Taurus Protector Polymer Revolver .357 Magnum

Taurus has given the Protector Polymer revolver line a refresh for 2011. The 5-shot revolver now comes chambered in both .38 Special +P and .357 Magnum. Both are available with a stainless or blued finish.

.38 Special +P Model with wood colored grip
.357 Magnum model with black grip

Both models have 2.5″ barrels and weigh 18.2 ounces. MSRP is between $445 and $461 depending on caliber and finish.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jason

    I am definitely a gun snob at times, but the polymer Taurus just do it for me aesthetically. It is a beautiful gun in my eyes. The only thing that would make it better is a beautiful Brazilian woman giving it to me. The gun I mean.

  • TZH

    I want one! I really do! and I’d make it my carry gun. everything about this Brazilian gun is really sexy

  • I hate the look of the .38, but don’t mind so much the bodyguard-esque look of the .357mag. Those plastic wood colored slick looking grips are a total turnoff!

  • John

    Wait, the frames are polymer?

  • Mad Saint Jack

    Make it in 9mm Damn it.

  • Not sure I’d rely on a Taurus snubby personally, but I do like the look and styling of the 38 wood grip model up there. I’m surprised it’s not a DAO covered hammer version though.
    The more I look at it, it looks like my LCR, especially since I put a TruGlo fiberoptic sight up front.

    • Jorge Schmidt

      I just bought the 38 model at Academy sports for $300. Where did you get the TruGlo and which model? Did you install it yourself? The front that comes with this gun is minimal at best. A larger truglo front sight would be just the ticket (in yellow or light green). Any info on lasers sights would also be helpfull. I called laserlyte there site states their product will fit ANY TAURUS but that by their customer service is not true.

  • Matt Groom

    Call me crazy, but I think that it’s the least-ugly of the poly-wheelgun breed so far.

  • Mechman

    Sexy. I’ve been looking for a nice little .357, and these look to fit the bill pretty nicely.

  • Jake

    That red grip is hideous. It looks so cheap

  • Beaumont

    The wood-colored plastic grip seems as though it would be quite slick & not afford a good grip – esp. when shooting .357s. In addition, flame cutting of the topstrap at the B/C gap is a potential problem with polymer revolver frames. Not having examined one, I’m not sure how Taurus addressed this issue.

  • Zach

    Polymer on a revolver….just ain’t right.

  • John Connor

    Oh god its lighter and stronger!! The horror. To be fair the fake wood does look like crap though

  • Cymond

    18.2 ounces? Why are they 20% heavier than an aluminum S&W? I can understand the .357, but even the .38?

    And yes, I would still consider one if they made it in 9mm. I don’t currently have anything in .38 or .357, so interchanging ammo with my 9mm would be appreciated. 9mm also provides a bit more oomph than .38 without getting into the .357 pain range.

  • Woodroez

    I think that seeing a full-size .357 in polymer would be fantastic…something like the GP-100 but way lighter. I would envision it having a tapered underlug such that it would be reminiscent of the 1858 Remington New Army. That’s just me dreaming out loud, though.

    Maybe it’s just because it’s some sort of weird prototype or whatever, but if my eyes don’t decieve me, that .357 has some crazy cylinder gap going on.

  • lee n. field

    a “refresh”? So they’re actually being made? I haven’t seen this in the flesh yet.

  • caborhart

    Trying to locate me one as we speak. They are still pretty hard to find. personally, I think they’re pretty neat and can’t wait to get mine. I plan to get the .38 Special + P variant. Lots of good potent ammo out there to choose from. I’m excited.

  • Jason

    I ve been looking for a few of the new taurus models to come out in 2011 including the protector poly g2. I have only seen the protector poly sold on one website, but this website has all the 2011 models available for purchse. The only problem is you cant purchase online unless you live in GA. Lucky me.

    protector poly g1


    protector poly g2


    dt polymer pistols


  • thruxton05

    If you look at the full-line 2011 Taurus catalog online, the grips are actually a wood color and not the reddish you see here. I really like the way those look in the catalog, way more like wood. After all, if you try to make polymer look like wood it shouldn’t look like red polymer! (I think a lot of this is really the work of a not-so-good illustrator. Notice the cylinder. At first I thought it was chrome! I do like the style a lot, though, because to me it looks very stout and rugged and I appreciate it when manufacturers dare to make something different, even if it doesn’t always work. I was hoping the price on the .38 would be no more than $400.00. Frustrating reading about something you can’t get at your local gun shop.

  • It looks awesome, i bet it is a handful of recoil. I cannt wait to get one. protector on my hip and a glock 10mm under my left arm, awesome. cannt wait. join the nra before they take that away to.

  • It looks awesome, i bet it is a handful of recoil. I cannt wait to get one. protector on my hip and a glock 10mm under my left arm, awesome. cannt wait. join the nra before they take that away to. I seen this gun for 339.00
    on impact guns.

