Radom Model 96 Beryl in .22 LR

Radom is now making a .22 LR version of their Model 96 Beryl assault rifle. It is a very solid AK-style rifle, unlike some of the cheaper plastic .22 AK-47 clones. Visually the only thing that identifies it as being a .22 LR model is the charging handle.

I know Radom would like to export this gun and others to the US market, but it depends whether or not the BATFE will let them (which they probably won’t). The alternative would be for them to export parts kits to a domestic manufacturer.

Steve Johnson

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  • ermac

    IO INC featured this gun at shot show, they will be importing them. Rimfire rifles are not subject to 922r laws that centefire rifles are.

  • Billy Bones

    They are importing the Akt-98 .22lr why would this be any different.
    The quality, I’m sure is excellent!

  • The one thing that puts me off this design is that is has the same design ‘flaw’ that the Chinese Type 56-2 and Finnish Valmet/Sako suffers from – in that the skeleton stock folds to the right hindering operation of the fire selector switch!

    Obviously for a civilian rifle this is perhaps less of a consideration as teh skeleton stock would almost always be used open, but then why have a folding stock at all? (Unless stowage space is a consideration?)

    At least the Galil got round this problem by adding a convensional thumb operated selector on the left-hand side (and the original Soviet/Russian AK74/100 series uses a folding stock which folds to the left, negating this problem).

    Still, niggle aside it’s nice to see a AK74 dirivative available in this calibre – I would still love to buy one for target shooting.

  • Norbert

    This was one of my favorite rifles at the show. It’s a select fire .22 with muzzle device adapter for Rocket Propelled Grenades… I’m not kidding.

  • mr_lorenco

    maybe it`s a training rifle like the east german MPi-69 .22 trainer.

  • Bill Lester

    Radom makes excellent firearms. This one just got added to my short list of new acquisitions.

  • I kinda like it. Hopefully it will accept most other AK stocks (not that the folder blocking the safety is my concern, just that I think that particular style of folder is fugly.)

  • Norbert


    I spoke at length with the guys at the Radom booth and almost all of their rifles were select fire because in Poland, they pretty much exclusively sell them to Military/LE.

    All of the stuff they were showing was made/modified specifically for SHOT to help find a distributor here in the USA. They said they could make semi-auto versions quite easily if needed, but for the purposes of expediency they just built their samples on their normal military select fire versions.

    They were well aware of how odd of a feature set this prototype had.

    I was overall impressed with their products.

  • Falcon500

    That’s a very nice looking rifle! I’d love to own one.

  • mr_lorenco


    did you got any information from them about why any milit./L.E. officer would need a selective fire .22 ?

  • OC14Groza

    Beryl is not AK-74 derivative, its production technology comes rather from AKM. Beryl is based on earlier wz.88 Tantal (it is not just rechambered) which was inspirited by AKMS wz.80 which was an AKMS version.

  • @OC14Groza
    My take on this was that as the AK74 is a direct derivative of the AKM that any subsequent 5.45×39 variant would then, in turn, be a derivative of the AK74! (I am being pedantic I know!) 🙂

    And as much as I hate to quote Wikipedia – it wz.88 entry does say ‘…These early prototypes, initially designated wz. 1981, were modeled on the Soviet 5.45mm AK-74 assault rifle…’

    This is a bit confusing then (I am definitely not setting my self up as an expert – just wondering why there is differing views on this point).

  • any idea about pricing and availability?