Bushmastaer .308 MOE and Hunter AR-10-style rifles

This time last year Bushmaster introduced the Bushmaster .308 ORC, an entry level AR-10-style rifle chambered in .308. This year they have expanded the .308 line and added the Bushmaster MOE.308 Mid-length (fitted with Magpul Original Equipment). Also added is the .308 Hunter and .308 Vista Hunter (in camo).

Bushmaster MOE.308 Mid-length

The MSRP is $1618 for the Vista Hunter, $1518 for the .308 Hunter and $1448 for the MOE model.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jamie

    I thought BM was shutting down operations? If they’re not, are their .308’s as sloppy between the upper and lower as their .223’s? I’m not trying to be an A-hole it’s a legit question.

    • Isn’t it BM that became Windham Arms? The staff bought out the company and voila.

  • Alex

    I’m not really sure why you would want MOE equipment on an AR-10. I have the MOE collapsible stock and also MOE handguards on my AR-15. They are both built well, but from my understanding MOE products aren’t Magpul’s top of the line.
    If the MOE handguard for AR-10’s is a similar design to the one for AR-15’s, I don’t know why you’d want it on a 7.62mm gun. Mine is loose fitting.

    My 2 cents.

  • Patrick M

    Is that an A-tacs offering on the wall in the background of the first one?