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  • Brad

    JMB reborn?

  • Chris

    I think he’s trying out for Home Alone 17… 😉

  • A Lee

    LOL at the concealed marker weapon. Can’t wait for him to freak out some teachers and admins at his school.

    What I really enjoy about this video is that these are truly homemade weapons, unlike most homemade weapon recipes that call for 1/2-inch diameter dowels or surgical tubing, as if anyone has that just laying around. Ingenious.

  • Will

    hope the BAFTE isn’t watching this…

  • SpudGun

    I never know whether to applaud the ingenuity of kids like these or if I’m watching the birth of the next Una-Bomber. But I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and congratulate him for being so creative (unless he grows up to be the Jigsaw killer from Saw).

  • West

    Pretty cool.

    I feel sorry for kids today.
    If they tried some of the stuff I used to build they would probably end up in prison.

    We used to dismantle fireworks and re-purpose them into large pipe bombs. I tried to pack a model rocket with explosives once and fire it horizontally through a shoulder held tube but I could never get a stabile flight.

    Ahh, to be young again.

  • viper5552

    Oh wow. If i was as clever as this kid when i was a kid, none of the other neighborhood kids would have eyes.

  • ESV

    Reminds me of the book “Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction” by John Austin.

  • SpeSt

    It is anti tank rifle?!

  • Fish0331

    Kel-tec must be considering hiring him…..

  • Rob De Witt

    Somebody needs to hip that kid to Rule Four, and quick. The fact that that guitar doesn’t already have multiple soundholes is little short of miraculous.

  • Nanban Jim

    This takes me back… 😀