Spc. Jeremy Burton, armored crewman, assigned to 2nd Squad, 3rd Platoon, Company C., 1st Battalion, 66th Armored Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, lays in the prone position on cliff overlooking the Arghandab River Valley, Afghanistan, Jan. 31, to provide security for his squad as they climb up the cliff from the valley below.

The very high resolution version of the photo is here.

[ Many thanks to Lance for emailing me the link. ]

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  • Cobetco

    digging that 40mm belt he has on there, i question the lack of sight for the 203 though

  • Ed

    That’s a cool photo and a really bad camo pattern.

  • charles222

    I’ve known a few soldiers who didn’t need a sight for their 203; using the front sight post and just remember what angle results in what range can work, and with that many rounds he can adjust fire without a whole lot of hassle.

  • Chase

    By the Gods, that looks like a beautiful view. He’s a lucky fellow.

  • Lance

    Looks like a long HOT day to man sitting on a rock doing perimeter patrol.

  • The way he’s snuggled in there looks like he’s not the first to use that perch for sniping.

  • Matt

    You wouldn’t believe it, but that is my old unit.

    After OIF 1 (2004) 4th Infantry was reorganized into CAB’s and C co 1-22 IN became A co 1-66 AR.

    I am glad to see that our military is not making the same mistakes as the Russians.

  • Raymond

    The gear whore in me notices what looks to be a Massif combat shirt he’s wearing

  • charles222

    Afghanistan is a beautiful country once you get past the 12th-century social mores, small-arms fire, and abandoned Russian minefields. I genuinely enjoyed being up in the mountains around Bagram for Operation Mountain Resolve, myself-friendly village people, nice views.

  • charles222

    This is pretty random, but if Afghanistan ever settles down, I’d be completely down with going hiking there. That country could have the extreme-tourism trade by the balls if the violence ended.

  • SeanN

    Charles222: i thought the same thing when i was there (OEF VII/VIII, 2/87). my uncle bob was a 3-tour marine in vietnam and went back a few years ago; i hope we get the same chance.

    the knife/shortsword/whatever sheathed on his back? not that convenient or comfortable, i’d imagine.

  • charles222

    Heh, SeanN- I was A/2-22. And yeah, it’d be nice to go back one day.

    As for the knife/whatever on his back…well, he is from 4th ID. It’s pretty amazing that he has his helmet on right and isn’t looking for his NODs.


  • charles222

    Raymond-yeah, pretty much everybody wears a combat shirt outside the wire now.