Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced

At SHOT Show, Remington introduced a new version of their 1911 R1 handgun. Cosmetically is looks more modern than the more traditional looking original 1911 R1. I really liked the look when I saw it at the show.

The enhanced model features …

  • Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Fiber-Optic Front Sight (Red)
  • Front/Rear Slide Serrations
  • Beavertail Grip Safety with Checkered Memory Bump
  • Enhanced Hammer
  • Anodized Aluminum Match Trigger
  • Enhanced Wide Thumb Safety
  • Flat Checkered Mainspring Housing (20 LPI)
  • Match Grade Stainless Barrel and Bushing
  • Front Grip Strap Serrations
  • Custom Grips with Thumb Groove and Ambi Cut
  • 8-Round Magazines with Bumper Pad (2)
Caliber .45 ACP
Capacity 8 rounds
Finish Satin Black Oxide
Grip Wood Laminate
Barrel 5″
Twist 1-16 LH
Overall Length 5 1⁄2″
Trigger Pull 3.5 – 5 lbs
Weight 40 oz.
Front Sight Red Fiber Optic
MSRP (Price) $940

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Canthros

    I think I could do without the fiber optic sight, but that looks pretty fair, otherwise.

  • subase

    This is an antique, not ‘modern’ anything.
    If it was modern it would be doublestack, have a polymer grip and an alloy frame. It would not weigh 40 ounces. It would have a Trijicon RMR mounted, along with barrel with thread on for a suppressor. It would come in flat dark earth.

    Basically it would look like the FNP Tactical .45

  • I have to say that yet another variation on the M1911 has the same yawn-inducing effect on me as yet another variation on the AR-15.

    Most of the US gun industry seems to be stuck in a rut. All credit to those like Magpul and Keltec who are prepared to do something different.

  • Why everyone insists on putting grip safeties on modern 1911s, is beyond me…
    Looks nice though.

  • James

    I agree with you about the looks of the piece. N-i-c-e.

    Well, everything but the grips. Those are an eyesore.

    Maybe the way they feel overcomes the way they look!

  • Sian

    Needs a rail.

    Just sayin’.

  • Jim

    @Canthros, I would agree… The fiber optic site could probably get lost.

  • Erik

    Lose the shit Series 80 system and I’d think about it. 1911s are awesome, but they’re a dime a dozen now and I could get more for my money with a Series 70 Armscor from the Philippines…

  • Milo

    Those are some ugly serrations.

  • Gary

    Do NOT like that sharp-edged front sight. It will snag on clothing. I agree on the grip safety as well. Lose it; it was the answer to a non-existent question in 1911


  • Lance

    Sweet, Steve if you get me one ill make a good review of it OK? LOL

  • Jason

    I for one HATE front serration on any 1911… why do they insist on breaking up otherwise beautiful lines with stupid front serrations

  • CJS3

    I prefered the original version. I like the classic look for a 1911.

  • Aaron

    With all the CRAP that Remington puts their name on now, (walmart knives, multitools, etc) everytime I see the brand name I think of low quality….sad

  • Matt G

    Very nice gun.

    I love the fact that the retractable “don’t steal me” wire is attached to the trigger guard by a plastic zip tie. That’ll stop the thieves.

  • AnointedSword


    Ahead of its time for sure! I just have a problem when .45 users want to force their opinions on everyone else!:) With that said…if you love it, love it!:)

  • Aurelien

    @Subase : 1911s on alloy frames have been on the market for pretty much 60 years now. The steel frame has the advantage of not getting beaten up by the gun cycling over and over. If you shoot 500 rounds a week all year alloy works, if you go over the 10 000 rounds a week regimen steel is way better.

    I for one like the steel-framed pistols, they dont jump much. Polymer is better if you are bothered by weight. If you are not, steel has its advantages.

    As for double stack, to each his own. The argument can go both ways. Single stack is more universal, most people with small hands hate double stacked magazines for the fat handle they give.

    Anyhow, 1911 Vs wonder-nine is like 9 vs .45.
    Nobody really cares. And people just argue for the sake of argument.

  • David

    You know “Modern” or “New” doesn’t always equate to better…you know what they say: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This design has worked flawlessly for a century, you can’t say that about a “Glock”.

  • Lance

    @ subase
    It looks pretty modern version of a M1911 anyway. It only lacks a picateny rail under the barrel like the M9A1 or Kimber Covert has.

  • Southerner

    Well…I would prefer the R-1 version with a commander style hammer, beavertail safety, lanyard ring arched mainspring housing and the original style thumb safety. In other words, an outdoorsman’s 1911.

