Steyr AUG/A3 SA production stopped last October

I received an email from Steyr’s PR person saying that the Steyr AUG/A3 SA (civilian US model) production was stopped in October last year. The recently bankrupt Sabre Defence was manufacturing the rifle under license from Steyr.

This is very sad news. So many people were looking forward to this rifle for so long and in less than two years it has gone out of production.

Steve Johnson

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  • Spade

    Back in October a Steyr Rep told a guy on USAAUG that the production halt was temporary and they planned on restarting the line once the economy came back and the market stabilized.

    Also said not to worry about spare parts.

  • Mount

    Hmm, good news for Microtech?

  • jdun1911

    You still have MSAR but rumors has it they are in trouble.

    Lots of firearms manufacture is in consolidation mode. With around 20% of real unemployment in the USA I doubt a lot of small as well as big gun companies will survive in the coming years.

  • Todd

    There’s always MSAR. 😐

  • Zander

    Good thing MSAR is still producing their AUG styled weapon.

  • K-dAUG

    As far as I know, MSAR is still producing their version of the AUG.

  • Sian

    @Spade hopefully that means they plan to resume production at a different plant within the next year.

    One can hope.

  • monty

    I hope someone picks up production for Steyr. I’ve always wanted one.

  • George

    Agreed – not a huge deal. They were highly priced and people weren’t buying them at a fast pace. Rather than flood the market and drive prices down, they adapted and halted production. Everyone who HAD to have one picked one up.

    Personally, a bit expensive for my tastes. BUT, I distinctly remember an imported AUG costing $1300 dollars in 1986. And today that equates to about $2500. So altogether not too bad for around $2000 today. But with the drop in AR prices, I think people are looking to get more for their money.

  • Drew

    microtech small arms has a better trigger according to nutnfancy. Made in America too

  • Lance

    Proves again that overpriced Bullpup arent getting the sales at all. The market is set for piston ARs.

  • Big Jay

    I think what killed it was that it didn’t take AR15/STANAG magazines. I have a few AR’s of various flavors, a SIG 556, and an FN FS2000 and have AR mags comming out of my ears. I thought seriously about buying an AUG but couldn’t justify another 5.56 rifle if I had to buy a bunch of new mags for $50 a pop that wouldn’t work in any of my other rifles.

    Styer makes a STANAG mag well AUG for export, its the rifle the Australians use so they can share mags with other commonwealth nations. That should have been the basis of the AUG A3 civilian import. Not using STANAG mags helped kill the SL8 (among other things), it killed the AUG, and it was gonna kill the MSAR until Microtech got their heads into the game with the E4 config.

    Note to gun makers: If you’re gonna import/sell a 5.56×45 semi-auto rifle in the US, it has to use AR15/STANAG magazines.

    P.S. On the subject of imports: Beretta, if you’re reading this, ditch the MR1 and figure out how to import the ARX-160 I’ll love you forever.

  • CC19

    The Steyr was a bit high on the price tag for me to consider. But I had located a while back some MSAR E4 (STANAG compatible) w/ 4x optic on sale for a low 1,300 bucks – not sure if those are still around, but that’s quite the deal for one. If I’m not mistaken, they all come with a buncha mags too. Not bad…

  • David Weller

    I love my AUG A3. I’m not so worried about spare parts, and I have both the standard and NATO stocks. I think the key issue here is that I’m no longer inclined to use it often so that I can sell it to a collector later. It’s really a wonderful and accurate rifle. I’m guessing that it just couldn’t be manufactured at a rate and price point that was profitable to Steyr.

  • TheGman

    What is the difference between the MSAR and the Steyer models?

  • The differences between MSAR and Steyr detailed here:

  • Patrick

    Im lucky to have gotten one. I saw this coming which is why I bought one in January for $1750 new. I’ve shot it and love it but probably won’t shoot it as much after hearing this news.

    When I called Steyr in December they said they were only stopping production until the economy got better. Is this still the case? Or is it mainly because of Sabre?

  • Good point: The AUG will continue to be produced overseas for Steyr’s numerous military customers, so it’s not like they’re throwing away the dies and molds. They could restart production domestically if enough demand comes back (or the BATFE could change their silly “sporting purposes” criteria for importation).

    However, MSAR has proven to be much more agile and cost-competitive with their AUG clones in the U.S. So long as MSAR is in business Steyr will probably decide it’s not worth the trouble of running U.S. production to compete for the civilian market.

  • Anthony Riederer

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  • steve

    I emailed Steyr’s CS department and the reply I got was as soon as this fall, the A3 will go back into production in and for US cistomers.

  • This is sad. I really want one of these. I guess I’ll just buy it used