Update on the Taurus 28 Gauge Revolver

Kristin Hunt, Taurus’s PR person, said told me that Mark A. Keefe’s response to the Taurus 28 Gauge Revolver controversy is correct …

This is simply not the case. Taurus President and CEO Bob Morrison invited officials from the ATF’s Technology Branch to discuss some of the firm’s new product introductions. “I asked them to come and give some advice,” Morrison said. By all accounts the meeting was cordial, professional, and not a “raid” or “gotcha” as erroneously reported elsewhere. No determination on the gun’s status was made at the show.

Remember, to even be in the United States at all, the prototype had to be cleared by ATF for importation. On the 28 gauge Raging Judge revolver, Taurus sought ATF’s advice on some modifications to the gun and is the process of implementing the results of those suggestions.
This is a very common practice; gun manufacturers and importers regularly work with ATF as the firearm industry’s regulatory agency. Also, despite rumors to the contrary, the .45 Colt/.410 Bore lever-action Ranch Hand with the rifled barrel is good to go for importation, as is the 28 gauge Circuit Judge. You’ll see them later on this year, as well as the 28 gauge Raging Judge with minor modifications.

The controversy has revolved around the fact that a 28 gauge bore size is technically .550″. I did not think to look at the time, but I think Taurus is probably just constricting the bore down to 0.50″, or just under, to make it legal. Shotguns are anway usually constricted using chokes. Undersized 0.5″ slugs would bounce around until they engage the rifling, but the gun is designed to be a close range weapon and this would probably not be a deal breaker.

UPDATE: Just to clarify, I mean that the rifled barrel is constricted, not that it is a smoothbore.

Taurus 28 gauge (right) next to .22 LR Taurus Tracker

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  • Greetings from Texas,
    Well, we will keep watching and see what happens. Thanks Steve.

  • David

    No photo of Kristin = FAIL.

  • Beaumont

    If Taurus plans to keep bore size under .50, one wonders what effect that might have on shot patterning. By shotgun standards, that’s a very tight choke.

    • Beaumont, given how bad the patterning is anyway with a rifled barrel, it can’t make it much worse, maybe even improve it.

  • Airrider

    I’ll sound like an idiot for asking this but someone jogmy memory–what’s the idea behind the 28 gauge again, aside from giving us a revolver hand-shotgun?

    Also, concerning that, a choke would be a nice fix and would probably appease a lot of shotgunners who are used for shooting with all kinds of choke and those who like the option of choke.

  • J.T.

    Bore diamater isn’t the only thing that people are questioning though. What about the fact that unlike the standard Judge, this can’t be used with any known pistol ammunition. The thing with the Judge was that it was a 45 Long Colt pistol that could also use .410 shotshells.

  • Casey

    Really wish we would just legalize sawed off shot guns….. and SB rifles…. (and silencers while we are at it)… It makes no sense to me that a pistol is legal but a pistol with a stock is illegal… a shotgun that is sawed off is no more dangerous….. I know guns not politics, but sometimes I just need to rant a little…

  • Laftrick

    Really thick walled brass and make it a 500 Taurus Pistol that just happens to use 28 gauge shot shells? Jes thinkin outside the packin crate…..

  • Milo

    Why not just make the gun in .500 S&W caliber and offer shotshells loaded a’la CCI style??

  • Leonardo

    It makes perfect sense,a sawed is off is way more concealable than a full size shotgun, and if it’s more concealable it’s easier to get away with killing someone,same goes for a silencer, I love guns but i see their reasoning and logic

  • Sam

    What if the pistol caliber is a .500 Linebaugh? The bullet diameter is .510 and the neck of the cartridge is at .540. While the .500 Linebaugh is a non-standard production cartridge, they are no copyright restrictions on the cartridge.
    It just seems like the Linebaugh’s dimensions would be more compatible with the 28 gauge than the .500 S&W

  • coyote

    Sound supposser’s were first used by target shooters to keep down the noise.(early 1900’s.) The TV and movies made silencers out to be “bad”
    FDR passed the 1934 gun control act to stop gangsters and bank robbers. I guess it was legal to rob banks, just illegal to have short barrel rifles and shotguns.
    Another thing i could never figure out was why the politicians banned shoulder stocks on handguns. You sure can’t conceal it in a pants pocket or in your pants waist band! It doesn’t make any sense. It would be of use to hunters, plinkers and target shooters and would be a good item for a trapper or a camper out in the boondocks.
    The Taurus 28 gauge is a interesting idea. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. It’s something different. I think the Taurus 28 gauge revolving carbine would sell good. A good idea on the 500 Linebaugh could one still shoot the 28 gauge shells in it?
    Probably the next step for Taurus will be a 20 gauge, but it’ll have to be a 18″ barrel.

