Sun Devil Manufacturing 2011 AR Lowers

Sun Devil Manufacturing has two new billet-CNC’ed lowers for 2011. The one is for DPMS-compatible (.308) rifles and the other for standard AR-15 rifles. They both feature integral trigger guards.

Sun Devil lowers. I love the tan-colored lowers without the forward assist.

I do not have pricing information.

Steve Johnson

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  • Ted (TrojanMan)

    Sun Devil has had all of these products available for some time, though their website is a little sparse. Their distribution network is just starting to creep out to local stores, so expect to see examples on shelves here and there. The best way to get them in your area is to call or email them directly and let them know what you’re looking for. Pricing varies, but is below $400 for a matched set of receivers, with forward assist, shell deflector, all upper receiver parts (minus CH and BCG), and in the color of your choice. “Slickside” (w/o FA & deflector) is slightly cheaper and you can also get the receivers singly – such as if you also want a dedicated but matching .22LR training upper.

    The trigger guards are NOT integral, though the receivers are billet. Standard trigger guards and Magpul’s enhanced guards all fit. The receivers are textured in front of the magwell and the tolerances are very tight. So tight, in fact, that you really should stick to parts kits with better sizing consistency. RRA worked great for me, DPMS needed half the pins replaced as they wouldn’t fit for one reason or another.

    One last important note: While you can get them in virtually any color you want, only the black is type III (milspec; thick) anodizing. All other colors are type II and will scratch/wear somewhat easier than the black. Not really an issue for a range or competition gun, but if you care about scratches on your “hard use” rifle then there you go.

    My last receiver purchase from them was about 6 months ago, so they may have newer products for the show. The picture looks like the standard receivers, though. Either way, I’d recommend checking them out if you’re in the market for billet. Cheers!

  • killian

    I didn’t know lowers could have forward assists… intriguing.

  • Cymond

    Receiver pairs indicates a matched upper and lower. He meant that the uppers are available with or without a forward assist.

    As much as I enjoy firearms, I still don’t have any kind of ‘serious’ carbine. I’m trying to select parts for my first AR build and I’m seriously considering Sun Devil for my receiver. As I understand it, receivers machined from solid billets are the most desirable, and the Sun Devil receivers are certainly attractive. They have a very attractive grey they call Devil Coat that is some kind of teflon based finish. I also think they all come marked as “Caliber: Multi”.

  • Y-man

    Something weird about the picture there: when you scroll up and down on the picture: it weirdly seems like its zooming in and out! Weird! Almost freaks me out.

    By the way: I finally got to know what a “Forward Assist” is: from a girl’s video on youtube, about her AR15, no less…

  • outwestinAK

    Can anyone tell me what is over the barrel? Why do these look like they fire loony-tunes size bullets

  • az doug

    Just stopped by Sun Devil tonight and picked up two lowers, a .308 and a 5.56. Both have integral trigger guards. The integral trigger guard is new for 2011 and I really like it.

  • rickman

    Thinking of getting my first AR. Also thinking of putting it together myself except maybe the upper. Still reading/investigating.

    Sun Devil’s stuff looks pretty slick as I’m not looking to build a “black” rifle. Looking for a little color and looking to build more of a Match Rifle build.

    Debating between .223 or .308. Leaning more towards the .308 as I want to do some hunting with it.

    Good to hear that Sun Devil has the .308 receiver.

    Do they have a walk-in shop/store?

  • Trevor

    Great products! I have a lower and full receiver set from Sun Devil, and they are great! My lower is std black and has held up to military competition and civilian three gun alike. The set is in their devil coat which is self lubricating and awesome. Just light oil and rock and roll all night long. I actually had the opportunity to build them myself with much assistance from the owner in the shop in Mesa. He is a great guy and extremely knowledgeable on all things AR. Top notch gear that i would trust my life with! Can’t wait to try their .308!!!!!

    SFC, USA

  • Adrian

    Looks the same as the TKS Engineering