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  • Mert

    I saw this before but I forgot about it. Very interesting.

  • jdun1911

    Pretty impressive.

  • Yeah… these are going to get banned. Or they’re going to get semi-autos banned.

  • Theodoric

    You just know it’s going to be banned in a few months.

  • KBCraig

    Chuckie Schumer has contacted the Internet Police, and has done back-traced your IP!

  • Bill

    Oh my! Oh yeah!

  • Ems

    Well, its cool. But don’t the manufactures realize that if they makes components to aid in bump firing, it makes the firearms appear fully automatic to the less educated?

    Seems like the best way to muster up support for another AWB all the while producing a product for firearms enthusiasts.

  • Robert

    I don’t agree with the current restriction on Class III weapons. If the Second Amendment is about the security of a Free State, then automatic weapons should be available to the general public (i.e. Switzerland). That being said, it seems that a better way to regulate machine guns would be based upon rate of fire, instead of the criteria of a single round per trigger pull.

  • Rifleman336

    I can see the Atkins style raid now, to bad neat looking and sounding but it won’t stand with the BATFE. 🙁

  • Alan

    The inventor’s name was “Akins”, and his company was not “raided”.

    It’s hard to say whether this will be banned- crank-operated firearms are still legal. The Slide Fire appears to have been designed by an attorney with a detailed understanding of machine gun law. Under the way the law is currently written, it should be legal, and the ATF is aware that it is used to “bump-fire” a weapon in their approval letter.

  • thats a quick way to burn through 50 bucks worth of 5.56 ammo

  • Bryan S

    EMS, then it is up to you to also educate the public on their rights and what is legal, and why people want to take legal items away from honest citizens.

  • SKSlover

    ok, this is definatly on my “to buy before it’s banned list”.

  • btr

    Oh, reopen the registery already!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yeah, this product is just going to generate bad press, and anyone who buys one is going to eventually have to turn it in or show proof of destruction. You want an automatic weapon? Well then buy one legally and fill out the NFA paperwork. Its not a hard process.

  • Dave D

    No question this looks fun and from what little information I have appears to be just a device to assist “bump fire.” Legally I think they are okay, in the same way Hell Fire (or what ever name they are using this week) trigger devices are legal. The real question is political. That is a much harder discussion to hash out.

  • Matt G

    It first I said I would never get one of these I would just save the money and go with a m-11 or lighting link. But the other day I shot a rental FA AR-15 with a 9mm conversion and while it was cool and fun and all, it was pretty much uncontrollable for anything further than 10-15 yards and in a tactical situation would only waist half of my mag to do the same job as a few bullets would have.

    So Ive decided I may get this for playing around. Since it’s waaaay cheaper than any full auto gun. And keep the semi autos for social work. At least until the ’86 ban gets repealed.

  • david

    i think the military (especially with SF operations in mind) hasnt explored this ability to seemingly switch from full auto to semi auto with such ease and speed id like to see this concept worked on i think it may be beneficial in some areas with a little development ofcourse to be used in this manner and with a specific target end user…

    • John

      Are you serious dude? The military has select fire weapons. They can switch between full-auto and semi-auto. The ignorance of people these days…

  • The Other John C

    By my calculations it is firing at about 750 rounds per minute!!! Their website also has a video of someone shooting a belt fed AR with this attached…my main concern is how will a gun designed for semi auto fire stand up to this? Will the average DPMS or Stag Arms rifle break down under full auto fire?

  • Alex


    Are you being serious here? The SF, of ANY country, have no need to get an expensive bump fire stock to simulate fully automatic fire. They have select-fire arms, which easily go back and forth between semi and fully automatic fire. We, as civilians in the US, are stuck with either buying a dramatically overpriced class 3 firearm or simulating, poorly, the same thing with a semiautomatic. All that this product does is assist in something anyone can learn to do.

    Please actually look at what the system consists of before lauding it’s supposed military applications.

  • Bandito762

    I think BATFE just shit their collective pants…

  • gunslinger

    BATFE apparently approved the design (see earlier blog entries). Actually seeing that in action, it looks a lot better than other bump fire methods. IDK if i’d spend the 400 or whatever it is on that, but interesting enough

  • subase

    Well military wise the Steyr Aug does incorporate a semi and full auto trigger activated by pressure only. But Australian forces have recently modified this mechanism by incoproating an auto trigger block switch (similar to a rifles normal semi and auto switch). So it seems that idea by Steyr is bunk.

    Not sure if the stock effects accuracy.

  • BillBob

    @Alex & David
    The Steyr AUG had the best fire control. The trigger is a two stage trigger with a twist, the first stage is semi, the second is full. No selector to flip, its all in the trigger. I believe the TMP submachine pistol has the same trigger operation as well.

  • SleepyDave

    Somewhere a BATFE Agent just got wood and doesn’t know why. The fact that its lasted this long is incredible.

  • SKSlover

    has anyone tried to petition for a repeal of the ’86 ban? if not, why?

  • mert

    The BATFE has already approved the stock. You can read the letter on their website.

  • dave

    A spring around the outside buffer tube..Pull the trigger and the spring automatically pushes the stock forward making auto fire. Realease you finger and firing stops.

    I give slidefire another 2 month’s untill will get the call from ATF to surrender the stock or face charges. Like I stated put a spring around the outside buffer tube …GAME OVER…Fully auto and illegal.

  • Brad

    How about a version for Kalashnikovs?

  • Justin Grigg

    Man, the cops show up at my backyard range in no time if I fired that.

  • jdun1911

    I might be wrong but there is no spring in the stock. Also if your state allows NFA it is not illegal to own full auto weapons.