  • coyote

    I forgot to add, doesn’t anyone remember the Marbles gamegetter revolver that got banned by the 1934 gun control act?

  • Thomas

    Well if the Taurus Raging Judge does become avaliable to the public I hope that the ammo manufacturers produce a better varity of 28 guage shotgun ammo than is avaliable now to the public, Walmart carries 28 guage ammo but only something small like #8 shot,I have shot #8 shot .410 in my Taurus Judge and beyond 20 paces this is almost worthless, lots of noise, recoil but nothing to show for it ! #4 shot,or buckshot is a totally different storey ! “IF” the 28 guage Taurus becomes avaliable I thing I would buy the 28 guage #8 shot shell and empty out the #8 shot and replace it with lead bb’s or the shot lead from .22’s say maybe 6 lead .22 bullets that have been reclaimed ! Or even reclaim shot lead from the .38 special, repack it into the 28 guage shell !

  • Thomas

    As a side note to my last comment, the other day I was over at the Walmart and unfortunately the only .410 shotgun ammo that was available was #8, I purchased a box and and just wanted to see how good these shells would be if I removed the small lead #8 shot and replaced one shell with several fired .22 bullets and another shell reloaded with airgun pellets also .22 caliber ! Fired from my Thompson contender at a plywood board about one inch thick at about 15 paces both the shell with the .22 lead bullets and the shell with the .22 airgun pellets went completely thru the board, pattern was terrible probably because the bullets had been deformed, but penetration was much better than using the #8 shot ! Good for emergency self-defence !

    • Kevin

      One-inch plywood?!! Where did you get it, and why are you using it for target-practice? (That stuff costs a fortune – a sheet of 1″ MDF is like $40!)

  • Legalizing silencers is just plain stupid, and they tried to do it in Montana, claiming it protects hunter ears, no it just makes poaching and trespassing easier. I doubt it would increase homicides, just make it easier to get away with it. If someone is going to kill someone, they willl do it regardless of noise. Its just mean people would not hear the shot and take longer for the crime to be reported, so people can get away easier. After all chances are if a homicide is going to be cleared it is done in the first 48hrs. Statistics show, and they even made a TV series out of it.

    • Joe Woodruff

      I find Frank’s comment deeply disturbing. His are the same excuses anti-gunners make when justifying their reasoning for making all firearms illegal. “…no it just makes poaching and trespassing easier.” He just assumes that law-abiding citizens are going to magically start poaching and trespassing. “I doubt it would increase homicides, just make it easier to get away with it.” I submit that law abiding citizens do not go out and purposefully commit homicides, hence the “law-abiding” title. Frank’s comment makes me think there is a fox in the hen house.

    • Love it when anti gunners troll gun sites and forums. Sound moderators (there is no such thing as a gun “silencer”) are not just legal, they are encouraged for use in the field in hunting in countries with vastly more restrictive gun laws than the USA. And, none of these countries has seen increasing instances of “poaching or trespassing” as this troll suggests. If anything, the need to use lower powered subsonic ammunition with sound moderated rifles would make them “safer” in an engagement with someone shooting one of them. Not that this would make any sense to a wannabe gun banner – it is logic, after all, and logic is not something that the banners can relate to.

  • Thomas

    It is now June 13, 2011, is the Taurus 28 gauge going to be sold in the U.S. or not ? Does anyone know ?

  • let’sgetitrightthefirsttime

    Oh really so suppressors. Will increase homicides. Because they reduce the noise of a gunshot? Well someone could just use a knife or baseball bat. and that would be even more silent.secondly suppressors are not illegal. They are RESTRICTED by the atf so that you to pay them a $200 fee and go through a bunch of paperwork and then you can have a “LEGAL” suppressor. Thirdly if I wanted to I could make a suppressor very easily from a soda bottle. Don’t be ignorant.