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  • Matt Groom

    It looks remarkably similar.

  • Viper5552

    wow, i wasn’t even alive.

  • jdun1911

    Back in the days there weren’t as many mom and pop firearms and accessories makers.

    How many AR15 manufacture were there? Less than five? With little third parties support? Things have come a long way since than.

    The problems Shot Show face is the same problems many trade shows face in today environment. Trade show use to be business to business but because the landscape changed (internet, more competitions, more products, etc), and cost goes up. It is now act as an general advertising venue.

    If you make the trade show smaller that means less companies can promote themselves. That translate into less people going to see the trade show, which isn’t what you want.

    Than what happen when the major players decided it is not worth the money and time invested in the show anymore? Well the trade show will shut down and you have fragmentation. Smaller trades shows will take it place. Instead of one big trade show a year, you now have 10 smaller trades show.

    Basically that how the life cycle of a trade show work. Start out small, companies start complaining it’s too big, trades show owner decided to scale down, companies leaves, trade show shut down. These that complain that the trade was too big and cost too much now have to go to every little trade shows every year instead of one. Everyone ends up a loser.

  • Scout

    I used to go in the 90’s with a Class III dealer friend ( Show was in Atlantic City).. I have not gone back since it went to Las Vegas..

    All the reports of it now seem too glitzy and “plastic” to me. I really liked the show in the early 90’s. We could see it all in day and really got to talk a fair amount to everyone we wanted to see. The growth in the industry is good, but it just seems a little cheesy now.. Maybe I’m just older now and see it differently. That being said I would still go if I had a good reason to go that far.. The east coast outdoor show in PA seems to fit the bill better for me now.