Troy Industries Alpha Rail

Troy Industries has introduced their “Alpha” battlerail at the 2011 SHOT SHOW. Built for the AR-15 weapons platform the Alpha rail is Troy’s version of a modular free floating rail system. This new version was based on the very popular TRX Extreme design that Troy offers. This rail system is made of 6061-T6 hardened aircraft aluminum which is finished off with mil-spec Type III hard coat anodizing.

The Alpha uses a new low-profile locking mechanism that still provides strength and stability. The Alpha rail comes with a built-in Troy, spring-loaded, front battle sight that is a front folding M4 style. This rail offers the shooter a large range of mounting options while still providing a great amount of heat dispersion.

The Alpha rail will come with (3) detachable rails and all the mounting hardware.

STRX-AL1-76BT-00 (7.6”) – $235.00
STRX-AL1-90BT-00 (9.0”) – $245.00
STRX-AL1-11BT-00 (11.0”) – $255.00
STRX-AL1-12BT-00 (13.0”) – $269.00

Troy also has a bunch of new handguards in their 308 Battlerail family, and Battlerail options for the MP5 and G36 as well.

UPDATE: Correct pictures added.

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  • William C.

    It seems like these detachable, modular rail systems are all the rage lately.

    Has weight savings or other potential advantages generated any military interest? It seems the Remington ACR is now offered with such a configuration now.

  • Travis

    That pic is of a DPMS/BM/Rem 308. Not Ar-15

  • Exodus

    Steve, I love your pictures.

    However, I’m afraid those are pictures of the old TRX. The Alpha has a different locking collar at the rear, and the flip up sight is built in to the rail itself – the one you show clearly has an externally attached sight.

  • Wrong Picture

    The pictured rail is not the alpha rail..

    This ought to clear things up for those who are looking at the front sight sayin, that”s not integrated.

  • jdun1911

    Detachable, modular rail systems has been in the market for years. I have two on my uppers to keep the weight down.

    Some people like them some don’t, tho.

  • AnointedSword

    My new rig looks a lot better than this, but mine is probably heavier. My next build will most likely have one of these on it unless there is a fatal flaw somewhere.

  • Thanks for the corrections guys. We had added the wrong photos.