  • furiousbeen

    Just got the 605 poly Protector as a Valentines gift. was told to go down to the gun store and ask for a salesman, I did. My wife bought me this gun. I got it home, opened up the chamber for a good close look, and it was damaged. some jerkoff at the factory dropped it with the cylinder open.
    Sent it back to have it repaired. Just received it from Taurus today…..
    Apparently, Taurus built the 38+P first and used the SAME gun converted to fire the .357. Made sense to them, saved them money by digging into the parts bin. The problem is the .357 is a heavier gun. The cylinder arm is a weak point as well as the ejector rod being designed to handle the .38, not the .357mag.
    Mine was “updated” with .357 parts. I was told that rather than have a “recall” they’ll just update the .357 Polys as needed.
    I asked how many have been returned and was told just 1, mine. They put new springs in my new pistol as well, the trigger is much heavier now.

    • Stvegas

      Is this true? I have just recieved one of these black beauties from my wife as a present…I would like to know if I should contact them straight away.

  • i just purchased the Taurus 357 magnum polymore with the black rubber grip. It comes with a shorter grip as well. I just took the basic pistol class Feb 25. I passed. I had a great instructor…former Marine. I’m a female and I shot it for the first time yesterday at the range. Because I’m new, I was slow, but I hit the target everytime. I have to strengthen my trigger finger in order to see if I can double-tap it. But I know practice makes perfect. I got a lot of compliments on the gun. I’m using the 38 special ammo.

  • Bob

    Just picked up a one of these beauties in .357, blued cylinder. Grip was much more comfortable than ths S&W or Ruger. $340 out the door price. Imediatly went to the local range and put 100 38 special and 50 .357 magnums down range. I have to say that the recoil was much less than I expected from a stubbie. (I usually shoot 9mm through a Ruger P-85 or Taurus Slim) The SA trigger is very nice and the DA pull although heaver than I would like is very smooth. Not a fan of the rear sight as I am much more comfortabl with a 3 dot line up, but something I can live with. All in all I reall like this litte revolver with the big bark!

  • Has anyone found a lazer to fix this gun. I have the one with rubber grips. Thanks Skip

  • RJ

    Just received my protector polymer .357 tonight. Took it right to the range and fired about a dozen of each .357 and .38 special through it. I had no problems.. don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t fire hundreds of rounds at a shot, but It was very accurate at ten meters, and even my younger sister who is your average sized female had no problems firing five shots of .357 ammo through. Conceals easily and is light enough that it doesn’t drag your pants down. I have a simple inside the waistband leather holster.

    P.S. mine has the ribber grips on it

  • kaitlynn

    I have been eyeing this guy for the last couple months at our local gun shop. We have the polymer judge and it’s a beautiful gun. The protector is just as good looking but seems a lot more appropriate to carry. We have pistols for long days shooing at the range, but I think this gun would be great for either my husband or I to carry, without the fear of it getting jammed, and with a lot of power still. I am not worried about the power out of a lightweight gun if I am only using it in emergencies.

    • Do not count on it. I have one and it has been back to Taurus three times in 6 months. Not a reliable firearm.

  • car-guy02

    I just laid away a poly 38 spl. +P it is going to be my back up, action is clean and crisp, also it has the rubber grip and it fits my hand nicely.. As far as the sights go if u r buying this snub nose for self defence gun, its made for close range if u can hit anything over 20 feet u r showing off.. Really though for the money and a life time warranty u cant beat it..

  • QUESTION????

    okay my original search was to see if the .357 mag taurus poly pro model 605 will also shoot .38 +p!
    may seem like ignorant question!
    but its not listed on taurususa.com! also I already ordered this model firearm from the MCX (Marine Corps Exchange) on Parris Island for 349, blue with ribber grips! and while in the elliot brothers catalog I noticed that all the other .357 magnums labled for caliber had looked as follows:
    cal .357mag/38+p
    but the caliber label for this poly protector model 605
    cal .357mag so i began to think it was designed for only .357mag is this even possible? Fyi this is the first revolver i ever purchased and my inspiration is my buddies a. is cc a .38 special and the other model 29 .44 mag not cc’d but i wanted a revolver to boast about as well. so i decided on this. all information apprieciated thank you, have a great day.

    • TJ

      Brad, Seen your question on line but did not see an answer -.38 +P use in the M605 Poly. Like you, have been unable to location any official info. Please forward any you may find. Semper Fi !!

      • Ralph

        I have had may Taurus 357 mag poly for five months now I’ve shoot about 1200 rounds 38+p and around 600 357 mag and even put 200 rounds of Hornady’s Lever Evolution 357 mag which has muzzle energy 644 ft lbs and muzzle velocity 1440 fps then no 38 +p can hurt it don’t do it because I said so but I think you will be o.k. and to add I love my 357 mag Protector Poly I have two of them one for carry and one for play and as you can see by the rounds I have throw one I love to play

    • Joe

      Brad, I recently purchased the 605 Poly (357) and had to call Taurus about using 38 Special +P ammo, since the manual wasn’t clear. The Taurus rep said it’s not designated to shoot 38 Special +P ammo and it would void the warranty.

