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  • Chuck

    On the fence trying to decide who has the better camouflage pattern, both look good.

  • Alaskan

    Is it just me or does the woman holding the gun look like this one?:

  • Jim Weiz

    Its just you.

  • G

    The woman holding the gun is called Rachel. There are quite a few videos with her at For example:

  • gunslinger

    @Alaskan – I think it’s just you. I don’t see the resemblance.

  • Other Steve

    Good, maybe this means Rem will be forced to make Model7s in something other than stupid mossy-oak. I still think the model7 action is a little too heavy for 300blk, I would have like to see the Mauser style Rem 799 or CZ-527 or etc. Fully controlled feed and extract may be helpful with this short a case.

    @AK I guess look a like, like every other emo chick out there too. The actress’s face is skinnier. I don’t know why guys here go crazy for this chick. Maybe because she’s attractive per her environment, or because she is so unlike what the readers here are actually familiar with? I’m just not getting it I guess.

  • Jeff

    That’s cool and all, but most of us don’t want or need a suppressed rifle. We would, however, like to have a Model 7 .300 BLK as a varmint/plinker/target/deer rifle. I hope Remington adds the chambering to the standard model 7.

    I’ve long considered considered buying a .223 CZ-527 and rebarreling to .300 Whisper.

  • Interesting! Are they coming with threaded barrels or is that going to be up to the buyer?

  • Bandito762

    Look at that trigger discipline

  • Alaskan

    Maybe it’s the fact that she knows what she’s doing,that she’s good at it and not just another “booth babe” there to sell??