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  • Navy

    Now that looked like some party.

  • Roy

    I don’t know if this comment will get posted, but …

    I like AAC’s hardware. It looks like some serious quality stuff (being in California, I’m about as likely to own one of their silencers as I am to lay an egg tomorrow).

    That said, while I don’t begrudge them their use of basically strippers to sell their stuff, is this really the stuff we want on this blog? Does this really fit in the realm of “focusing on firearms and shooting”? I have to admit it bugs me a little.

  • runalltheway

    Somehow, I can’t imagine a Sig or HK party being as cool as this….

  • gunslinger

    now, i’m a fan of the ladies, don’t get me wrong. but am i missing something with the weird airbrush type tattoos? sure the eye candy (and yes it’s stereotypical) was pleasant, but come on. was this a themed semi steampunk/alien/jungle type thing going on?

    meh. thats just me. i bet it was a great time to just let loose after SHOT