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  • Theodoric

    Nice to see they’ve got a 30 round capacity. I’m more interested in Grendel myself, though.

  • Mike

    I believe they have made them for quite a while; they were the second manufacturer to come out with 6.8 magazines after PRI.

  • sadlerbw

    I’m confused. I thought Barrett had been making 6.8 magazines for a few years now? Are these new or improved or something?

  • West

    I thought they had been around a while myself.

    Are the new blog owners trying to sell us something? Maybe got a few of these mags collecting dust so they post something to remind us?

    Is the new owner a gun store?

    • West, it is insulting to accuse me of pushing a hidden agenda when I have stated on the record that the editorial side of the blog is run independently.

      The owner of the blog,, as their name suggests. is indeed a (online) gun store.

      Not only do not sell this product, but I linked to a competitors store (Barret Store). You would have seen this if you clicked the link.

      If nothing else, this posts proves that the blog is run independently. Most blogs owned by online stores will never link to a competitor store. I on the other hand am allowed to do so.

  • Lance

    Too expensive still if they want people to invest in 6.8mm they have to be $10-20 dollars a piece.

  • Mike

    If you want a $10-$20 6.8 magazine, get one from C-Products. They’re around $13 a piece and are pretty decent and reliable, they just don’t have 30 round capacity like the Barrett, or allow you load to 2.30″ like the PRI’s.

  • WB

    Here’s the problem: the magazines have been available for quite some time. The issue is that the line “now manufacturing,” implies that they were not doing so before, which is false. Barrett has been making them for quite a while now. Always happy to see useful press on the 6.8, but accuracy is still king when it comes to good journalism. That includes proper grammer.

  • Good to hear they are now making the magazines I purchased four years ago…

    That magazine was introduced with the M468 and has been the standard 6.8 mag for every 6.8 gun Barrett has produced since at least since 2004.

    The $40 price has been steady for about four years too.

  • West

    Steve (The Firearm Blog).
    I did not intend to be insulting, I was simply making an observation and asking a question.

    I did check to see if this mag was available through GFS and, as you say, they are not.

    I will continue, as I have for the past year, to check out the blog every morning and I hope there are no hard feelings because I find TFB to be very informative.

    I am a natural skeptic, if you are going to write for a living in a semi-journalistic forum you should not be so easily offended.

    Also, there seems to be a consensus among those posting on this thread that these mags have been available for quite a while. So I have to ask again: Why the update now?
    I dont claim to be an expert on this particular item, the only Barrett products I own are the Model 99 and related items.

    • West, I thought they were new, a press release from Barrett seemed to indicate that they were new.

  • slayer1

    The old Barrett mags only held 27 rounds if I am not mistaken. So if they now hold 30 they are indeed “new.” Hopefully they got the feed lips correct.

  • Ken

    They’re doing a re-design on them, I believe. Hence the new/old questions. Supposedly, LWRCI did some engineering research on 6.8 magazines in designing their new polymer, proprietary 6.8 mags, and shared some of the info with Barrett, causing the re-design. More info here:

  • ryan

    i love this mag my stag works soooooo well this brand i have not had a jam yet. i know they r price really high sadly. but the best for me yet.

  • Retlaw

    So would these function well on a 6.8 lwrc m6a2?