Gepard GM6 Lynx .50 Caliber Rifle

The Hungarian manufactured Gepard GM6 is a very nifty .50 caliber rifle. Its combination of a bullpup stock combined with a slow long recoil action (the barrel recoils with the bolt) makes for a very compact weapon with manageable recoil.

Gepard GM6 Lynx (12.7x108mm Russian)

This video demonstrates …

Caliber .50 BMG or 12.7x108mm Russian
Capacity 5 rounds
Barrel 28.7″
Length (Firing Position) 44.3″
Length (Transport) 36.5″
Weight 25 lbs

[ Many thanks to Max for emailing me the video. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Matthew

    I’d be lying if I didn’t say that looked cool as hell. Space age sex appeal, seriously.

  • That… is… AWESOME!

    This looks like something from a modern video game. I’m guessing that long recoil normally has an accuracy limitation, otherwise I think this would sell well.

  • f-stop

    Holy Crap!

  • Alaskan

    It’s all fun and games until it kB!..

  • Andrew

    Ha, it’s Canada legal.

    • Heiner in Ontario

      Hello Andrew, All “bull-pup” style rifles are illegal in Canada. Sorry to burst your bubble…

      • SgtPete

        It’s already available in Canada as Non-restricted firearm from Tactical Import Ltd.

  • Doug

    That was AWESOME… I’ve got a Barret 50BMG on my list for someday, but I’d take that over the Barret if they made it for the BMG.

  • Josh

    i’m really not a 50BMG fan but damn that thing looks fun.

  • Mountainbear

    Epic. Like a little artillery gun in a turret. I want.

  • Vitor

    A compact automatic .50 BMG gun with manageable recoil? Only one thing can be said: WANT!

  • dogon13


    Finally a 50 cal I want to own….very nice.

  • Ben

    So will we be getting this in the US, in .50 BMG? You can’t tease us with a post like this, and not give that info…

  • Anton

    That thing trusts, it’s uncanny! I WANT ONE NAO!

  • Mu

    Importer and price known yet?

  • John C.

    I don’t suppose they’ll be making one of these in the American .50 cal round for US sale anytime soon? Majorly cool.

  • Simon

    The GM6 Lynx website mention an accuracy of 1 m @ 1500m. If my conversions are exact, that gives a 2.5 MOA rifle. That appears for me, as a major flaw for an anti material system. Sure you can fire from a standing position, but what kind of stability can you really get with a 25 lbs weapon? House clearing with a .50 BMG rifle? The concept is flawed from the start.

    • SgtPete

      They mentioned 1 m2 @ 1500 m as effective, but the officially measured accuracy is 1.2 MOA. This is more than you need.

      MOA is estimated under ideal conditions, fixed gun, at a distance of 100 yards, as you don’t want to test the accuracy of the shooter, but of the gun. 1.2 Moa means 3 out of 5 shots are in a 1.2 inch circle around the target. This is good.

      At longer ranges accuracy is less important than effectivity, as the snipers accuracy is well below of the accuracy of the gun.

  • Mike Sawyer

    I think we have found the perfect gun for Jurassic Park hunts.

  • Calisto

    Naw We are ready to the war against the machines when Skynet get self-conscience. No Terminator Rule again!!

  • AntiCitizenOne

    The American counterpart: The Barrett XM500

    although both guns look pretty cool.

  • El Duderino

    Very cool but as a lefty shooter I doubt I’m sending ’em downrange with this one anytime…

  • Michael Pham


    Conversely, what kind of accuracy are you expecting for an anti-material weapon- a weapon whose function is not to hunt enemy combatants at long range or “house clearing”- contrary to what videogames would teach you. 😉

    This fills a small, but nevertheless present niche; countersniping. In a relatively short range urban environment, the shorter length, lower weight, and ability to use from a standing/kneeling position, would allow an individual member of a team to engage targets behind hard cover.

    The idea of equipping an individual member of a squad with this is plausible for such a purpose- a Barret M82 or comparable- highly unlikely, bordering on ridiculous.

  • Martin (M)

    Bigger zombies requires bigger guns! It’s all good.

  • Yves Bonnet

    CQB will never the same!!!!!!!!!!

  • Simon


    I would expect a kind of accuracy that allows the operator to be further away from the Scud, the radar or the North Korean long range missile. 1,5 km is still intimate when you have the option of being at 2,5-3 km… 2.5 MOA is just too innacurate for my taste for that type of weapon.

    BTW, the house clearing option was a sarcasm, not intended to be taken seriously… It is a 25 lbs weapon…

    • leslie

      it is less than 1 MOA Simon

  • ken

    The question I want to know is would this be good for Missouri whitetail? I’m using a .460 weatherby now but would like something that hits a little harder.

    • deak

      unless you running into any deer reinforced with concrete block i would suggest not. unless of course you don’t want to bother carrying the deer home, there will be nothing left!

  • ShooterSam

    Id say slap on a red dot for CQB. It may only have a 5rnd mag, but thats all you would need. Once heard, people would RUN

  • Rohan

    And I thought all you Americans hated bull-pups!

  • Torguemada


    But this weapon isn’t meant to be used for that kind of super high range anti-material shots.
    Like Micheal says this one is much more likelier to be used as an urban counter sniping weapon and at those ranges you don’t need a better accurasy then what this one has.

    Not every .50 cal rifle is meant for sniping from 3km away.