  • Chris

    What do they say about certain designs of things out on the market….Tried and True. Yes there are many a 1911 clones out there but Remington was one of a handful of companies that produced these guns way back when. I for one love the design and would buy one of these if I had the money. My father brought one of these back from Vietnam. It now lays in internal rest with him as it is now buried with him. As far as the front serrations go, they are put on this gun so that a person can do a quick tactical assessment to see if their chamber is loaded as this weapon has no indicators. Also the grip safety…Sprinfield Armory put a grip safety on their XD series of weapons. Must be something good if a company in the present is using the idea.

  • Marsh626

    God. I really hate 1911s. Why on Earth would anyone pay $1000+ for a gun that weighs 40+ ounces and only holds 7-8 rounds? Go with a modern design. It would be like choosing to drive a Model T over a Porsche.

    • MATT S

      To say you hate 1911’s is like saying you hate the U.S.A.

      • Jim Jeansonne

        Putting down on the 1911 only goes to point out the ignorance of the speaker. The design has functioned well for 100 YEARS my friends. The round is superbly designed to do the job for which it was intended….. stopping close range interpersonal conflict. For the gang-banging “spray and pray” crowd, be aware that the RSP of each ACP round is VERY close to double that of your .38 or 9mm poodle shooters. If you don’t mind spending the time and effort to master this weapon and round, you’ll be better off with well aimed, hardhitting fire than your “modern” designs made for lady’s demeanors. The guru of .45 cal 1911 tech, Jeff Cooper, said it best…..” shoot straight and tell the truth.”

        • jbourneidentity

          This is crap. Calling the .38 and 9mm “poodle shooters” shows the ignorance of the speaker. I can name two shootings right now where both felons each soaked up repeated 230-grain Gold Dots to the upper chest and they stayed in the fight. Don’t forget the recent video of the idiot who shot himself in the leg with his 1911. I didn’t see the vaunted .45 turn him into dust. In fact, he walked back to the camera while cursing. Arguments like this are for children. Do some ballistics homework. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between a 124-grain 9mm at 1250FPS, a 165-grain .40 at 1050FPS, and a 230-grain .45 at 850FPS. What matters is where you put the bullet.

          • Steven Ready

            You really are ignorant, to me there is 106 grains worth of difference between the 9mm and the .45 ACP. The slower FPS is actually better at creating a massive wound cavity as opposed to being a fast round and going directly through the target at a high rate of speed.The ONLY two reason a 9mm was ever thought to be better was so that poodle shooters like you could handle the recoil, and the larger capacity magazines. As for your evidence involving your “two shootings”, i know of many more incidences involving a .45 where the perp was not so lucky. Also do not forget that the idiot in one shooting actually shot himself, probably not well aimed and getting shot in the leg usually doesn’t turn anyone into dust no matter the caliber.

  • Aurelien

    Marsh626, that is the worst analogy ever. The Porsche 911 has been using the same layout/platform for a good 50 years now, and is pretty much based on the 1948 356, itself being derived from the 1938 VW type 1, known as the Beetle.

    So if i’m following the same logic pattern, the M1911 is the Beetle, the Government NM is the Porsche 356, and everything from the Gold Cup to the modern 1911 variants are the 911s.

    And the Luger Parabellum would be the Ford Model T.

  • Nathan

    Maybe this time Remington will put standard parts compatibility into this gun, unlike the hunk-of-crap R1.

  • i think this will do good for IDPA and such competive shooting with red fiber site and adjustable rear site and front serrations for safety checks ( if it is done right without placing ya hand in front of muzzel ) and a 8 rnd mags that are easily available and do not cost 30 dollars or more . seems like a stable platform as most 1911’s from major makers ( but i am partial to the new sig 1911 lol

  • Julio

    How about an ambidextrous safety? That’d be fantastic.

  • About the mag not feeding the last rd. I would really say the magazine was at fault not the 1911. I was a RSO; at NAF Atsugi; Japan for four year’s; (Navy); i have never had one magazine hang up on myself or any student! We fired on that range for 4 year’s; 5 day’s per week. Maybe the mag spring just got weak for that 8th rd. All of my students loaded each mag to 5 rds. (only) for qualification!
    I would purchase the new R-1; at the moment i just purchased a HK;USP Compact; .45 ACP; haven’t fired it yet. Could i get some pro’s & con’ on the R-1 vice HK.


  • dino

    I just bought this gun not but two hours ago. I put 100 rounds without any issues. The gun shots very well, and feels natural in my hand. This 45 looks great as well, I have a few other friends that have the basic r1 and those are great too!!!! Thanks Remmington for a job well done!

  • Sergeant

    I have the original version of the 1911 R1. It looks a lot better than the enhanced version to me. Although I do like the lo-mount rear sight, I am not wild about the fiber optic front sight. I have always done my best work with plain black sights both front and rear. Three dot sights are OK if they are machined instead of stamped. I have had no issues with my 1911 and I certianly dont recognize the enhanced version as an upgrade.

