 will be any thinner, whereas the controls for the Taurus are right where I just have to move my thumb.

  • Fairly extensive Youtube review compares LC9 with PF9:

  • Komrad

    I don’t think so
    it would have to be increased by the .04 ish difference, which is insignificant, but .40 sw is a much higher pressure cartridge so chamber walls would need to be thickened significantly and recoil springs strengthened
    after all that, it wouldn’t be a pocket pistol anymore

  • Piers

    @ Komrad

    What about the Taurus 740?

  • Michael

    I purchased an LC9 Ruger yesterday for $369.00. I fired it this A.M. With less than a 50 rounds of ball ammunition through the weapon, I would give it a good rating. There are too many safety features(so called to entice the California and Massachsetts market)to suit me. I do not prefer magazine blocks, manual safety, and key locking devices on my firearms. The more “add ons” equal the possibility of more problems with the piece. All and all, I did like the way the LC9 fired. Michael

  • Tom

    Just got my new LC9 two weeks ago, and really like it. I have the lcp .380 and it is a pain to shoot! But this little nine will do the job and with the extra oomph. The “real” sights are great on this small of a piece.

    Bonus: If you own a jt slide for a khar pm9, it fits the lc9 perfectly.

  • mossy

    No the Taurus 709 Slim will shoot +P ammo very well. It’s the against the Manufactuers recommendations though. I have fired several hundred rounds of my Hot Rod reloads and +P+ ammo through my Slim with absolutely no problems. IMHO I think the Slim is the best value on the market today.

  • Southpaw

    I like the pistol, but being a left handed shooter… Ruger left me out. I have and carry the LCP and it’s a great backup gun. I don’t like the manual safety…. Why couldn’t Ruger have built a 9mm LCP?