Gander Mountain Academy Simulation Systems

The first of many Gander Mountain Academy training centers has opened in Lake Mary, Florida. Along with a live-fire range they offer a virtual range and a simulation system.

Pro V SIM 300

The Academy has two immersive simulator systems, the Pro V SIM 300 and Pro V SIM 180. The V SIM 300 surrounds you with 300 degrees of screens. The V SIM 180 has 180 degrees of screens.

The V SIM 180 costs $40 / 30 minutes and the V SIM 300 costs $50 / 30 minutes.

I have used one of the simulator systems used by the military with a simulated M16 and it was a lot of fun. From what I have seen on their website, Gander only offer pistol simulations. Hopefully they will introduce rifle simulations as well.

Steve Johnson

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  • Mike

    Umm, why are they teaching people Weaver in that video? I’d be pissed if I dropped a hundred bucks an hour to have someone teach me Weaver.

  • Brian Lau


    What guns does this support? I only saw Glocks in the video.

  • subase

    Can’t wait till this comes out for the next generation consoles. You know the japanese are hard at work for the next wii.

  • Mike

    Holy carp, I feel like walking off work and going for a ride to find that place.

  • Matt Groom

    That’s pretty cool, and it’s just an hour or so away from me! I used one in the service, and I liked it, because I did so well on it.


    Yeah, I’m immediately turned off by the idea that I’d be told to do weaver. The PROS are obvious with this training 1) stress simulation, 2) dynamic environment, 3) force options..with penalties or prizes. The CONS: 1) no loud noise, 2) no realistic recoil and precise POI, 3) no respect for the gun. I’ve done forced option simulators at the PD where you get various outcomes and choices for each of the 50 or so scenarios (active shooter, domestic disturbance, home invasion, etc.) and even with a laser gun, laser pepper spray, or laser baton and the split second judgement you need to make vs. an interactive 2d screen, it produces plenty of stress..especially when your opponent has a paintball gun pointed at you which replicates the bad guy getting shots off at you!

  • Matt Groom

    What the hell’s wrong with Weaver? If you’re not wearing body armor, Weaver’s just as good as Isosceles, and offers the benefit of being in the same basic fighting stance you traditionally use for every weapon known to man. I’ve never seen any benefit to using Isosceles for anything other than shooting around obstacles when you have to keep your feet in a box.

  • Is there more than glocks used here???? anyone help? awsome video althow we are not allowed these in the uk anymore 🙁

  • Tom

    The simulators are crazy awesome. Funny thing is that the company that designed them, and landed the contract with Gander Mtn is a 10 cent stock right now. Ticker symbol VTSI (Virtra Systems).
    The company just landed likely the biggest deal in it’s history, but no one knows about it. One would think that the exposure and $$$ this deal will bring should do wonders for the stock price….should be interesting to watch.

  • Rolf

    They do use a GLOCK pistol and a Beretta M-9 version at the Academy. Don’t be put off by the people stating this is lacking anything. It is an amazing experience and you will not be able stop going to the Academy. Wonderful opportunity for the public. The instructors are all basically local professionals who have been trained by Gander Mountain to meet their standards around safety. Make no mistake about it. You will be in a very safe and healthy environment. I had a wonderful time and I highly recommend the classroom for your carry permit and then going through the various stages of development with the simulation and then the live fire portion. You will be so impressed with their staff and their professional nature. Way to go Gander Mountain. Cops will like the virtual part very much for holster work…I sure do.

  • Rolf

    I should also add that the Weaver stance is a very important stance to know and has it’s place in the business. Keep your minds open and lets try to be positive…its all about taking care of our families and our loved ones. I use a number of modified stances and do so with great success. Your instructor will help you find the one that works best for you, shoot straight my friends!!

  • Joe

    The only problem several of us have with the Gander Academy is the liability release, section 2. In it, it specifically states they reserve the right to photograph you, video you… then, if they want, use your photo or likeness in any way they choose. This is fine, as long as you don’t mind them having your image in perpetuity (forever) to use any way they want. Hmmm… maybe they will photoshop you dropping a weapon and say “See! Idiots drop weapons!”

    Now, we all know they would never do such a thing, right? But… if you sign the waiver… you give up all rights. Forever. Anyway they want to use your image/video, etc… even make you into a cartoon character.

    Just saying.

    Section 2 shown below:

    “2. Each Participant hereby grants Gander Mountain Company and its designees, and their respective affiliates, licensees, successors and assigns, (a) the right to capture, record or memorialize by use of any technology whatsoever, including, without limitation, by photography, video recording or audio recording, any Participant during any participation in any Gander Mtn. Academy activities; and (b) an unrestricted, absolute, universal, perpetual, irrevocable, non-royalty bearing, and transferable right and license (but not any obligation) to use, copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute, display, modify, perform, present, publish, transform, create works and derivative works, and otherwise promote or utilize each of their image, likeness, voice, words and/or other personal attributes captured, recorded or memorialized in any manner by Gander Mtn. Company or its designees, in any form, format, medium or media whether now or hereafter existing (including, without limitation, print, direct mail, catalog, in-store display, online, mobile or wireless communications, radio or television broadcast, telecast or photograph), in whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with other photographs, recordings, images or materials, whether in a realistic, artistic or composite rendering, for any purpose whatsoever (including, without limitation, in connection with the creation, advertising, sale and/or promotion of any products and/or services of Gander Mountain Company and/or its designees (including, without limitation, the Gander Mtn. Academy), and without any consideration, notice, consent or attribution by or to any of them or any third party. Each Participant hereby forever and irrevocably waives any rights to any of the foregoing and understands and agrees that Gander Mountain Company and its designees are the exclusive owners of any and all right, title and interest, including copyright, in and to any such materials.”

    • William Powell

      Absolutely right! We drove for hours to use the simulators and range only to find the unbelievable release. We refused, and the folks just acted like stunned sheep. There is no reason to have a Draconian release like this, and the complaints that I sent to management produced no replies. We wasted an entire day going and coming to these jerks; I wouldn’t buy a thing from them.