Stag Model 3 AR-15

Stag Arms have updated their Model 3 AR-15 rifle. The rifle features the Diamondhead V-RS (Versa-Rail System) which replaces the original thermomolded handguard.

The MSRP is $895.

Steve Johnson

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  • jules green

    How do I unstuck the bolt on a AR 15? I safeguarded it by taking the firing pin out and putting the bolt back in. I was out for a year , when I returned the bolt released somehow and is stucked,I cannot take the riffle apart, the bolt doesn’t go fully forward nor can it be pulled back out. Any advise?

  • Erik

    Forward assist…. Short of that, take the stock and buffer extension off and push from the rear. Careful though, you’ll launch your rear detent pin and spring as well as the buffer retention pin and spring inside the threads.

  • Other Steve

    Done that before. Take both pins out at the same time and do a lot of wiggling, it’ll come out.

    Don’t take the firing pin from an AR, it allows the cam to rotate freely and lock up.

  • Another reason for a real bolt handle.
    “forward” assist and non-recip won”t do.

  • charles222

    Or, you know, not taking small parts out of a gun is a pretty good option as well.

  • stvnscott

    I own one of these. I am not terribly pleased with the DH VR system. It has a considerable amount of wiggle to it, which makes it virtually useless as a rail system. So it is really just a cool looking hand guard. I wish it were better, but sadly it is not.