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  • Cymond

    Did the reporter say “all of the civil war rifles are fully functioning”? (middle of the video, right after the camera shot of the flash suppressors)

  • me

    Go beav’s!!!!!!

  • Josh

    Did anyone else notice the reporter stated “all of the civil war rifles are fully functioning”?…ya ya, I know, the term “Civil War” is used to describe the relationship between the two schools, just thought it was odd that she would describe an AR15 as a civil war type rifle.

  • Don

    Did she say “All the civil war rifles are fully functioning” about half way through???


  • Ingeniator

    Wait, what? Civil War rifle? I knew the competition in the Pac-10 was tough,but…..

  • Ben

    Am I crazy or did I hear them call those AR-15’s “civil war rifles”? At least they’re still fully functional…

  • lance

    did i miss some part of the conversation? did she say “civil war rifles” in there?

  • Sam

    It was a local news story at the time period in which the civil war game between the two Oregon schools is a hot topic. Very clever turn on words, though.

  • Aaron

    The civil war is what they call the game between the ducks and beavers since they’re both from Oregon.

  • Chris

    They indeed used, “civil war.” it’s often used when the OSU is playing against the U of O since they’re in the same state. OR state culture for ya. 🙂

  • gunslinger

    I guess they never intended the newscast to be national. because most US residents would think of the 1860’s conflict, not that between intrastate schools.

    i’d love to get one of my school, although i don’t think there are school logos and such on those rifles (due to trademark/copyright laws?)

  • Gerald

    You could always make a request, then use merchandise stickers, or request a custom paint job.

  • Looks like I’m going to have to make my own FSU AR-15 🙁


  • Aaron

    Phil Knight probably has a u of o one with a Nike logo slapped on.

  • Nick

    My car is Monster Energy themed as well as my phone and my Go-Kart. I think my AK is officially next.

  • Beege

    I just have to say what a relief it is to see a news report cast a humorous and positive light on a gun company for a change. Well produced piece, and it made me shoot right over (sorry!) to the STS website .