Rossi Wizard Pistol

The Rossi Wizard Pistol is the pistol variant of the single shot and interchangeable barrel Rossi Wizard rifle system.

From the press release …

The Wizard Pistol takes the same break-open interchangeable barrel system and makes it lighter and smaller for handgun hunting, target shooting or plinking. Available in .243 Win. or .22-.250 Rem with other calibers coming soon, the Wizard Pistol offers outstanding and reliable performance in a versatile package. Its ingenious break-open barrel system changes quickly by unscrewing the front swivel with no tools needed.

Offered in blue finish, additional features include pistol grip with custom grooves for fast handling and comfort, manual safety with “S” mark for visual confirmation, hammer extension, scope rail and the unique onboard Taurus Security System®.The Wizard’s barrel measures 11 inches with an overall length of 20.4 inches.

No word on pricing at this time.

Steve Johnson

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  • Kyle

    What’s stopping someone from buying the shotgun version of the wizard, sawing the barrel off to what ever length, then putting it on there. I forsee a BATFE lawsuit like the Thompson Center debacle

  • Sian

    @Kyle Federal law?

    I can put a shoulder stock on a TP9, or a 5″ barrel on an Uzi carbine, but without the right paperwork it’s a felony.

    That’s on me, not the manufacturer.

  • Shankbone

    Any word on the MSRP?

  • RH

    All right! I’ve been waiting for this thing to come out. I hope they made it the same frame dimensions as their other single shots, because I would love to get a shotgun barrel and AOW it.

  • Tony

    Stick an inch on the barrel and a wrist brace please 🙂

  • jaekelopterus

    @ Kyle

    Thompson Center debacle? TC Arms won that case, the precedent has been set on the federal level and many companies produce similar pistols.

  • Kyle

    I understand T/C won, but you never know what stunt the BATFE will pull next.

  • mang

    These auto-eject, not extract, right?

  • william briggs

    When will more information and what will this market for?
    I’m very interested in purchasing one with a .30-.30 Cal barrell.

    Thanks, Bill

  • Captain Bob

    I had a TC in .30 Herrett and it was absolutely great for silhouette shooting and hunting. That cartridge was the greatest thing since mashed potatoes but, I just never warmed up to the style of the TC pistol. NOW, I see this wizard and I LIKE it! I’ll buy the first one I can get my hands on in any caliber and have a barrel made for it in .30 Herrett. As a plus, the photos I’ve seen show a scope mounting rail. Where does the line to buy one form?
    PS: As a note to the guys worried about the BATFE and this gun, as long as it’s manufactured as a pistol is can be shorter than 26″ overall and have a barrel less than 16″. You also can install a longer (any length) barrel no problem, you just can’t put a shoulder stock on it.