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  • Clodboy

    Maybe you were thinking about the Manville Machine Projector/Hawk MM1 (as seen in Terminator 2?)

    It also bears a certain semblance to “Mouse”‘s custom electrically-driven shotguns from the first “Matrix” movie.

  • JonMac
  • Alex

    Came across a reference on another blog :- Rex Dart, Eskimo Spy
    Says it was made by a gent in North Dakota and that it’s a 24 shots Single Action .38
    No other details

  • Máté

    2 similar shotguns were in one of the Matrix episode, but they were custom made if i remember well.

  • Man that’s a funny looking bracelet.

  • Avery

    Makes me think of the Manville gas gun, but the bore looks kinda small for that.

    If anything, it looks like it has the same ejector setup as the Armsel Striker (or is that Protecta), with gas powering a piston that knocks out spent shells.

  • i hate to admit it but it look,s like a realy bad take off of a lamatt pistol cuse the under rod and the barrle pluse that dose not look like a cartrage pistol

  • John C

    That is a 12 gauge Manville Gun.
    There were 26.5mm flare & 37mm versions made as well.

  • spudfiles

    “This 38 special single action was built by a guy in North Dakota”

  • Rifleman336

    Well if they’ll only chamber in .357 Magnum. That and finding a duty holster is going to be a bitch!!!

  • The other John C

    If thats a mosin nagant clip pouch in the bottom left corner of the pic, then the gun is really small.

  • Jeeze, it’s a hula-hoop!

  • Puckle Gun?

  • RepublicanJesus

    The “similar” weapon you’re thinking of is called a Manville Gas Gun chambered for 12 bore (18.5mmx70mmR). You see two of these in the first matrix movie, which seems to be a scene growing in popularity.

    You’ll also notice that it was of 24 round capacity as well. As neat as this concept is, the cylinder and frame were made of aluminum, not steel, and were not built to withstand the recoil or concussive force of a shotgun shell.

  • Wow!!! what a great monster. I’m curious what year that was made. is that a gas piston ejector? – kinda does look like a updated “puckle gun” /pistol–wonder if it comes with the square Muslim, round christian killing bullets?! come to think of it you could load it up with Z-max an gun down zombie jeabus when he returns at the end of 2012

  • this dose look like an upgrade to puckle gun(an early black power heavy machine gun with rotating chambers) but it is hand held and the puckle gun is a h.m.g. But this would be a great idea for a WW II h.m.g.