Trijicon AccuPin Bow Sight

Trijicon unveiled their first bow sight at SHOT Show. It features Trijicon’s dual illumination system that is used on all their scopes. Fiber-optics are used to capture daylight for illumination and when there is not enough natural light a tritium lamp is used.

Honestly, I basically know nothing about archery or bow hunting so I cannot comment on the technical aspects of the sight. Trijicon’s litreture says that it is easily adjustable for range and for bow/arrow combinations. It also states that the AccuPin is Pope & Young legal.

Steve Johnson

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  • Joust

    I don’t think this is anything new.
    Back when I was into archery (5 years ago) everyone had a fiber-optic illuminated sight, and they were all adjustable.

    Of course, I could be missing something.


  • Martin (M)

    What? No rails? No bayonet lug? No adjustable stock? No powered accessories?


  • Josh

    Is the “duel illumination system” used for illuminating things when you’re dueling with someone? Just kidding; I think that’s supposed to be “dual.”

  • Tony

    Actually yes it is new this is under the category of a moveable sight. There are movable sights already but they involve a very tedious process of sighting in and applying a yardage tape with the Accupin the tape is gone it is an etched yardage system. Also as far as I know there is no other sight that uses tritium which is Trijicon’s Signature feature this sight is Bad A I just wish the sticker for the price wasn’t so big good job Trijicon keep them coming for us Archery Fanatics!