  • Joe

    I purchased my Taurus 605 Poly on 7/3/12. I read through the manual and came across the ammunition section (3.) when I noticed it wasn’t listed as one of the firearms designated for +P ammo. Thinking this was a misprint, I called the Taurus International Manufacturing in Florida to verify if using +P was recommended. Much to my surprise they said the 605 is not designated to shoot +P ammo. My thinking is that if it can handle a .357 load, it can handle +P. Any input?

  • Todd

    I have a Taurus Protector 357 Magnum. I really enjoy it, but my wife has trouble with the trigger pull. Does anyone know if you can get a replacement spring with a lighter pull? Thank you for your help.

    • It is hard to believe all of the good things that I have read here about this gun. I bought one this spring and I have had to send it back to Taurus three times already. The best thing I feel that a person could do with one of these is put it in your boat and tie it to a rope and use it as an anchor.
      For those of you that think they want to use this as a carry gun you might want to reconcider, I would not bet my life or anyone that I care abouts life on it.

  • Joe

    I have a brand new all black polymer Taurus 605 .357 like the black one pictured above I would be interested in selling if some one is looking for one. I bought it for my ex right before I found out she was cheating on me and its just been sitting here. It’s never been shot and I bought it for $409. I would take $350obo for it. Let me know if you want to take it off my hands.

    • floyd

      Do you still have this for sale?

  • drpepper

    I love the one i have Cant beat the price comepare to a Smith.

  • Ralph

    I have had may Taurus 357 mag poly for five months now I’ve shoot about 1200 rounds 38+p and around 600 357 mag and even put 200 rounds of Hornady’s Lever Evolution 357 mag which has muzzle energy 644 ft lbs and muzzle velocity 1440 fps then no 38 +p can hurt it don’t do it because I said so but I think you will be o.k. and to add I love my 357 mag Protector Poly I have two of them one for carry and one for play and as you can see by the rounds I have throw one I love to play now if someone can tell me where to get a great holster for it that would be great because down here in Tampa FL. no seems to have a good in the pants holster what I got now is a Uncle Mike’s in the pants size 36 and it sucks

    • Chuck

      I purchased a SideFire Ready Holster. I believe it is model CR-M Medium IWB. It is sturdy nylon fabric and has a relocateable clip so it can be inside, outside, LH or RH. I have no experience with it yet except the clip is stiff and it’s going to stay where you put it.


      Versacarry holsters are better than and iwb I have ever had feels like you can sleep with your gun and it’s not bulks it super slim almost seems like you only have you gun on not a holster lol my experience.

  • steve Melchior

    I purchased a tarus 605 poly protector. Got it home and found that when loaded you can not rotate the cylinder. The tolerances Re too tight. I could solve the problem by bugging the frame with a fine grit sand paper. But am very hesitant on a new gun . Has anyone else had the problem ?

  • Dave Wilson

    357 is my caliber of choice and this is as good a poly made. I do have a problem with the front sight. The light tube came out and dissappeared. Don’t know what size it is and none of my Tru Glows fit. Can anyone help me?

  • almost crazy

    The reason you can’t shoot 38+p is because it being shorter than a 357 and as powerful the explosion is further back in the cylinder and can cause it to explode in your hand like you can’t shoot 357 in a 38 because a 357 cylinder is longer.

  • Lil’ Mike

    As Clint Smith of Thunder ranch would say..”carrying a gun is supposed to comforting not comfortable.
    I just got a Taurus Poly 38+P model. The +P is equal to most 357 loads in a short barrel gun with less recoil and muzzle blast. I was also impressed by the adjustable rear sight.
    As to shooting a 2.5 in. barrel can be shot to ranges of a 4-6 inch barrel with equal accuracy if you do you part and concentrate on the front sight. 25 yds is no problem with mine. 3″-4″ group is more than acceptable for self defense at that range if you must shoot that far.
    Usually if an agressor is 25 yds or more awy with a handgun I’d just walk away from the encounter because most criminals do not practice and can’t shoot worth a darn. After 30 something yrs of LE I know of what I speak.

  • Kevin

    Its my second Taurus .357 snubby. I bought it for the looks but love it more now than the day I bought it. $379 for the stainless new out the door.

  • Kevin

    I called Taurus yesterday (6/4/13) to see what grain .357 to use in this gun, 110, 125 or 158. They said I could shot all grains. Surprisingly the 110 (fastest) has the least kick. I gave the tech my serial number and he said I could also shot .38 Special +P which makes me wonder why others warn against this. Hmmm???