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  • KPete

    Fantastic eye candy – some seriously unusual firearms in there too.

    Loved the pics


  • greasyjohn

    Oh man, I see tons of Ruger MK II’s and some Hi Standard .22’s. Not fair.

  • kvalseth

    Hughes Heligun!? As in a real life Hughes Lockless?

  • Brian

    Anyone who reads Small Arms Review should be familiar with LMO. They do a lot for the Class III community.

  • Seriously Mike

    I’ll be damned, they even have a Polish BAR (the one with a pistol grip, chambered in 7.92 Mauser). And to think that this thing went out of use after WW2…

  • Dan

    Great pics!

    In pic 7, there is a gun that I have never seen before. It is under the Thompson and above the M1 Carbine. Anybody know what it is?

  • O Rly Billy

    I think the AK that a guy was holding is one of the ones used in the movie “Red Dawn”. I think the scratch marks are from the scene where one of the actors was carving into the stock.

  • Brian: Small Arms Review, Moose Lake Publications, and Long Mountain Outfitters are just a few of Dan Shea’s business enterprises.

    kvalseth: The Hughes Heligun was not the same as the Lockless. As I understand it, the Heligun was more like a scaled down version of the Hughes 20mm Mk11 cannon.

  • Lance

    Looks sweet.