  • Don

    It is kind of a terrifying idea having an autoloading .50 BMG chamber right on your face like that… Not that it would make a whole lot of a difference if it was forward a few inches probably…

  • As for accuracy, that may very well be with military ball ammunition. Machine gun ammunition is not manufactured to the same specifications as a match cartridge. However, the long recoil operating system doesn’t help either. In FCSA competition, none of the semi-auto .50 BMG rifles, like the Barrett, have come close to matching the results achieved with .50 BMG bolt-action rifles.

  • Mike

    How I see this weapon being used is as a close range fight stopper for such things a suicide car bombers. I am sure you wouldn”t get such failures to stop as the 5.56 has in such situations. It is a different application to a BArrett which is designed for longer ranage anti material jobs such as destroying parked aircraft or soft vechiles ( this is the job the barrett was meant to do and not sniping at humans).
    The Lynx is for close support where you want the biggest slug possible going down range. I would guess applications of 100-500 meters being ideal so you can clear out targets behind walls or biuldings for that matter. This is an awesome rifle and some great engineering to get such a powerful cartridge packed into a small and shootable package.
    I hope they shrink it just a little more into a 338 lapua.

  • AnointedSword

    Nice design, love the system to reduce recoil. Also love the size. With that said, some of you have flawed reasoning. For this gun (scoped rifle) to be capable of stopping a car bomber, that would imply you were setup for such an event (check point, base, etc…). I would rather have a mounted machine gun on standby, rather than a scoped .50cal in this situation. So I totally disagree with the “fight stopper” comment. I can see this being used as a distanced look out position that might play eyes and ears for the check points (I do agree with the 100-500 statement). Maybe a secondary rifle for a few of the troops as well.

    I do believe this is a nice design and can have its place.

  • Nice one! That thing must be in BF-3 game as a unlock weapon!
    Want it in my own arsenal.

  • Máté

    Its actually great for room clearing. You dont even have to enter the building.

    • leslie

      there you go……

  • Adrian

    Doesn’t look ‘south-paw’ friendly.
    Do they make one for lefties?

  • dan

    .50bmg and 12.7 X108mm Russian are two different bullets the .50bmg is 12.7×99 the russian bullet packs a bigger punch, unless you mean I can get it in 50bmg or in 12.7x108mm, but your description makes it kinda sound 50bmg or(aka) 12.7X108mm and being Hungarian I can’t imagine them going to the .50bmg or maybe I’m just dumb

    • Ropi


      It is “multi-callibre”. It has interchangable barrel, so if there is .50 BMG (12,7x99mm) available they will use the NATO barrel, if there’s 12,7x108mm ammo, they’ll use the russian one. It would be perfect if it was a bit more accurate on distances over 1200m.

      • leslie

        hitting a 40×40 c.m. target from 1600 meter is sniper territory.

    • leslie

      dan you are not dumb, like most americans, if you want to fire both ammo you nead two barrels one for each.

  • rogertc1

    Looks like it fires from an open bolt. We will never see it. Sweet 50.

  • Fernando

    looks great for urban warfare; close combat ambush;)

    • leslie

      urban warfare my snow white ass, it is to take out trucks, cars, and helicopters from up to 800 meters by destructing the power plans.

  • Mateo

    Dear Santa;

    I promise to behave, Not naughty… But Nice If I can have a GM6 Lynx for Christmas, I don’t even care if it is used. Please, Please, Please !

    Ps. Obama likes it too !

  • Pete

    That is the poop ok the shit. We knew russians are good and Israeli weapons but this put everybody out of business. Everybody go home ;)). They should keep that to them selves not sell it to any other countrys. Well sell me one.

  • Hy, Im Gery from Hungary, member of the test team of the GM-6. Its very liable, and very accurate (we can hit the 40x70cm target from 1600m with .50 cal). The weapon is under developing, bigger mag, lighter materials, easier production technologies, so on. “hollywood style” commercial comming soon (next week…)

    Im am in the right:

  • Sorry, not liable… its effective… Sorry for my English, im learned in the field…

  • Dave

    People seem to be missing the point. It’s not “room clearing” like what you’d use .223 for. Imagine… You are being sniped from a 2nd or 3rd floor window; all you can see is the barrel of the weapon – not the shooter. The demonstration videos for the GM6 show it punching through 25 cm (10 in.) of concrete. You don’t need to see your target. Even if you miss, the hydro-static shock or the shotgun-like blast of concrete chips will take out your target. It’d also make short work of an armored Suburban (or similar vehicle)

    (P.S. No, I do not play video games…)

    • WIZ

      You have no idea what you are talking about. Hydrostatic shock only occurs when you hit people… Hence HYDRO (as in fluid within the body).

  • stephan

    gepard gm6 lynx it is romanian no hungaryan

    • Thiklah

      Well it is a hungarian weapon. The romanian company Criabo Defense and Security bought the rights to manufacture th GM6 Lynx. But the development is still the responsibility of the creators, SERO, a hungarian weapon company. Most of the existing GM6 Lynx rifles existing up to date are still manufactured in Hungary. But yes, you can say, in future itt will be a coproduction between Hungary and Romania 🙂
      Awesome gun, by the way

  • stephan

    the romania manufactured gepard gm6 lynx, at cugir romania

    • leslie

      it a true blue Hungarian design and make, nothing to due with roma land romania.

  • Some gun fan

    This is literally f$#king the enemy.