FPS view of Miami Vice subgun match

They definitely have too much fun down in Florida. Tobias Obermeit, the Kel-Tec design engineer behind the Kel-Tec PMR-30 pistol, emailed me some videos of last weeks monthly submachine gun shoot at Port Malabar. The theme was Miami Vice and Toby completed three of the five stages with a keyring camera mounted on his shooting glasses.

Shooting Glasses mounted camera.

Toby said regarding the match (emphasis added) …

They are similar to other practical shooting competitions Like 3-gun competitions, except we primarily use pistol caliber machine guns, and get bonus points for clearing a group of plates in on trigger pull burst. semi-autos are also allowed, in a different class, and we often require pistol, or shotgun in some of the stages. This last one (On Sunday Feb. 5th) was themed after the Miami vice show from the 80′s.

I just finished my first person shooter video camera mount (Picture attached) and used it during 3 of the 5 stages of the match. I think you posted videos of this same keychain video camera mounted to a gun before, but I might be the first to mount it to shooting glasses.
Here are the videos, I used the PMR-30 pistol, and a modified M11-9 submachine gun

Co-op bay (with plane!). The plane was mean't to be shot by Toby's partner, but he ran out of ammo.
Shoothouse Bay (watch out for the Flamingoes)
Cowboy Town Bay

You can find more about sub machine competitions at the Bullet Hose forums.

[ Many thanks to Toby for sharing this with us. ]

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  • We really need to start passing this around the gamer forums and blogs and such… this could grow our culture exponentially!

  • Other Steve

    I’m not framiliar with the rules, or particular style, but that seemed very very slow. Boring even when you consider bow much time was spent reloading and not shooting. meh

  • Thanks for sharing the videos. Interesting use of combining a video camera with your safety glasses. Do you mind sharing what type of mini video camera was used and how you mounted it?

  • Rusgunnut1

    At first I thought the device was a glasses mounted gun. Now THAT would be cool!

  • ap

    That was hard to watch.

  • dogon13

    It was slow to reload because there were several jams that had to get cleared. You can see it in the video sometimes (especially the first video), where the bolt only goes forward a little bit and then stops.

    The M11 is an open bolt gun, so it’s a little different than most.

  • dogon13

    Just do a web search (google shoping ) for “keychain video camera”

  • Pepe

    Well that experiment failed. Putting a camera on your eyeglasses produces a video with more shaking than one would imagine.

  • Arthur

    @Rusgunnut1 Ever played Deus Ex?

    “I want my Skull-gun!” hahah xD

  • dogon13


    It’s better than mounting it to the gun. it also kind of shows how much the head moves during a match and what the shooter is looking at at different times. I don’t think it was meant to win any oscars afterall.

    BTW it looks about the same as watching someone play an FPS video game IMO.