    • Mike

      Slidefire Solutions is a stock that allows you to shoot full auto, or 2, 3, 4, 10 round bursts. etc. It’s not just, slap it on and pull the trigger and 100 rds go down range. This item is EXCELLENT!! Your mad because you may have Full Auto, and paid through the nose. Better get 1 while you can. It’s ATF approved!

  • Wuulf

    I guess it would make a good range toy for some?

    I fail to see the thrill of emptying your weapon’s magazine in less than a minute through uncontrolled fire. (before anyone asks, if you can’t get all the bullets to hit what you are aiming at because you’re firing the rounds too fast to get lined back up on target, its uncontrolled. this is my opinion, not a fact, but I stand by it.) It’s stimulating the economy, sure, through more ammo being used up, more ammo being bought, but does it have a purpose other than the fun factor? People who NEED fully automatic weapons will go through the steps to obtain, legally, a real fully automatic weapon. Or they will be issued them. If you really need to put more rounds into a target faster than you can work a semi- then you probably brought the wrong gun to begin with.

  • Ems

    @Bryan S

    No, its not my duty to educate anyone. Any method of educating is made so much more difficult with devices like the one depicted in the video and everyone and their brother posting bump fire videos on YouTube.

    With a general sense of irresponsibility and stupidity (if not arrogance) regarding something as touchy as “assault weapons”, those who advertise such things as bump firing are working against the entire gun owning community.

    People already think they are machine guns, why give them a reason to think so?

  • dave

    What happens if China Makes a knockoff of the same stock with minor differences? Slidfire will go out of business. China is going to be selling slidefire stlye stock for 150,to200 bucks in a couple of months from what I hear.

  • Matt G

    @Dave, well when somebody takes a product that costs 15$ to make and charges 300$ for it they are asking to be undersold.

  • dave

    I checked into making copies here in the states. The price is reasonable considering the cost here in the USA. Just to start, a copy on cad cost $2,250.00 plus there a three parts. After you get everything set for production your already in for over 25 grand not including cost of labor and material. So Made In USA has a price. After my reaserch of cost for knock off $360.00 is not that much considered it is made in USA. Folks seem the company is getting rich for the price of his stock. He is lucky to make 25% which is normal retail markup. Now that said..Now I Know why things are produced in China. I started to research and so far I’m leaning to china. The price is so cheap even with shipping. Profit could go as high as 75%.
    so do th math? Charge $200.00 and make 150.00 a unit…Just a thought.

  • MIKE

    Dave you are an idiot. I own one of these and there is no spring on the buffer tube. Assholes like you that post lies should be put in jail for slander. It is a good product and legal to own. Get a life and quit posting shit you don’t know about. Educate yourself before your next post, LOSER!

  • Bill

    I own one of these, it works as advertised, and Dave, it has no spring. The BATFE has approved this because your finger still has to press the trigger and release it for one round to come out, and it differs from the Akins Accelerator (which I have also fired) in that the Akins had a spring, thus automating the firing process. This works by applying forward pressure on the handguard and rear pressure onto your shoulder via the pistol grip, the stock is nothing more than a hollow piece of plastic that slides backwards along the buffer tube when forward pressure is applied, you keep your finger on an extended trigger guard that moves with the stock, so when the stock slides backwards it trips the trigger, the recoil moves your finger back forward, releasing the trigger. In order to sustain fire constant forward pressure must be applied, you can stop the process any time by discontinuing forward pressure. Because of this there is no automatic function.

    It was very controllable, and had decent groupings, about what you would expect for a full-auto. I highly recommend it.

  • usmc

    i swear you guys bicth about every thing the stock the price whats right or not about having some fun i bought one and its the best item i have ever bought for 350.00 dollers it legal so leave it alone a matter of fact i would had payed more for it if i had too.bullets can be made if your to cheap to buy them it worked great being in the marines i know what full auto feels like and this was the same feeling i can put all the rounds in the man target for 350.00 come on you guys man up i was thinking of making a lighting link i got all the plans but now this works the same and its legal i wish i could shake the hand of the guy who thought of this.

    i cant say enough about this stock but fun fun fun great great great

  • Rad

    is this 3gun leagal?

  • Redgreen

    Some AssHole wrote:
    “You want an automatic weapon? Well then buy one legally and fill out the NFA paperwork. Its not a hard process.”

    Really? Checked prices yet? A class III M16 costs over $18,000. An AR15 with the slide fire stock costs anywhere from $1,300 to $1,600+. I live in a country where the judges / sheriffs office will NOT sign the class III paperwork for anyone they don’t personally know, or attorneys. I’ve met several attorneys who collect class III weapons, but can’t get my paperwork signed. fair? Not at all.

    The real question is, how good does the AR have to be to withstand the extra punishment?

    BTW, these are for sale at multiple gun shops in my area. My advice, pay cash and install it yourself – no paper trail.

    • Mike

      Yeah, the paperwork doesn’t take long. WRONG! It takes 6 months to get to approved for full auto. And you can only buy a full auto, if it’s made before 1986. Unless your a law enforcer. I guess you bought a full auto before slidefire came about. Now your (PO) because they’re on the market. Better get your hands on one now! Because they are going to become a class 3 item, SOON!

  • Finally someone who owns one and can make it clear to the uneducated how this thing works. Nicepost Redgreen.

  • ant mich

    Cool thing is that you build your seperate lower with the slidefire to accomidate any of your uppers. Watch the guy with the 50 buewolf upper. Its pretty funny cuz it kicks his butt pretty good. Sorry shoulder. Anywho, the ak version looks good for about two and a half. Maybe a good thing to have when the SHTF. Zombie hitten mother. Support the NRA and God bless America.

  • Nathan

    LOL! Over 18 months later, and it’s still legal–I just bought one from their website.