Sabre Defence owner Guy Savage arrested

Sabre Defence owner Guy Savage and four other company officers have been arrested for arms trafficking. KnoxNews reports

Prosecutors say the owner of Sabre, 42-year-old Guy Savage, directed the illegal activities from his home in the United Kingdom and from a related company, Sabre Defence Industries LTD, a UK-based weapons manufacturer and importer also owned by Savage.

The ATF raided Sabre last year. They claimed to be investigating investigating employees re-selling parts without a license. The below is a post published on


To end the speculation. I would be most grateful if you would post this on the forum. We released this to the media yesterday in response to what was going on. I was in my office till 4 am working through this with the US facility and my lawyers.


Guy Savage CEO

Sabre Defence Industries

NASHVILLE, Tenn., February 17, 2010 – Sabre Defence Industries LLC, an established manufacturer of firearms and weapon systems to the United States military, state and local law enforcement, and worldwide commercial markets, is fully cooperating with federal agents in an ongoing investigation into potential criminal misuse of certain non-saleable firearms produced by Sabre and purchased by some its employees. Sabre has received information that employee(s) involved in inventory control may have obtained and re-sold some items without appropriate licenses. Sabre is and has been cooperating with federal agents in this investigation.

My take on the situation is that the BATFE were looking for a lot more than some M16 receivers being re-sold by employees.

[Hat Tip: MJ Mollenhour]

UPDATE: The Tennessean has more …

A federal grand jury charged Nashville-based gun manufacturer and U.S. military supplier Sabre Defence Industries and five company officers with illegal international arms trafficking.

Sabre owner Guy Savage, a United Kingdom citizen, and Middle Tennessee residents President Charles Shearon, Chief Financial Officer Elmer Hill, Director of Sales Michael Curlett and International Purchasing Manager Arnold See Jr., are the individuals charged.

They also face charges of conspiracy, making false statements, smuggling, wire fraud and mail fraud in the 21-count indictment unsealed today.

[ Many thanks to John for emailing me the link. ]

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  • Alan Perez

    Man it sucks when a company we all know turns out to be doing under table deals. Imagen how the stockholders feel?

  • Mechman

    Huh. It seemed fishy when they got raided the first time, but this makes it all make sense.

  • I might be seeing the glass as half full but my read on this is that it wasn’t the actual crime that was so bad but the cover up.

    Isn’t that how 95% of Federal convictions always get done?

    If I’m out of line please delete.

  • Adam

    Well… what does that mean? They selling guns to third world countries?

  • Bruce Lueckenhoff

    Nashville Tennessean:

    Nashville gun maker Sabre charged with illegal arms trafficking
    Indictment says Sabre falsified records, hid parts

  • Matt G

    Well, from reading the storys. It seams savage was fed up with the US’ illegal machine-gun export and import restrictions, and was sneaking them out if the country in boxes with false bottoms and such to sell to European clients who were clamoring for m-16s.

    Now, if those m-16s ended up in good hands, say, isrealis or another of our allies, Then I say ok, sucks he got caught, but I don’t blame him. But if they ended up in third world countrys or our enemy’s hands (I doubt it since they would have been muy expensivo) then he deserves whatever he gets.

  • Lance

    I wounder if Lewis Machine and tool will buying since they have UK connections too.

  • Sabre UK was likely bringing parts over from Sabre US. As I understand it, if those US parts were assembled into complete weapons in the UK, the US State Department can still call the shots over where Sabre UK can sell the completed weapons.

  • I can’t but think that something was seriously wrong with these people. They had a flourishing business with military contracts and civilian sales in what is arguably the most pro gun ownership country in the world and they screwed it all up by doing something criminal? Everyone has some laws that they might not agree with, but we take care never to break them. When business owners in the firearms industry break laws they only end up making it difficult for all law abiding gun owners through their actions.

    I do wish that someone picks the business up – if the guns were good in quality and continues to supply them to the Army. With a war being fought our soldiers need to be equipped well. I hope that this company’s liquidation is only a glitch. Very sad overall!

  • Tom

    I was browsing through the Daily Mail website when I saw this. I wonder what happened. What is he being charged with.

  • jim

    God Bless the BATF!!!!!!

  • Dr. Porksword

    I’ve found his article in the Pinner and Harrow Times… what I can say… I think he’s being stitched up. Let’s have a look at what’s happened, in the UK the police never shoot at someone for a laugh. They normally don’t carry guns, so to have his car shot to bits, have stun grenades thrown in for good measure. I guess they wanted him dead, as dead people don’t make a fuss or argue with a judge over the somewhat heavy handed approach of the police.

    His motto has always been “people in harms way get the weapons first! and it as his aim to make the best of what he made!” But are now getting painted as the villain then what can you do.

    It seems to me there way more to this than meets the eye… I would say the US does not like foreigners owning weapons plants and contracts away from other US companies.

    In the UK well he’s got a reputation for not being a nice person but when your dealing with guns, which attracts more shit flies than a freshly laid turd. both as nutters and journalists who want to paint everyone who has access to guns as a nutter….

    This make an excellent film in years to come…

    if you google him there’s around 200 million articles everything from wanting him killed to he’ll get 50 years in jail.

    As far as the UK press says there are no real charges, the people in the US have said they did it and have taken a lesser sentence for putting the blame on someone who may not have been in the country at the time when said crime took place. Whatever he’s done or has not done there is no chance of a fair trail…In the US….

    I’m watching this with great interest as one of the great unwashed masses…

  • Fuck u guys

    fuck u guys how do u know he is a villan he could be blaimed for something he didnt do or it could be one of his colegues that. He wouldnt know that it was one of his collegues though. The police could blaim an old woman for somthing she didnt do and then get thrown into jail. Its not fair about all the mean comments, telling where he lives saying he has kids and a wife how do you think they feel?? Ask ur selves that….

  • nfhuman

    I found a sabre defense t-shirt today. something to remember them by…

  • Albert Einstien

    wait a sec… i knew him….. he is innocent… the first time he was arrested it was the police that was wrong because later on that police got arrested and when the were looking at the biz in america one of the colleagues was responsible and one of the colleagues has messed up big time again….. personally i don’t think its him

  • mike harris

    There are no public stockholders it is a private company

  • Mark

    The ATF has been illegally trafficking firearms to terrorists for 5 years, but nothing’s happened to Ken Melson. Maybe the truth is that Sabre Defence refused to comply with ATF’s orders to traffic their weapons as a part of Fast & Furious…

  • Sam

    Israelis good guys? What planet do you live on? Isn’t that the same “ally” that kills Americans In false flag operations, steals our defence tech and resells it to our opponents, spies on us constantly and hijacked our foreign policy? Wake up you naive sheep

    • Kyle

      Israel is one of our strongest allies

  • It¡¦s in reality a great and useful piece of info. I am glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  • Sabre Defense made an excellent product which sold like hotcakes. The US Defense Dept actually likes foreign manufactures on our soil which placates NATO. I think they got greedy or were selling to the wrong side. I’ll miss them.

  • Saber Defense made an excellent product which sold like hotcakes. The US Defense Department actually likes foreign manufactures on our soil which placates NATO. I think they got greedy or were selling to the wrong side. I’ll miss them.

  • sadfacts4us

    This is bad news indeed,I have 2 Sabre weapons and I would have bought another had this mess not occured. I have to wonder if the US government was jealous….they love illegal weapons transfers,especially to mexico!