Colt P1750 .44 Special Limited Edition

Talo and Colt have teamed up to produce a limited edition of the SAA Colt P1750 chambered in .
44 Special.

The revolver features a 6.5″ barrel, scaled rosewood grips, a special roll mark and a deep Colt blue finish.

200 will be made. The MSRP is $1459.

Steve Johnson

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  • Wuulf

    Dumb question, but why can’t we have Colt made cowboy guns, you know, like the ones the damn company was known for long before the M16, and dare I say it, the 1911, for reasonable prices?

    I guarantee that if they made SAAs, Navy conversions, and the like for what the Italians do, they would see a new market oportunity that they have all but ignored ever since the all mighty stoner rifle was given to them by government contract. Not dissing the AR platform, but it makes no since to me that they do something like this, a limited run, with a selling price that is more at home in the rifle category, but don’t make any plain, no frills, shooters for the masses.

  • Greetings from Texas,
    Nice looking Single Action and I wish them luck with it. Not really my thing. Personally, I like firearms you can shoot without reducing the value.

  • Colt certainly know how to make a good looking gun. Those scaled grips look great on the SAA.

    If they really want to do the retro thing though here’s my suggestion- bring back the Pocket Hammerless 1908- do it in .380 ACP and bring out a new version in 9mm. Maybe TALO could have a run made with Colt’s Royal Blue and some faux ivory grips.

  • Rifleman336

    Only 200! Give me a break!!! It’s bad enough that they’ve just about forsaken the general shooting public, but now a day late and a dollar short, when answering The Lipsey’s Ruger .44 Spl Blackhawk. Ruger had the same problem, they didn’t make enough and were made to make additional runs to compensate for the demand. Their should be a lesson in here some where. It’s nice to see the .44 Spl is not gone and forgotten, and even making a minor comeback.

  • Bill Lester

    To get the SAA anywhere near the price of the imports, Colt will need to leave CT for another state with less expensive labor costs. That or get the current work force to take a sizable wage and/or benefits reduction. I don’t know the current state of machinery being used to manufacture the SAA but this may also be an area where modernized equipment could reduce cost.

  • Mechman

    …why would you pay that much for a .44 SPECIAL?
    They’re making a limited edition release of a gun that’s actually crappier than one you can buy for half the price, under the justification that it’s “classic”

  • ap

    Colt needs to get their head out of their rear and this TALO gimmick gun is NOT the answer. The mediocre 1911 they’re working on isn’t the answer, either. It’s quality across the board. Colts used to be top of the heap. They need to be again or this storied marque will continue to languish. Cranking out suspect quality carbines for defense and 200 distro-exclusive, deeply-blued, collector SA’s adds to the circus side show air they obstinately refuse to shake. Sad, embarassing stuff. Somebody needs to save this brand from itself.

  • SpudGun

    What a beautiful piece, shame it will never be shot.

    If we’re all having a moan at Colt, then here’s mine – I wish they’d bring back the Python and the Anaconda.

  • Squidpuppy

    Colt does make “Cowboy” SAAs; even in old school calibers like 44/40, 38/40 and 32/20. Of course the venerable .45 Long Colt is always popular. And you can get them in a multitude of finishes including color case hardening, even special order charcoal fire blue. We’re just so used to hearing about ARs, that it’s easy to forget. Go to their website; it’s all there. Cost a pretty penny though. They make plenty of 1911s too.

  • Laftrick

    Lots of handwork in a SAA. they are done well, if you want to try a very good American made SAA try a USFA Rodeo.

  • Greetings from Texas,
    “Colt does make “Cowboy” SAAs”

    I once thought that too, but the truth is even those are farmed out. Colt has Ubirty in Italy make their single actions under licence, even the ones marked ‘Colt’. If I remember correctly they have been doing this since the 1950’s.

    Their reasoning is that they no longer have the tooling in place and the Italian copy is high quality.

  • greasyjohn

    Colt’s prices aren’t that bad, are they? The last version of their site, which had the amazing feature of showing MSRP, showed prices about the same as Ruger’s Vaqueros.

  • Colt’s are a little over priced and under-featured, but the quality of the parts and construction are pretty good. They are generally reliable but feel loose and rattle quite a bit when speaking of their 1911’s.

    Colt did get a little too highly complimentary of themselves and did forsake the general public while concentrating on military and LE contract. Over the last couple years, we have seen more effort concentrated on us! I hope they will continue to do so, improve their packaged offerings, and put even more money into R&D. The new SP901 (new AR10 and AR15 compatible AR lower receiver) is a good start for the company. I like the new Colt RAIL GUN, the fact they are offering a decent combat custom package from their custom shop, and a decent civilian AR offering.

    The .44 Special is a great round with similar ballistics to a .45 ACP. It is less commonly found though than other calibers and a little pricier, but it is targeted at a specific group of the general public. Let’s just hope we see even more limited production revolvers in even more calibers in the near future.

    They have made a lot of mistakes when it comes to the general public, but I hope they now understand that and willing to make amends. I believe there will be more to come in the next couple years.


  • Agree with the above about why Colt can’t make (1) a stellar firearm, for (2) a reasonable price.

    AFAIK, the cheapest new SAA Colts are priced at about $1,200 or so. I can’t afford that with a family and other firearm interests.

    And what of the beloved Python and the most excellent Detective Special and Cobra revolvers? Certainly, Colt could take a market share from S&W and Taurus if they still made these guns, again, at a quasi-reasonable price.

  • Bill Lester


    I believe you’re confusing the SAA with reproductions of the cap n’ ball Model 1836, etc. authorized by Colt. The latter were essentially Italian parts assembled to one degree or another here in the United States. But the SAA has always been an American-made handgun. The rumor to the contrary has no basis in demonstrable fact. I have read and participated in several discussions online and in-person regarding this subject. When asked to provide a source it always falls apart. Italian-made “Colt SAA’s” are urban legend.

  • Greetings from Texas,
    ” Italian-made “Colt SAA’s” are urban legend.”

    It would please me no end if you were right Bill. In my narrow minded view if it says “Colt” on it, it needs to be built by Colt. Anything else is taking folks money under false pretenses.

  • Bill Lester


    I have found no evidence to support anything other than Colt SAA’s are American-made from American parts. This goes back at least ten years when I first heard these rumors. In my opinion, it all started when Colt quality began to take a nosedive in the 1980’s. It wouldn’t surprise me if some folks assumed that the poor quality displayed in that era’s Colts meant they had to be “cheap Italian junk.” Far easier to believe that than accept how far an American icon had fallen.

  • Laftrick

    Mr Burnett.

    I have seen them build them in Connecticut. SAA are machined and built in Connecticut.

  • Chuck

    How do you feel about “son’s of guns”?

  • Chuck

    I’d love to have a ruger 357 mag auto, is there such a thing?

  • Chuck

    I used to shoot a ruger single action 357 mag six shooter that was so awesome in it’s own gunbelt so I could just hold the trigger and fan the hammer