    • have you fired an enhanced?

  • dino

    I now have had the gun for over 2 weeks with 400 rounds shot so far. I shot 100 rounds had 5 miss feeds. Cleaned the gun, polished the feed ramp put 200 more rounds of 230 gr with no issues. Then shot 16 rounds of golden saber no issues. Give you more up dates as I get 200 or 300 more rounds through. Love the gun shoots great!

  • dino

    today I put another 150 rounds through and the gun shot great, no issues. The gun is a tack driver!!!!!

  • Dale

    I had my new 1911 R1 Enhanced leave eighth round in brand new Chip McCormick power mags.

    Happens every time and the hammer is down also.

  • dino

    At 1100 rounds now and the R1 Enhanced is flawless, accurate, and smooth. I love the front sight, and could not see my self with any other 1911 in it’s price point!!

  • Shooter

    I’ve had my 1911 R1 Enhanced for over two months, and have shot 700 rounds with it, including factory ammo (Federal, Federal Match, Remington, Asym, Winchester, and Black Hills) and reloads (200-gr LSWC, 185-gr and 200 gr JHP, target to hot loads). It performs flawlessly, and is as accurate as my Kimber Gold Match II and almost as accurate as my Les Baer Concept III… at a fraction of the prices! You can keep your double-stack, alloy and plastic, jobs… especially the ones made overseas. Performance, reliability, and cost are my criteria for a good handgun, and the Remington hits the bullseye.

    • dino

      I have had mine now for two months. I mainly shot 230, ball and 3 different hollow points at 230 grn. Total rounds of 1100, the gun is accurate, and very reliable.

    • cody

      I disagree with your comment about “plastic overseas handguns.” I own both a 1911 and a “plastic” gun, and that “plastic” gun can withstand just about as much as, if not more than my 1911. First time I dropped my 1911 the sights were bent and I had a huge gash in the metal.. just saying dont knock those polymer guns because durability matters.

      • Shooter

        After pissing at a college urinal, I started to walk out of the restroom when the guy pissing next to me said, “In business school, they teach us to wash our hands after using the toilet.” I replied, “In engineering school, they teach us not to piss on our hands.” Try not dropping your gun.

        • Steven Ready

          I love your reply!!! couldn’t have said it better. I don’t care what the gun is made of, if you drop it on the sights it’s screwed.

  • dino

    Most recent update! It is now the only gun I carry, I love shooting it. It is accurate, reliable and feels right in my hand. If Remington comes out with a compact or officers model I will own that too. I am now at 1500 rounds with no issues. Love this GUN!!!

  • Tom

    i bought two of the new entry level 1911’s this year the remington r-1 because just about every thing i own is a remington, and every remington i have has always functioned flawlessly. but the r-1 has been a different story so far. the first day at the range i had 2 jams, 1 ftf, and the slide lock back on the last round twice, also had the slide slam home twice on an empty factory mag. the second 1911 was the new ruger and that pistol has been flawless it has ran everything i’ve put in it and begged for more,don’t matter if it’s a factory mag, chip mc cormick, or cheap after market. the remington is a little more accurate than the ruger but hands down the ruger is more dependable. don’t get me wrong like i said i love remington products so maybe after this r-1 gets smacked around a little it will straighten up. i’m going to run a couple hundred through it today so we’ll see.

    • dino

      sorry to hear that man! Besides myself there is 5 other friends of mine with an R1 and no issues at all. Hope it works out for you they are truly great 1911’s

    • dino

      I am at 2200 rds through my R1 Enhanced and no issues so far. It shoots great. I had a chance this past week to shoot a Ruger 1911 and out of 200 rds I had 10 FTF and 5 double feeds. My friends since then has sold the Ruger and bought a R1.

  • Ray

    I have some agreement with every comment on this page. That said I do like the looks of the R1 Enhanced. I handled one and it felt great. I do like an all steel gun, especially stainless. If the R1 came in stainless then it really would be enhanced and I would buy it. I like front serrations, I do like the look of the grips on the Enhanced. Feel is okay. And like one comment said, Remington has really cheapened its name over the years. That hurts with this pistol. I have 4 stainless 1911s, I will forgo this one for that reason only. Stainless.

  • I don’t understand how some of you people sit there and argue about how it doesn’t have enhanced this or that. It’s a classic 1911 with some updated perks on it. Don’t bash it just because its not perfect. Also for the people crying about the weight, how about man the hell up and stop being a sissy. I guarantee the ones crying about the weight are weekend carriers/shooters. I for one carry a full size 1911 as my carry, screw the tiny Tim’s.

