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  • dudester

    I have to point at that the Gen4 and RTF are different things. The RTF was out on a couple of models before the Gen4s were out. The Gen4 is more than a redesigned grip as well, most notably the recoil spring system is redesigned. It’s also true that the RTF grip texture and slide serrations were different as well.

  • Andy from CT

    Ahhh, my least favorite Glock to fire with high stepping combat loads. Followed by the 23. I can tolerate the 22 though.

    I wonder why they decided not to go with a rail?

  • Hey Steve,

    I was under impression the RTF package included the gilled serrations on the rear of the slide and they were discontinued with the Gen3 models? Not a Glock genius, just wondering if they’re still calling it that and removing the changes to the slide.

  • MrSatyre

    Andy, assuming the Gen 4 G27 is of similar dimensions to the Gen 3 G27, (also without a rail), I would think that anything you would typically fit onto a rail would be roughly half the size of the frame and stick out quite a ways (even true on my Gen 3 G23C). Not exactly concealable, in my opinion, which is pretty much the sole purpose of this size gun.

  • Sian

    @Andy from CT how many subcompacts do you know of that have a rail? Considering how it’s designed for CC, there’s not a lot of utility for an attached taclight.

  • AnointedSword

    Nice, want one of these as well. Been shooting .40s&w for a long time now, nice round and does not give up too much when talking about capacity.

  • Andy from CT
  • Sian

    @Andy from CT

    or just wait till they have a gen4 version for this

    I like lasermax since you can use unmodified holsters.

  • Andy from CT

    @Sian yes, using a standard holster is definitely a boon. But there is no light option with the Lasermax and as of yet, their guide rod lasers are red only. I’m hoping Crimson Trace offers an “Emerald Trace” line of their lasers sometime down the road. The ones they already have for Glock and the XD don’t look al lthat great but they work as intended. Just not green.

    Trust me, I wish red was as bright as green but it never will be. The future of weapon mounted laser designators is green and blue.