Steve Johnson

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  • Todd

    This is not even half as sexy as the Ithaca Type B Auto & Burglar Gun. Imagine, buying this in a hardware store to keep in your car or home. Those sure were the good old days.

  • El Duderino

    Gee no rails, LED flashlights, infrared laser sighting systems, black nylon grips, battery compartment, or vertical foregrip? 🙂

    I have read a little about the 1920s-style action shooters that go for the mobster or G-man thing. This shotgun, a .38 Super 1911A1, a Colt Monitor BAR (semi-auto closed bolt of course), and a zoot suit would be a great start!

  • Ladyfox

    That would be “What someone would need to get their Max Max on” Alex. I’ll take “Famous Leather Holsters” for $200. -_^

  • j

    I have a .270 with the rails occupied by the scope… I taped a flashlight to the barrel:-)

  • j

    Steve- I have a question. In break barrel designs, can the shotgun accommodate any length of shotshell?