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  • Vitor

    At least in paper the idea of mixing polymer and steel seems good to me.

  • John C

    Don’t glock magazines have steel liners inside? It seems like a good idea to me, as long as the Bulgarian manufacturer is good.

  • Zach

    CDNN was briefly selling 40 round Bulgarian AR-15 mags in October 2009. I have one and it looks the same as the photo above. It was $16.99 at the time. I wonder if this “new” mag is the exact same thing. (Yes, this was an AR-15 mag, not the common Bulgarian AK-47 mags.) I find that CDNN is often importing oddball stuff before it gets picked up by some larger distributor.

  • Peter

    The Bulgarian ak74 mags are steel reinforced polymer and there almost has good as the Russian mags I’m interested how good these mags are

  • jdun1911

    These mag have problems. They tend to crack.

  • gunslinger

    how big are these compared to the 30 rnd? what about the quad stacked 60?

    iirc, didn’t a lot of people fuss about having more rounds than the standard 30 due to tactical issues? if that’s the case, why would a 40rnd be better than 60?

  • jdun1911

    The larger the load the more stress the spring have to endure. That means the spring will wear out faster. Sooner rather than later the spring won’t be able to keep up with the firearm rate of fire. That translate to failure to feed issues.

    It also means that it is easier to damage. Dropping a near or full load to the ground might damage the magazine due to the greater weight.

  • Anon

    Seems like a poor value when a quick web search yields 40rd Stainless mags from C-Products for as low as $9.95…

  • Erik, thanks.