DoubleStar Corp’s .308 rifle

Later this year DoubleStar will be introducing a .308/7.62mm NATO chambered AR-style rifle to the market. The below photos are of a prototype. The prototype is so new that it was not available to DobleStar’s SHOT Show staff when they were setting up the booth. It arrived during the SHOT Show week. The booth staff were not able to tell me how much it will cost or when it will go on sale.

It features DoubleStar’s new AR-10-style lower with a patterned magwell grip. I liked the grip, and it looks badass, but I think gloves would be mandatory if doing a lot of shooting.

The designer of the rifle. Unfortunately I can’t find where I wrote down his name.
This is the Trijicon 6x machine gun scope used by the British Army on their AR-10 rifles.
ACE Stock.

Steve Johnson

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  • Todd

    I like DS products a lot. They have done much to democratize the AR-15 market and I expect them to do the same for the AR-10 segment. Looking forward to this product.

  • Matt Groom

    It looks like it’s polymer upper and lower. I see that Magpul’s new .308
    P-Mags are the new industry standard.

  • Brian10

    I wish the AR-308 industry would standardize on their uppers and lowers like the AR-15 industry does. Right now, no one wants to be compatible with anyone else.

  • Rignerd

    Not to be a purist, but for the sake of accuracy.

    You say it is an AR-10 styled rifle, but it looks like a PMAG in the first shot, and the rear of the upper receiver is curved like a DPMS/KAC/Remington. I assume we’ll have to see what the real parts compatibility/interchange is, but it looks good so far.

  • bullzebub

    polymer upper /lower?? 🙂

  • GySgt Attack

    Looks like a nice piece of gear! If that’s a trijicon scope setting atop of it, it’s going to be pricey! Will be watching for local market rollout of this product!

  • Steve b

    Bipod’s on backwards lol
    As for the mag texturing, don’t grip it too tight and you’ll be fine

  • Mike W

    @GySgt: chances are, the trijicon won’t ship with the rifle.

    i’ve been eyeing a 7.62 stoner build, but i want to clone an MK11 Mod0. i have a DS lower on one of my AR’s.. not that a stripped lower can give you many issues, and mine has a Colt FCG, but it is what it is.. lol

  • charles222

    No brass deflector? As NCOIC of left-handed people, I’ll pass on having my arm bruised and burned. :p

  • jdun1911

    Knight SR-25 magwell is now the standard because the US military adopted SR-25/m110. Magpul piggie back on the development.

    AR .308 will be standardize sooner or latter. The Doublestar AR .308 is probably a clone of the SR-25/m110.

  • J.T.

    No forward assist and no dust cover. Guess someone forgot to tell them those were part of the design for a reason.

  • Soless

    Handguards??? Yeah they have rails but how about a forend. I like my barrels to float.

  • Matt G

    Whatever it’s a clone of, It’s damn sexy.

  • Matt G

    Steve B; I think it on backwards on purpose. If it was forward it would be longer than the barrel when folded. But backwards it tucks up out of the way if your using the magwell grip. But I could be wrong.

  • Snoogins

    The upper and lower are billet. Magpul PMAGS are very quickly taking over the world. While personally I don’t care much for plastic mags, the rest of the world disagrees. Very nice piece. Definitely will be picking one of those up. I love the magwell!!

  • Andy from CT

    Because of that magwell buyers won’t be able to use a 40 round “quad-stack” mag when they finally come out with one. No 50 round drum either.

    Not saying those are deal-breakers but that in my opinion puts an unnecessary limitation on the rifle.

  • jdun1911

    There two many bi-pod in the market. 20 years ago there were less than a handful.

    Most bi-pod have retractable legs. The bi-pod might not be placed backward. It could be a version of Parker-Hale bi-pod and not the Harris config.

  • jdun1911

    I mean variant not version.

  • Tod C

    All the military folk I’ve talked to say the forward assist is useless and training is not to use it, since if you do “need” forward assist, you’re more likely to jam the rifle rather then to fix the stoppage.

    (Jam = need an armorer/disassembly to fix.
    Stoppage = fixable without any disassembly.)

    I’m told they train either to clear a stoppage by ejecting using the charging handle or in combination with bouncing the rifle on the butt stock.

  • jdun1911

    Tod C,

    I don’t think your military friends know what they are talking about.

    Almost every modern auto rifle have a forward assist.

  • Tod C


    I didn’t say the rifle didn’t have a forward assist. I said they are telling me they are trained to actively avoid using it, as trying to force a round into place has been found to just make things worse. It’s a lot safer to eject the round than to try to force it into the chamber.

  • Mike H

    Any news on this gun?

  • DosZap

    Appears their is no Dust cover, that I can see.Prototype?.

    • DosZap

      Duh, say’s Prototype.
      Personally I would not use Polymer in uppers and lowers in the 7.62×51.
      Temp Extremes,120*/-50-60*, could play havoc.

  • Mark

    I WANT this NOW!

  • Mark

    Here we are almost a year later now…what’s the hold up?????

    • Mark

      I guess I’ll have to go with the RRA .308 at this point.