  • Ray

    The reason I do not have an Enhanced R1 is that it is not stainless. The stainless R1 will be out in a few more months. Unless it looks and feels like crap I will buy one. And I do not expect it to be crap. I think Remington has done good with this series of pistols. For the money they are really hard to beat. Certainly way ahead of most imports.

  • MATT S

    I just bought the remington 1911 R1 Enhanced and when i looked at it.It said made in NY thats what you have to remember especialy with the economy the way it is. Im a huge believer in buy things made in the U.S.A and thats what remington does they make things in the U.S.A no matter what it is.

  • gcs

    Just purchased the R1 enhanced and love it so far. Ran 150 rds through it right out of the box with no problems. Accuacy is better than my kimber rapter II. I like the front sight as it is very easy for my eyes to find in an indoor range. I am not normally a remington fan but this 1911 puts me on track to maybe be one. –

  • joemn

    series 80 firing pin block is a deal breaker, brand new gun I handled had a clean trigger, but with a little sludge buildup in that tube and who knows how that trigger will handle, replace the front sight with a snag free design. Proprietary magazines????

    • dino

      Go Wilson Combat on the Mags. I did and the gun has been flawless for the past 4000 rounds. The front site I agree, sent it back to Remington because it broke. The good thing is they paid all shipping fixed it and had it back to me in less than 8 days. Great customer service!!!

    • dino

      I also wanted to add that the R1 Enhanced was used in this past season of TOP SHOT for trick shooting and in the finals.

  • laramie

    Now I started in LE when revolvers were still being carried. I have carried a Ruger P90dc, Glock 21, Glock 19, and a 1911 over the years. I do believe the 1911 was one of the most dependable guns I carried. The Glock 21 was without a doubt the easyest to take apart and clean and most accurate. But that said the 1911 always functioned when dirty, cold ,hot, and made me feel like I had a gun which would and did not ever fail me. I own the Remington r1 now and it is accurate, dependable and a joy to carry tho I am no longer in LE. The front sight is not a problem and as eyes age they need a little help anyway. I have never seen the fron slide serrations used in real life only on the range. I have diffrent mags made by diffrent manufacturers and the all function very well. Remington did good on this gun,

  • Sadly, pull my R1 out of the box loaded out 8 mags….first 8 rounds slide would not lock back…..tried 8 different brands of ammo…..gun shot straighter than I can…..but would never lock back……cleaned it…..same issue……Called Remington, promptly sent return paperwork and packaging…..will let you know how fast it returns and how it runs.

  • Charles

    To all whom have commented: The 1911 is emblematic of our country’s desire to supply our uniformed soldiers with the most reliable and effective side arm of the day. Today, more than a century later, it is still the best operating sidearm relative to reliability if assembled and fit to military specs. It is a tribute to John Browning’s genuis at gun design, nothing more. We speak of an historical icon, not just a weapon that was meant to be the “end all” and “be all” to every shooter, when we comment on this piece of military weaponry. All of your comments are valid. Enjoyed reading all comments submitted.


    • The FACTS

      JMB wasw a genius… and the 1911 is a great design… but… “it is still the best operating sidearm relative to reliability if assembled and fit to military specs.” That is just not true, sorry. The Sig P226 is a far better pistol… the HK is better too. I am not fond of the Beretta M9, but it beat the 1911, didn’t it? In the current testing, the 1911 is not even entered. Sig Stainless Elite is the pistol to buy.

  • TEEARR27

    I recently looked @ a new R1. It looks like one I wouldn’t mind
    owning. But I have many guns some old some new and according to my wife probably enough. At the new end of the spectrum I have a Beretta Storm in 9mm (very nice) and @ the older end of the spectrum a Colt Series 70 Mark IV which goes back to the last century (1975). I also have a variety of handguns, rifles and shotguns that fill the gap between the two. I’ve been around for a while and as I just turned 70 I like to think that by now I pretty much know what’s good and what’s not as good. With regard to a comment I read about “hating 1911’s”, and “only 7 or 8 rounds” and crap advising that we need to enter the era of “modern technology” and so on, hear this. I shoot the 9 and I shoot the 45 and by now sonny I always hit what I’m shooting at. First shot, one shot! To me the 9 is the bug and the 45 the windshield. I load it, I shoot it, and I clean
    it. Then I do it all over again and again and my old 1911 and I are still here feeling good. Remember what Charlton Hesston said when he was head of the NRA about “cold dead hands”.
    That applies to my Colt 1911.

  • Phil Petz

    Have the R1 Enhanced in stainless over 3000 rounds and have yet to have a problem. Not 1 fail to fire or fail to eject. I’ve ran all sorts of ammo from reloads, cheap factory ammo and the expensive stuff. The gun runs flawlessly and is extremely accurate